Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Red Red Alert: Give your money straight to any foundation: Krullapalooza is likely a big scam concocted by Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro

Yesterday,  I learned that the cancer free in record time( with stories that don't stay straight and breasts showing, a MONTH AFTER a supposed double mastectomy) is now peddling some benefit for a transgender woman named Suzanne Krull.

I wish I could make this kind of shit up.

Aside of the fact, that Nick Kroll has an aunt named Sue Kroll, I see no strange senses of coincidence. Likely, there was a such a woman and that she was lovely.

That said, I advise that Tig Notaro has a history of using real causes to steal money from the public. Nick Kroll has been extremely instrumental in making these schemes a success. He does so in many ways, but most importantly(for today,) his ability to get hungry freelance journalists to plant fake stories in the press, has been the most effective strategy when it came to the kickstarter and cancer scams that he and her have engaged in.

Since time is of the essence, today: I ask that you ask her any questions about what she did with all the money she promised to cancer charities in October of 2012, as a means for you to download her "cancer set." Then, ask her why she told Louis CK or why he told you that "most of it would go to cancer related charities. Check out his website if you don't take my word. Ask her why she defended Lance Armstrong and he tried to promote her.  Read this first,http://henypire.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-tour-de-farce-continues-lance.html

ask her why she has breasts on Sundance Channels morfified sessions when she has claimed and continues to claim she had a double mastectomy/

Ask her why she can't keep one element of her story(absent the mastectomy,) straight?

Ask her why she keeps referencing 9/11 in recent interviews when discussing her "struggle with cancer."

Ask her why she has not put up one pic on her facebook related to any aspect of her "cancer struggle" when she has said she put out the tape to help people.

So many more question that will leave her a sputter mess, but that's all the time I have.

Out of time. Some links that might help you from not getting scammed at the Wiltern Theater tonight.

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  2. Swine effluvia

    45 mins ago - The answers to so many mysteries involved in Tig Notaro's cancer, stalking and kickstarter scams lie within that freakishly huge forehead.
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  5. Busted: Some of Tig Notaro's cancer scam explained. - YouTube

    About this site
    Feb 6, 2014 - Uploaded by MsBonefree
    First in a series of Youtubes to lend gesticulations to Tig Notaro's cancer scam and then the whole ...
    The stalking scam is going to need a book length telling, and a website so that will have to wait.
    The kickstarter scam is intuitive: She promised a film, and hasn't even pretended to follow through. The funding supposedly came in on the day she would go on stage and lie about having cancer. Yet, she would mention that no where not even on her facebook.She pocketed the money or returned it to Nick Kroll. Their arrogance and bad character is so that they don't even have to discuss it. Just scam the public and giggle together.
    Nearly no one bit, and a week before it nearly was unfunded, but Nick Kroll planned all along to swoop down and fund it so she'd save face while gauging public opinion for her cancer scam to come. Notice that Stef Willen and Allison Hart of Lavely and Singer donated and of course Nick Kroll's vile visage is there as it was the day or week or month or 4 days before her cancer set when she got her diagnosis. And, when of course a witness was needed for the stalking scheme, when it had to go to a trial.
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