Monday, April 14, 2014

The Kroll's will sit down to celebrate another unkosher Passover with cancer scammer Tig Notaro.

I wouldn't be surprised of Tig Notaro is sullying their sordid Seder. Will she tell her stale No Moleste Jokes as Nick insists that Eliyahu HaNavi finds him hilarious? Will she steal the afikoman and Hagadahs, and try to sell them  on E-Bay. 
Will they all giggle over how Nicky set her up with fake cancer and the faked press that would follow. Will Jeremy discuss how he'll invest her ill gotten gains as he munches on  Matzah?

Will John Gregozek be invited to arrest Eliyahu Hanavi, if Nick is convinced he's a "hater who is too stupid to to get his jokes."

I sure would like to be a fly on the wall.
In other non news!

jane doughnut
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Three thousand views in the last week- must have spooked the spookiest spooks that ever spooked AKA the Kroll empire.
Kroll-  A name that wants to be associated with uncovering corruption, but really MUST be known for corruption and covering up corruption, all over the globe, and for soon to be a half century. 
Kroll- A name that should not be known for comedy - objectively Nick Kroll is the unfunniest fellow I've ever come across. Let me amend- The unfunniest fellow to ever have any comedy show, much less his own comedy shows on Comedy Central. It's a tragedy how unfunny he is. I'm not kidding- to see this humor free rectum of a man scam the public has left me aghast. Aghast and gasping and agape maybe. In short, stupefied and stymied and flummoxed beyond recognition. In other words, unawesome.
 So, in light of having to deal with this Nick Kroll( the unfunniest scion to ever disgrace a screen!)  Dear old Ms. Doughnut has been censored from her Google Plus account. As if that is going to stop the flow of truth from coming ( out of my cake eating,)  pie hole.

I remember a time where risk mitigation firms were all over this blog. Non stop. Arthur Ghallager in particular. Kroll is the premier/preeminent/ leading and number 1 name in risk mitigation, assessment and such, so they'd know best. Of course a little googling and Kroll is all over Arthur Ghallager.
  I just know they deduced that I posed no risk, and they were sort of right. I don't mean physical risk. They knew that from the start. That was never in question, actually.  Notaro and  Stef Willen knew that they'd made everything up and Willen knew I was a non violent type. She said so. She on the other hand, is violent, and a user and liar of the worst kind. 
I mean reputational or litigation liability risk to those who stole from us and damaged us in ways that demanded massive amounts of money to provide some deserved closure.
It's kind of insulting to deal with these masters of industry- These Krollian cretins- cause they view someone like me as some bug- an angry but impotent bug.

Well, I don't see me and my beautiful family as bugs, Sirs and Madams. of the risk mitigation business. Well, a bee, maybe. A butterfly that transformed into a buzzy buzzy bee? Hmmm. We'll see.

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