Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What ever happened Mirth Magazine, and did Jason Zinoman ever produce the tape of his interview with Eddie Brill


A bit late to this, but very interesting that a hack, like Jason Zinoman, was capable of causing so much pain to Eddie Brill. That's what happened when low lives infiltrate trusted and revered publications.

Jason Zinoman(Zinisnoman  more like it) says he taped the interview. Was it ever produced?

“What I would like to respond to here are questions of fact, since he has been making allegations here and elsewhere about our interview that are simply untrue. I taped the interview, just listened to it again and would like to set the record straight.

It does seem that Zinoman no longer has a New York Times column.

My goodness, what fraudulence in the press and the comedy world.... The question is what can be done. Also, what kind of poetic meaning can be mined from such a strange confluence of political power and the humor biz.

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