Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hey Ry Doon- Nick Kroll's twitterverse- A non stop stream of deception and desperation.

Ry Doon,
In some way,  he does deserve such an embarrassingly bad show. But, he deserves prison more for his costly and criminal scams with Tig Notaro. He gets my account suspended if I write it on twitter, so you'll have to come here to hear the truth, if you don't know it already. 
Let him sue me for defamation if one thing I say is false. He won't, cause then he'd not only be shown to be a fraud in comedy, but a criminal-- who screwed over talented and good people, and then stole a fortune from California taxpayers to carry his frauds to fruition. I won't get into the dead witness. A witness that would have destroyed him, and he deserves to be destroyed. I'm sure he'd love to kill me, but he also knows that we(and God) foiled him at every turn, and he must understand that killing me would backfire on him. Ha!
 Instead of serving time in Prison, he trolls the universe with that arrogant idiot mug, and tries to sell the world his fraud "comedy career." It's truly too sickening to stand when you know what he's done. But, stand I will. Whatavuh.
 He is clearly a pathetic figure, but in a way that is not one bit sympathetic. Sociopaths like him just can't be sympathetic, when they kill others to get ahead. Then, they regard their targets as bugs if the targets don't have money or power.
 His targets  for "Kroll Show,are the poor and uneducated??  Toilet baby is funny when you're a billionaire? Making fun of Alhambra from your estates in Rye or the Long Island Sound or Beverly Hills is one bit amusing?
It's so tone deaf and stupid it's off the charts. Worst of all- it's utterly unfunny and anyone not on the Kroll payroll- agrees.
Or , he thinks portraying some rich dicks being grotesque is hilarious. PR girls idiots are stupid and phony? What a revelation. Sarcasm! The rest of the show is incomprehensible unfunny gibberish. So much so that I think Dr. Kaushal Sharma needs to step in here. Jules can make that happen.
None of it is funny. Sorry. You can't fake funny, and you can't buy funny. He is evidence of that- IN SPADES.
Nick Kroll thinks he can fake funny, and then fake the press to make it as if they think he's funny--  it's offensive. The fact that he caused such damage to three truly funny people(who were great at improv and sketch- 2 of them- and one is just funny as hell) is ironic or awful or who knows anymore.

Well, that's about it for now, Ry Doon. Have a nice day.
  1. Nick Kroll has been doing standup, sketch and improv for 10+ years. He payed his dues and earned the show
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  1. I like character work the most. Broad City is great but Kroll show is right up my alley :)
  2. Nick Kroll has been doing standup, sketch and improv for 10+ years. He payed his dues and earned the show
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