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Eddie Brill got a very raw deal from Kroll pawn Jason Zinoman


Wow oh wow, does the plot thicken.

So, I'm researching this guy named Jason Zinoman. I'm researching him cause he appears to be shilling rather than reporting. For the New York Times, no less. I'm finding his pieces on certain "comedians," more than suspicious.

Zinoman seems real intent on pushing the dregs of the comedy business on his unwitting readers. Peter Holmes? Check.  Tig Notaro? Check. Nick Kroll?  Check. Amy Schumer? Check.

I'm sure there are more dregs, he shills for, but that's as far as I got, for today.

My brain,experience,google,and the laws of probability convince me that this Jason Zinoman is a greedy fraud, willing to sell out his journalist's badge for some perverse perk - basically, he's being bribed by Nick Kroll, and is another willing pawn of the post modern comedy machine that includes David Kissinger...

A very strange confluence of political power and comedy. Amy Schumer's first cousin, Chuck, is a very powerful politician. Kroll's father owns too many entities to imagine. A call from him can literally get someone killed.

Of course, this all sounds crazy, but the facts are there. The strange thesis -- Comedy being co-opted by the one percent is proving more true than I'd hoped.

I am now as sure as it gets - That as a means to have him and his select buddies realize their fantasies of fame, Nick Kroll is using his "reputable publication" device to sell him and his comedy assets/friends.When it comes to manipulative machinations, he had the best teachers. And, he has all the money and contacts to put his fame grabs into motion.

This "reputable publication" trick has been exposed by these three articles...It is used against me to great affect i.e. if what you are saying about Tig Notaro faking her cancer is true why don't reputable publications cover it and why did they cover her cancer. Alas, the fact that the Atlantic and Politico have outed this practice doesn't suffice since so many other "reputable" publications are re-affirming the lies.




As far as I can tell, very few have a clue about the tricks and schemes, the likes of Nick Kroll, have been implementing. There's an impression left in the osmosis  that women are not funny and comedy is terrible and I'm starting to be convinced that this has more to do with dirty tricks than any reality. I know women can be as hilarious as it gets, but if the Nick Kroll's are setting up their unfunny female friends with non stop promotion and faked careers.... Well....far reaching consequences.

On the surface, the commingling of comedy and spooky machinations is a bad fit. But, if you consider what I've presented, and plan to present it becomes clear that this is the case.

So, In the last few days I've been doing some research on the most "reputable publications' and what they seem to do when Nick Kroll, or one of his comedy friends, is involved. It's turning out to be overwhelming. So many so called journalists are not revealing the back story behind their coverage of Kroll and crew.

Lets just focus on Jason Zinoman for today.

Exhibit One: Profiles of Nick Kroll, Peter Holmes, Amy Schumer, and Tig Notaro.

All seemingly promotional in intent and not one bit critical.

Exhibit 2

And, then this critical piece on Eddie Brill http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/12/arts/television/eddie-brill-and-the-comics-on-david-lettermans-show.html

That’s why he would not book a comic like Tig Notaro, whose deadpan stand-up on “Conan” sometimes gives way to the kind of button-pushing stunt reminiscent of Andy Kaufman routines. Ms. Notaro is funny, Mr. Brill said, but not right for “Letterman.” Mr. Brill also called Kaufman one of his favorites, but not “in a stand-up scenario.”
Among some comics “Late Show” has a reputation for favoring a certain profile. “The types they seem to like are middle-aged white men from the Midwest,” the comic Amy Schumer said. Only one woman (Karen Rontowski) was booked in 2011. “There are a lot less female comics who are authentic,” Mr. Brill said. “I see a lot of female comics who to please an audience will act like men.”

What few might guess by reading this is that Mr. Brill has integrity. Just because Chuck Schumer's cousin wants a spot, or just because Nick Kroll(son of very politically connected billionaire Jules Kroll) isn't reason for him to book someone.

Few would guess Mr. Zinoman's very strange and cynical agenda: Promote the work of those Nick Kroll wants him to in exchange for money or jobs with his dad etc.

Few would guess that Zinoman is bringing up Tig Notaro solely because Nick Kroll has made her an "asset," has ordered Zinoman to do so.

And, then wow, Eddie Brill, felt the need to set the record straight. And WOW WOW WOW, Eddie Brill,  was fired due to Zinoman's article....

Search Results

  1. Eddie Brill and the Comics on David Letterman's Show ...

    The New York Times
    Jan 11, 2012 - Eddie Brill books comics for “Late Show With David Letterman.” He also does stand-up and ... By JASON ZINOMAN. Published: January 11 ...
    You visited this page on 4/29/14.
  2. David Letterman's Booker In Hot Water After New York ...

    The New York Observer
    Jan 16, 2012 - Its latest incarnation is in the form of The New York Times' comedy critic Jason Zinoman's profile of Eddie Brill, the longtime comedy booker for ...
  3. Eddie Brill Responds to His New York Times Profile | Splitsider

    The Awl
    Jan 16, 2012 - Eddie Brill was the subject of Jason Zinoman's comedy column last week in the New York Times, and he didn't come off looking too good.
  4. Late Show Comedy Booker Accuses NY Times Of Taking ...

    Jan 16, 2012 - In it, Brill claims that female comics aren't “authentic. ... debate, including an argument between the reporter, Jason Zinoman, and Brill himself, ... She added, 'I like Eddie but the only way to make it as a female comic is to have ...
  5. 'Letterman's' Eddie Brill axed | Variety

    Jan 17, 2012 - The article in question was a profile of Brill by Jason Zinoman, and Brill was responding to a question about why so few female comics were ...

Brill denied saying things Zinoman quoted him as saying, and I would believe him. In fact, everyone needs to believe him because Zinoman's credibility should be NIL.

 Soon enough Amy Schumer was on Letterman, and soon enough so will Nick Kroll, and his coterie of "comedy friends."

I just discovered this all today, but I surely will read the variety piece and report back.

for a little context:

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