Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ticket prices to Krullapalooza will be pocketed by hinky hostess Tig Notaro

Dear potential ticket buyers to Krullapalooza and the lovely looking people I see on the website,

The masters of ceremonies, Tig Notaro, has a storied history of stealing money, using the guise of charity as a means to cover it up. In short, a ruthless sociopath who even uses 9/11 and cancer to get rich off her latest schemes.

 In the memory of Suzanne Krull, and in any effort to help transgendered youth or adults, please, be very alert to the funds that are coming in and how they are spent, if Tig Notaro has inserted herself, in any way.

Also, be very cognizant that the press she will manufacture is solely for the purposes of greed and self aggrandizement.

She has used the services of a Nick Kroll to allow this state of seeming "credibility." Don't buy it.

Board of Directors


Dove Pressnall
Executive Director, acting Board Chair
A licensed marriage and family therapist, Dove also brings a degree in Business Administration and extensive program coordination and management expertise to the organization. She is a member of a number of professional organizations and has presented on social justice-related topics at conferences around the world.

Rev. Rachel Ciupek-Reed, M.Div.

A full-time minister with the progressive Midlands Church, United Church of Christ in Arlington, TX, Rachel has a history of nonprofit leadership too extensive to list here. She is excited to build Survivors’ Truths’ systems to maximize efficiency and improve reporting capacities.

Sarah Boehmke
Sarah’s passion and experience is providing people the space to make art to support healing. She has developed and worked with programs serving marginalized and homeless children and families. Sarah has previously been involved with Survivors’ Truths as a volunteer program manager and fundraising coordinator, and is happy to serve on the board.

ashfordAshford T. Summerville

A native of Liberia, West Africa, educated here in the US, Ashford has been able to gain extensive marketing and business experience while also volunteering for a number of charitable/social justice causes. He was drawn to Survivors’ Truths because of its emphasis on building on local knowledge and strengths while supporting front-line service providers and bringing attention to social justice issues.

chipoChipo Nyambuya

Chipo is a lawyer whose commitment to social justice has taken her around the globe. She has worked for a number of legal advocacy organizations, as well as the United Nations, and has done everything from setting up and monitoring organizational systems to legislative review. She has been an advisor for Survivors' Truths from its beginnings and brings her strong analytic and organizational skills, connections and passion for social justice to the board.

Maria Roman

Maria has been a leader in social services for the Latina transgender community in Los Angeles since 1998. She has been involved with many organizations including serving as a board member of the Liberty Hill Foundation, The Los Angeles Transgender Task Force, The Trans Unity Planning Committee, Alianza and The Los Angeles and West Hollywood Police Department Sensitivity Training Program.

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