Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tig Notaro's cancer hoax keeps chugging due to Nick Kroll's checkbook.

Well the post(below) keeps getting a lot of hits and who can know exactly why. The title, the day, the mysterious SEO concepts? One special keyword. All I know is that I hope anyone asks some questions of her and soon enough she will stop getting away with the kind of incredibly ugly scams that Nick Kroll's special friendship, has afforded her.  Tig Notaro has even told Nick Kroll on her "Professor Blastoff," "Nick you and that checkbook of yours," in response to him saying that he's "upper middle class" and she saying " you are so much more than upper middle class."  Exactly right, Nick Kroll is writing those checks. This was in 2011 on a podcast titled, "Fate." Check it out.

If a sucker is born every minute and this state of affairs is used by the Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro to stay out of prison and keep manufacturing press, then... well.... a sucker might get wise every minute too.... One message in a bottle just won't do, I guess. Gotta keep sending em out.

FYI: I'm still getting the faked press aspect of her cancer scam(and Nick Kroll's connections to this faked press) in order and it should be ready soon.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Tig Notaro cancer scam gets even more evidence: Will the real cancer treatment please stand up?

Finding out lies in the internet age is fascinating. Especially, when you know someone is a compulsive and malicious liar, who gets away with a good hundred life decimating lies, only to set up a weird twist where she is celebrated as a brave cancer survivor. Not just that, but when the liar has set up a way to profit off faked cancer, and continues to do so in the face of her history of stalking, and kickstarter's kinda really astounding. Alissa Sterling should really say something. So many should.But, since my case was infested with careerists reeking of self interest, I have to struggle to get the truth out.

I know that she is capable of the kind of lies that most are not capable of. Lies that only sociopaths can produce. Capable of lying about being a victim of serious crimes, capable of gleefully going about turning an innocent and dignified person into a "crazy stalker." Capable of  trying to ruin peoples careers and jail them, because she could( due to her friendship with Nick Kroll.) Then, capable of a kickstarter scam( that would immediately be) followed by a well orchestrated case of symptom free cancer.

The details of this seemingly simple cancer set story, change with each telling. Why? Because it isn't true. She can't keep it straight just like she couldn't keep her stalker scam straight. She isn't bright, and she has no regard for what is true and it's a mess that she can sweep under the rug because of this Nick Kroll creature.

The whole cancer story is a lie, concocted to get money and sympathy- when she faced deserved ruin if Judge Richard Fruin just did the right thing. Had Judge Fruin not caved to the phone calls being made by Kroll inc, Tig Notaro would be broke, and facing criminal charges and epic amounts of scorn. Alas, Judge Richard Fruin is a coward and a creep.

Back to the new evidence:
Some research to something somewhat unrelated led me to this link.
 Read, it please, and then consider the rest(below.)

 After surgery, I was put on hormone-blocking treatments, which will last for five years. Chemo was suggested, but I refused, since it might affect the possibility of having kids some day.

OK, so for whatever reason(usually because Nick Kroll has a contact in the publication,) in July of 2013 Glamour Magazine UK  saw fit discuss the very strange case of a grizzled lesbian self named, "Tig."

And, in this tasty piece, to my never ending dismay, Tig Notaro, has changed her simple story yet again.

Let's just focus on the treatment for this alleged stage two cancer in both breasts. And, many more tumors too according to this:

Hmmm. What is this about? 

 My MRI results came back revealing more tumors, not to mention the tumor on my left side appears to have spread to my lymph nodes, so until my surgery, they won’t be able to tell me if it has spread to other parts of my body or not.

In July of 2013, she now says that she refused chemo due to its capacity to stop her from having kids, and that immediately after having her double mastectomy she was put on hormone blockers that "will last five years."

Well, that's all well and good, reader. But, when you get compulsive liars with a poor memory, ISSUES of veracity are sure to follow.

You see Tig Notaro told Amy Shumer she is getting Chemo. Then, she told Carol Hartsell of the Huffington Post the same thing. Flash forward to her podcast in October of 2012,  when she was coincidentally aiming to sell her cancer set in time for cancer month. Here she says that others have inquired about "treatments" and she will be having "natural treatment." It's in the last two minutes of this podcast

So, as of October 2012, it was natural treatments for  Ms. "I have stage two cancer in both breasts and Ms. I told Louis CK that it spread all throughout my chest and I'm not going to make it,"Notaro

Flash forward 9 months later:   Notaro being interviewed by Claire Black, a writer from across the pond(England) who claims to be sitting with Notaro in her LA loft. Well then, this is what she tells Claire Black in August of 2013, a year after supposedly doing an impromptu set about her diagnosis. and a MONTH after saying that she had hormone treatments right after surgery.

  I didn’t really start doing stand-up again until three months ago,” she says, explaining that after having a double mastectomy and radiotherapy she wasn’t in any physical or emotional state to be getting on stage.

Here's the link so you know I can't make this shit up:

Hmm, the fact that she never "missed a beat" and traveled extensively to promote her turkey of a professor blastoff podcast,  is not as relevant as the fact that she is TELLING CLAIRE BLACK OF THE INDEPENDANT, that she did not have natural treatments, chemo, or hormone shots but now it's.... RADIOTHERAPY.

Pardon me for shouting there, but my GOODNESS. If that is not enough highly contradictory statements about things one would not be unsure of....

Well, then this teflon tig thing  is scheduled to do a Nerdist Podcast with Peter Holmes( master kiss ass with a laugh so stupid it makes you want to cry,) She's promoting her cancer tape again, and she wants to win by having some Bentzen Ball be a success this time around. She goes on this Podcast  and talks about all her healthy ways and natural means, and how she loves having cancer. No treatments other than natural ones she goes into no detail about. She also shows disgust for diet coke drinkers ....

At some point, and I will likely get you the minute and hour when I can bear listening to her droning voice lying through her scummy teeth.... At some point, she tells Peter Holmes on this September 2013 podcast( a month after telling Claire Black about the radiotherapy, and how she was out of commission,) that natural foods might not cut it so " I'm going to start up with hormone shots in a few weeks." Of course, Peter Holmes doesn't question this in any way or refer to her non stop changing stories....

So, now we have chemo that is refused after surgery and hormone shots started in September of 2012. Then, natural remedies alone in October of 2012. then in July of 2013 she tells some hack at Glamour UK that after surgery she immediately was put on five years of hormone shots. Then a month later, she tells another Brit, Claire Black, that she's been under the weather due to radiotherapy, and then a month later she tells Peter Holmes that she hasn't been under the weather at all ,with her healthy diet and such, and her unspecified natural treatments, but will be starting up the hormone shots she told Glamour UK she had beeon on for a year in a few weeks "Hormone shots in a few weeks."

C'mon. Geesh. Ladies, and Gentlemen, this con artist now uses her ill gotten grammy nomination to get more money off another con. OK, then.

Here's some more: More coming too. Today, I learned that she told some other English paper(what is up with that?) that Louis CK tweeted about her set in the "early morning' and that is why she woke up to a world of fame and fortune the next morning. Well, folks, go find that tweet(I'll post it tomorrow either way,) and see that Louis CK tweeted it at 2.19 PM pacific time. You see, the whole thing is a big lie and as she gets questioned this dim bulb has to fill the gaping holes she's leaving but nearly no one would know about unless her lies had such a profound effect on their lives
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