Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Onion's A.V club is not a legitimate publication - David Sims writes fake reviews and tries to pass off sponsored content as genuine criticism

There is a writer, or a fake writer, who writes for the Onion's "A. V Club." His name is David Sims and he fabricates articles that aim to promote the poorly rated and poorly received Kroll Show.

Not just poorly rated, but Kroll is getting seemingly legitimate publications to fudge his ratings for him. My goodness, I never even suspected that the press was this bad. I bet so many of them despise this Nick Kroll creep and don't enjoy having to cater to his ambitions. If Kroll had an comedic talent, this whole story would be so different, but his comedy is babble. The product of a rich and rotten fool who can't buy a sense of humor. But, he can buy the illusion of success, and that is what he is doing. Stay tuned for more evidence.

You see, Nick Kroll(via the Kroll Dynasty -and it really is a dynasty and a dangerous one. Dark too) can offer these writers and comedians, and any aspirant to fame and fortune- the world. And so they sell out.

This is so much less concerning than the fact that Kroll offers all sorts of public servants the world too, and many innocent people rot in jail or loses cases they should never have lost, because of this arrangement he has devised where cops and prosecutors and CIA and FBI all can get rich quick if they play along with Kroll's relentless pursuit of money and power.

There is now more to this epic blog post but it should give you some idea as to how powerful,connected and diabolical are the Krolls.

David Sims also deletes comments unfavorable to Kroll. In other words, David Sims is a lowlife sell out- who goes on my ever growing Kroll journo ho list. Not just the worst kind of hack, but a censoring hack.

Laura Jayne Martin, and Carol Hartsell now have real competition for Kroll  ho madness. I wonder if David Sims is his real name. I can easily see the Jules, Jeremy and Nick(and maybe his mother and sister too. who knows) setting up fake names for these Kroll Show pushers.
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