Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gee, who knew- The Economist is not a credible publication

... Especially when it comes to Kroll Inc. Why would the Economist not reveal this clear conflict of interest? I never paid any mind to the Economist because I have no interest in economics but I assumed they were legit.

So many "reputable" publications are selling their integrity for a piece of the Pie that comes with keeping Kroll happy.

So many untenable conflicts of interest exist in so many systems. It's depressing and scary. It's shocking, to me. I had no clue how bad it is, and how screwed is the whole stinking world, with these kind of people in power. And the biggest mystery of all is how they stay so under the radar.

I'm too galled(or is it appalled?)  to add much more. Just check out some of these, and see that the Economist,or particular dirty writers-( who are not acting as Mary Cuddahe did are writing profiles that are full of omission and dishonesty.  FYI- I didn't know about Kroll when the comments were written, so I didn't write any of them.
  1. The bloodhounds of capitalism - The Economist
    The Economist
    Jan 5, 2013 - The best-known is Kroll, founded by Jules Kroll, a former assistant district attorney, in 1972. Along with a dozen or so rivals, it can undertake ...
  2. Commented - The Economist
    The Economist
    Jan 5, 2013 - Why didn't this article mention the fact that Kroll actually helped facilitate the ... Kroll is also pretty darn good at enabling financial fraud, too.
  3. [PDF]

    Global Fraud Report 2012/13 - Kroll
    Kroll Inc.
    Solutions and carried out by the Economist Intelligence Unit, polled. 839 senior executives worldwide from a broad range of industries and functions in July and ...
  4. [PDF]

    Global Fraud Report 2013/14 - Kroll
    Kroll Inc.
    Oct 18, 2013 - out by the Economist Intelligence Unit, polled 901 senior executives ... This document is owned by Kroll and the Economist Intelligence Unit Ltd,.
  5. Global Fraud Report 2012/13 - Media Only | Kroll
    Kroll Inc.
    Full Report. Annual Kroll Fraud Report 2012/13; The fifth Annual Kroll Global Fraud Report, prepared in cooperation with the Economist Intelligence Unit.
  6. Economist Intelligence Unit Overview | Global Fraud Report ...
    For the seventh year running, The Economist Intelligence Unit, commissioned by Kroll, surveyed senior executives from around the world across a wide variety ...

  1. management firm ... 2001-2014 Reliance Network and Prudential Cooper & Co.
  2. [PDF]

    Global Fraud Report - The Economist Insights
    Kroll commissioned The Economist Intelligence Unit to conduct a worldwide survey on ... respondents came from the financial services industry (18%) followed by ... any responsibility or liability for reliance by any person on this information.
  3. [PDF]

    Global Fraud Report - The Economist Insights
    Tim Whipple, President, Kroll Consulting Services. EIu ovErvIEw. .... Kroll Global Fraud Report • Annual Edition 2009/2010 | 3. contEnts ...
  4. FleishmanHillard and Kroll Launch Data Breach Risk ...
    Yahoo! Finance
    Mar 27, 2014 - Kroll's role in the alliance will focus on enterprise network security and threat detection, ... crisis management and reputation recovery services. ... said Bob Winslow, FleishmanHillard head of Global Practices and Products. .... for any

 I'm sure there's much more -- that substantiates my very strange POSITION on this Kroll entity.

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