Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nick Kroll put up a Digital Billboard in Times Square, I've just learned.

I'm a little extra pissy since, a Nick Kroll, has taken steps to shut down my Google plus account. Not pissy in any way that should give him, and his kind(the evil kind, that is) any satisfaction. 

I am convinced(with scant evidence, sadly) that truth rises( as does cream,) and that if there really is something to this justice business, he'll go down in flames, and I'll come out smelling like a rose -- that rose to the top for the right reasons- the opposite of Nick Kroll-- whose success is due to a confluence of bad reasons.

  So far,  I'm seeing the cream of the crap rising, and the cream of the crop, suffering. It's tiresome and worse.

It's one of those, "It's a matter of time," situations.   I'm impatient since six years seems an excessive wait. It feels as if the right outcomes have been stalled and stalled.

I've heard of longer waits. The Passover story, as the most famous example. Forty years in the desert must have sucked. And, then all those Death Row Stories of innocent men waiting and waiting and waiting ... Waiting for all those truths to not only rise to the surface, but to rescue them from doom.

Nick Kroll told Tig Notaro and the rest of that Professor Blastoff cast or whatever podcast people get called-  that it's not smart not to be nice, and that is why he's nice. He then cited how he's nice to "airport" workers because he knows that "in two months they'll do something for me." He then expands this "wisdom," by saying, "And, I'm nice to other comedians so they put me on their podcasts so I could show my work."

 Nick Kroll doesn't seem to understand that these are not Universal sentiments. He says them with no trace of irony. Sure, all of us might harbor agendas, and act accordingly, but sorry to say, Nick Kroll, most of us are not nice only because we expect a favor.  I have been perfectly nice without expecting anything, and I assume this is the norm. I was with him about the stupidity of being rude part.... but really really lost him with that airport workers line. In what world, does someone only act nice with expectation of favors? In Kroll's world, for sure.

I bring this up again, because I want to clue Nick Kroll in -- as futile as that may be:  You might act nice and that's better than being nasty , but you are not smart. Smart people don't bear false witness and use their familys hard won power to fix cases in civil, family and criminal courts. Smart people don't cause the death of witnesses and the destruction of innocent and talented people. It's extremely stupid, actually. It lacks the most basic wisdom and such a lack of insight leads me to see you as hopeless. In other words, you have all the markings of a sociopath. The fact that you openly stated that you are only nice to airport workers-- so they can do you favors strikes me a disgusting. It might be honest but it's the kind of honesty that is more an unwitting admission of guilt than the kind of honesty that is admirable.

 It's not as if you're a kid. You are a grown man. Being so clueless is the opposite of endearing, in your case.

Maybe, before the internet, it wasn't as stupid to be so rotten. It always was stupid on a spiritual level, but on a purely Machievellian level-- you could probably have gotten away with it forever.

But, you are no smarter than lunks Tig Notaro, John Gregozek.  Martin Boags, and you are the most alike. Two sons of privilege who used and abused people. Google him to see how well he's ended up.

He thought he was real clever too.

 In fact, it strikes me as astoundingly stupid, on every level to live life the way you four have. Sure, Nick Kroll can point to getting away with murder(literally OMG) but six years is not forever, dumbass.
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