Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Memo to Nick Kroll: You are abnormal and you are scary


This says everything. And, it confirms my gut for the last few months. Tig Notaro has a bad character, and she lied repeatedly to save her skin, after deciding to do evil things on April 7th 2008( begin falsely accusing a strange of violence and stalking for reasons that don't make any good sense) but in the end(or the middle or the beginning) Nick Kroll was the puppet master.

And, though she is morally challenged and is a liar, he's the real true blue sociopath. Someone so lacking in humanity that the only reason he would be nice to someone is " because down the road they'll do something for me." And, then without a clue in his voice he says, " If I'm nice to other comedians they could put me on podcasts and I can show my work."  
It's all there in that link. I can't care enough just know to find you the exact minute, but I'm pretty sure it's in the first 10 and then the last minute is very telling too.

Memo to Nick Kroll: This is not normal!

You talk of being nice to people in an Airport so they'll help you in two months when you need them??? No. That is not the thought of a person with any soul. I am nice to everyone but you, and this Tig and other vicious liars and it never occurred to me how they'll help me out. Nice in an airport so they can do what for you.... Kroll?

Kyle Dunnigan, David Hunstberger and Notaro seem in awe of Nick Kroll's  "golden tracks." He talks about being "upper middle class' and they rightfully point out how rich he is and he admits to being in the 1 percent.

Tig Notaro assures him that she predicts he'll stay on his golden course. Idiot Nick smugly doesn't disagree. You see, he doesn't believe in Karma.

Oooooh, what an ironic treat to know how off her prediction might be. You might not believe in fate and destiny and Karma, Nick Kroll, but I think they are destined to have faith in you and that's not a good thing.

The last lines by all hosts - "Stay on those golden tracks Nick"

He seems a little annoyed.

Then Tig meekly says to Nick Kroll, " Are you cutting me off your BFF list. I know I'm on there."

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