Sunday, March 30, 2014

Red Alert to Will Arnett: Classiclite offers commentary on Jazz, Theater , Classical, and Nick Kroll's romance with Amy Poehler

It's like some bizarre IQ test- What doesn't fit? is it the Classical, the Jazz, or the Kroll?

News, Commentary on Classical Music, Jazz, Theater, and More

The more is Nick Kroll. Hmmm. Or is he the Lite?

If I were Will Arnett, I'd let Kroll do whatever he pleases!

  • Late June 2009: Ian received an anonymous telephone call from a man who told him: "you have no idea who you're fucking with, we have deep, deep pockets and we will fuck you like you have never been fucked before." He did not know it at the time, but among the documents provided by the court discovery process in October 2009 was a statement by Kroll Associates UK Ltd Managing Director Ben Hamilton which, paraphrased says: "I got a clean phone, called Puddick and told him you have no idea who we are, we have deep deep pockets .." - No foul language mentioned - naturally - but enough to positively identify the caller beyond reasonable doubt.
  • July 2009: Mr Haynes complains to Sussex police (the county of his domicile) that his clients have been contacted by Ian who has slandered him (note: NOT "threatened his clients"). Sussex police decline to get involved as they believe the issue to be civil not criminal. They also note that if they did prosecute, Mr Haynes would likely not turn up in court
And Arnett better google Richard Chang and Officer Jaqueline Montalvo and see what became of me- before he challenges Nick Kroll about one single thing.
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