Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rapacious douche, Nick Kroll, doesn't care about the Malaysian plane, but Kroll's Tim Horner sure does.

Rapacious douche, Nick Kroll, is trying to get me booted off of Google Plus. Ha. Must suck when truthful speech is your worst enemy.

 Not just a rapacious douche, but a long time enemy of free speech sort of douche. Roget's doesn't have enough synonyms to describe what a craven nefarious malignant grotesque mendacious POS is this Nick Kroll creation.

 Not just a rapacious douche - who loves censorship, but a rapacious douche who can't say something funny, to save his life. 

When a rapacious douche of such degrees,  is running/ruining the comedy world, that lack of humor, humility, decency, integrity, grace, capacity to evoke laughter(especially!!)  bodes poorly for the humor business.

Nick Kroll - I know it's terrible but don't really care... | Facebook‎
I know it's terrible but don't really care about the Malaysian plane thing. Call me if Nicolas Cage is missing.

Freescale Employees Missing on Malaysia Jet Poses Travel Policy ...‎
Mar 12, 2014 - The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines' Flight MH370 about an hour into ... Tim Horner, a managing director at Kroll and a specialist in security ...

ETA: Rapacious douche who rarely- if ever -make a funny. Nicolas Cage? Whaaa. 99 percent of his "comedy" makes no sense. Is Nick Kroll a rapacious and insane douche? 

I go with the latter and the former!
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