Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tig Notaro's cancer scam made possible by Nick Kroll and Brooklyn Vegan too.

Classiclite and other music "publications" appear to find every move of Nick Krolls to be of interest to their viewership. Appear is the operative word. Nick Kroll shrewdly knows that appearance is enough when it comes to show biz success if money is no concern . Mr. Kroll also seems to appeal to uh... Brooklyn Vegan.


In short, some strange cyber rag called " Brooklyn Vegan," has even created a fake persona with a high brow reference benefit- "Klaus Kinski."  You see despite Nick Kroll being a potty mouthed buffoon, he likes to think of himself as some sort of high brow. Anyone with any brain can see that he is very low uni brow, at best.

This "Klaus Kinski" is openly under cover to those who  know about the actual director,Klaus Kinski but let's be honest, many have no idea about Klaus Kinski or even his beautiful daughter, Nastasia. Under cover to the extent that no real name is attached if all this deception is one day revealed.

This Klaus Kinski creation is there  there to impart the hipster cred to two dim and deranged nerds such as Tig Notaro and Nick Kroll. Maybe, Vegan cred too. It's all too cynical and strange to make sense of it easily.

A few others too are getting endless artificial press. It is understood that much entertainment press is drowing in phoniness, and that nepotism is accepted to some degree- in all aspects of life, but I'm pretty sure this degree of artifice, on the command of such an untalented and annoying son of a very politically connected(Washington and Hollywood connected) is a new level of offensiveness. Here's a by no means exhaustive post about his family:

 I won't name names yet of the other beneficiaries of Nick Kroll's very strange master scheme --  Master scheme you say? If I name names down the road it's to make the case for this being a pretty vast fraud in the humor biz and how strange the press that surrounds this Nick Kroll and his "comedy assets."

Yes, it does appear to be one of those master scheme type  deals. The deal is he wants to be the Jules Kroll of comedy, but just as Jules Kroll has a "coterie of spies, lawyers, judges law enforcement and journalists," so does Nick Kroll have some bizarre "coterie,"  but this coterie is a mix of talented and un-talented aspirants to fame and fortune. And believe it or not, Nick Kroll holds an impressive set of keys.

Aspirants to fame and fortune? Yes, and that's a huge pool of past, present, and future folks to manipulate and then use for favors... Even when those favors come to include lying under oath, and having such false testimony used to jail and SMEAR innocent and talented people. We won't get into the mysterious and strangely timed death of LAPD officer Jacqueline Montalvo. You see, she would be the most dangerous witness against Nick Kroll. In fact, had she lived, her testimony would have ruined his future, and saved mine... That is a too sad and too scary story.

Back to show biz:

 The massive monetary and publicity incentives if you kiss his ass, or he sees you as an assets to his ravenous desire to be famous, are what's at stake. Such access to realized show biz dreams has even led some of these wannabes to do very bad  thing. When the incentives are fame, glory and big money, lots of people will sell their souls to earn or stay in this Nick Kroll's good graces.

While I lived in some state of uncomfortable obliviousness as to his role in my case,  he has successfully, so far, used the the ruthless realities his father taught him about. In other words, wave checks around and give them little incentive to refuse you. Appeal to their boundless self interest and basic human nature. Once enough sell out members of the media are on the board, the deal is done. Once we have faked articles touting your super-stardom you have won, my son!Instagram photo by nbc_fanpage - This pic gave me a case of feels #amypoehler #nickkroll

 That's the set up that was in place, when Tig Notaro, and him, came up with their stalking scam, and that set up only got more organized by the time she thought it was a good idea to play along with Nick Kroll's "I'll set you up if you lie about having cancer" cancer comedy set.

All she had to do was show up and lie it up. He'd take care of the rest. The only glitch: Not everyone is bad or stupid and most were just given a wink wink  just talk to her and don't ask to many questions deal. But, some of them might ask her too many questions. Since she is lying she better figure out how to keep those fake stories straight. She got away with the incessant and obvious lies in the vicious stalking scam, I'm sure this cancer scam will be just as easy.... Just keep repeating "mastectomy," Tiggy, and they'll  shut up.

How I scratched my head over so many senseless seeming aspects of my case...Then, the grotesque nemesis's cancer story also wouldn't add up. Still, some scratching, but I have zero doubt that from beginning to end Nick Kroll created the monster that is "Tig" Notaro. I mean she was a bad person to begin with. But, he created her ability to do real damage and harm to me, my family, and potentially to all those who were harmed by their costly stalking, kickstarter, and cancer schemes.
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