Monday, May 19, 2014

Kroll Laboratories changed their name to Alere in 2010

Dear Defense Attorneys, Prosecutors, Employees, Employers, defendants, OF THE WORLD -- pay attention to where lab results are coming from....

The change to Alere Toxicology Services Inc, after 35 years of who knows what kind of evil forms of corruption with Kroll Laboratories. The idea that they'd branched out into forensics, so early on, when Jules Kroll was so entrenched in law enforcement, and then had  recently left a position as DA with Morgenthau..... NO WORDS. 
and, here's a sense of how busy they are and a first person account of a Kroll screw:

But, I'll still manage to type some more words out...

Why the name change after 35 years????

Cause when you are Kroll , and your "businesses," are responsible for so much cover ups and the most sinister forms of corruption.... a name change keeps you under the radar....And, Kroll Laboratories finally got some scrutiny by 2008, when someone got the guts and energy up to take on this Goliath.

Note: The tests that Kroll submitted were flagrantly defective, and in my opinion -- the false positive result was not some unusual accident. Read the case and see how strange it is... Note too that Landon had to represent himself in the law suit even though it was a slam dunk case. In other words, no one in their right mind takes on Kroll/Alere/Stratfor/USIS/Altegrity/ etc etc etc etc.

Please read about the newly named Kroll business- Alere Toxicology services. ( I hereby rename it Landon Laboratories!)


May 19, 2014 8:54 AM

Alere Toxicology services, Inc. provides substance abuse testing solutions for employers, government agencies, occupational health clinics, pain management practitioners, physician offices, rehabilitation centers, and resellers. The company offers laboratory testing services, including urine drug testing, oral fluid testing, and hair testing; and laboratory support services, such as result reporting and collection site management. It also provides professional screening devices, including urine screening devices, alcohol screening devices, cotinine screening devices, and complementary products. The company was formerly known as Kroll Laboratory Specialists, Inc. and changed its name to Alere Toxicology Services, Inc. in February 2010, following its acquisition by Alere Inc. The company was founded in 1978 and is based in Gretna, Louisiana. It has locations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. As of February 17, 2010, Alere Toxicology Services, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Alere Inc.

1111 Newton Street
Gretna, LA 70053-6339
United States
Founded in 1978

Key Executives for Alere Toxicology Services, Inc.

Director of Operations & Technology
Director of Communications
Director of Human Resources
Vice President and General Manager
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