Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nick Kroll is such a card: Does society get the comedy it deserves?

Embedded image permalinkInstagram photo by nbc_fanpage - This pic gave me a case of feels #amypoehler #nickkroll
Pay attention to the mushy perniciousness of his his stomach,groin, and legs, and the precious footwear!

Nick Kroll, the rancid and rapacious son, of of one of the most corrupt men in modern, post modern( and maybe post post modern history,) answers that question with this picture from the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

Underneath the insipidly smug and  ugly of a face, lies an unsavory lower shelf.  The stuff below his loathsome looking torso evidences an overfed and graceless leg and foot area.

All so mushy and soft when he has all that money to get the best personal trainers? Below legs that no race horse would want.... -- Ha. How wacky. Funny wacky or unbearably inane sort of wacky?

 Red sneakers! Oh, Jules and Lynn, your son is such a card-- you should buy him a comedy career at your earliest convenience!

  And, have no doubt that the only reason Nick Kroll is showing up at some cancer charity is to enhance his brand -- whatever the hell his brand is supposed to be -- considering his abject lack of looks and talent and the discordant press and opportunity such abject lack of appeal has afforded him.

Different cancer shenanigans, when his his cancer scam with Tig Notaro is finally getting the scrutiny it deserves: ..

My father died from Lymphoma. He's in heaven, watching your flabby ass, Nick " Poster boy for money can't buy humor or style" Kroll.

What are you going to do, try to get him killed up there on top of him being not alive to begin with ? Are you going to call Marty Singer, Jeff Dunn, John Gregozek, and the gang at the city attorney's office to get him declared incompetent cause you see his death as evidence of incompetence to stand trial????

While you ponder my fine questions please tell me who was the lucky guy or gal who got to pay one thousand dollars to  hang out with the brains behind one of the most expensive flops in cabal/cable television.
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