Saturday, March 8, 2014

In defense of Nick Kroll: Scott Boxenbaum is even grislier

I never thought I'd note these things: But, Scott Boxenbaum is even lamer, more desperate, and less funny than fellow son of Billionaire, Nick Kroll. I'm guessing there might be a billionaire's kid who has some sense of humor, but not these two clowns.

Imagined but realistic conversation between Jules Kroll, his wife and Kharlene Boxenbaum:

Jules Kroll: Lynn get me Kharlene's number, That loser Scott will go slander the girl if Nick says it's wise... Chuck is a nobody compared to me.

Kharlene(picks up the phone) Sure. Sure. Anything. Scott just can't make anyone laugh. All that education and money and he still hasn't gotten one laugh. He's nearly 50. It's a disastah.  Give us the word, Jules and Lynn. anything for... Tug Notirro... if you say so...

the end.

OMG- This is Scott Boxenbaum's hellaciously unfunny twitter feed:

And here is doing a "funny face." near his fellow nepotized nightmare, Nick Kroll-Nick Kroll
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