Monday, March 10, 2014

Nebech Nick Kroll, and some of his backstory- Run Amy Poehler Run!!!

When Nebechs(Yiddish for dufus) get cops to attack- The Nick Kroll Story.
The world's cutest woman having to be assaulted by Nazis twice in a lifetime. These public servants(SUPPOSEDLY) in their nutty little riot beanies are terrorizing law abiding people on the Tax payers dime because Nick Kroll promised them he'd make it worthwhile.  .
Having to start learning the law, for no good reason
Pat attention to the finger! She's not kidding around. She will not just fuck you over, but she'll rob you blind. Don't ignore the finger or the intense rage in her beady eyes.
not a great picture but it will do for today.

As of today, evil shlub, Nick Kroll, is portraying me as his mad fan girl stalker, all over the place. Before, I was stalking Tig Notaro and when I fought that, he upped it to me being a stalker of female comedians all over the country. Next I'll be stalking the Pope.
Nick Kroll has been doing this for  more than five years now, and it was "enough" a long time ago.

The truth is that I never wrote a fan letter, or even felt fan feelings for anyone but my mother and sister, and maybe some exceptional people along the way. I can't even come up with one off the top of my head.

But, even if I felt admiration, It never remotely translated into stalking or obsessive anything.  Actually, I very very rarely even get a crush, and I never had a crush on a celebrity or anyone I've seen on a stage.I've never even looked up to  comedians. I dug Martin Short and Phil Hartman, and thought Jennifer Saunders was a great talent, but those are comic actors more than stand ups. I've found Ellen funny in the past(not so much in the present though she's clearly funny,) I liked Paula Poundstone. I thought Maria Bamform was very talented but had a unfamiliar personality offstage. Here and there a few others were good or just decent. But, all in all, I never so much as paid much attention, much less focused on anyone.

 I would never want to talk to people like Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro, much less stalk them. Frankly, they both strike me as boring no talents. Boring no talents who are arrogant and immoral to boot!

 And, that really is a subjective opinion. As bad as my experience with them, I could give credit where it's due. And, had they never targeted me, I doubt we'd ever cross paths. I can see Kroll seeking me out in some Improv class(and wanting to befriend me,) but that's about it. Notaro is so unfamiliar, and so dim, that we'd have nothing to do with one another.

So, this stalker fan girl bullshit is so antithetical to my personality, and to any truth- that it becomes obscene. Even more obscene is how they have been able to successfully spread these life destroying lies for so long, and that they have done this with glee to an old bag like me. This is not elementary or even high school. That kind of cruelty and stupidity is not something i could ever have expected to face at my age.

. How exactly they managed this without being held accountable, needs to be written in detail . And, it is being written and written in a way that will transcend all the ugliness they made us suffer for way too long. It's taking much longer than I want, but I don't want to ever have to do it again.

Look at the picture of Nick Kroll below. He is now accusing me of being his dangerous fan, when the truth is I never heard of this abscess of a dude until his name starting showing up as a false witness in the rotten fake cases that Tig Notaro and he instigated. Absent Kroll's complicity and assistance, Tig Notaro never would have gotten past May 5th 2008- with her impossible to understand vendetta.

Any real judge would have made sure she got lost, then and there, and would have admonished her to cease and desist in harrassing us and wasting the court's time. But, once Kroll hooked her up with Lavely and Singer and John Gregozek, that wasn't just a "game changer" it became a fixed game.  Once you have "Elite Detectives" and Elite lawyers writing up lies for reasons that most couldn't suspect, well then it's hard to win when you should be winning. Actually, it was impossible.

And, we were those fools who didn't have a clue what they were fighting, for a long long time. Even now it's hard to really understand. We rushed in as fools will do.

It took me four years to figure out why my story was so insane. KROLL was the most important answer.

 Funnily(or unfunnily) enough I was Amy Poehlers body double or something for her UCB show. It paid 75 bucks a day and I quit cause I was bored.  Now, I'm supposed to be stalking the troll of a Kroll to the right? Some weird coincidence that. FYI I only saw Peohler when they picked her up in a van, a few times, and just hanging around the set. She had a nice vibe, and a little more life in her than the rest of the cast, is all I remember.

 Why she would engage with Nick Kroll strikes me as dubious .Or, just cynical on her part. Whatever the case, it's not pretty.
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