Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nick Kroll nice for a price- one percenter comedy is depressing as hell


Listen to the first 10 minutes or so. Nick Kroll believes in being nice to people only because they might return the favor someday! Nice to airport workers so they'll do him favors???? What reality is that?

What frigging favors does this ass expect from airport workers? 

 No concept of decency for its own sake. Wow. Talks about how everything has worked perfectly in his life. Tig Notaro talks of how Nick uses his "checkbook." How rich Nick is. How great his life is. How golden his "tracks."

  Live and let live, and who cares, unless this sack of crap gleefully has ruined your clean name and your life, year after year. He didn't see me as capable of helping him, so my life was of no consequence.

Nick Kroll  doesn't believe in karma, of course.

Now, he has tried to shut down the Google plus accounts. As if...

His mitigation skills stink.

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