Monday, June 2, 2014

Did Missi Pyle or Stephanie Allyne ever get Tig Notaro to fix that great honking pink Rolex

 What a generous birthday gift- Fixing a watch???

Lots of hits from who knows who looking up "Missy Pyle and Tig Notaro," or "Tig Notaro Stephanie Allyne."  I figure that simple lezzie lie might be the one lie that leads to her outing. But, who knows.

You see a year and a couple of months ago, a supposedly respected journalist-- Ariel Levy-- wrote up a strange puff piece for Elle Magazine. The subject of the Feature was by then a long cured of cancer comedian named "Tig Notaro."The article would turn out to be a goldmine for finding lies and inconsistencies in this Tig Notaro's stories but that's another story.

Such a "feature" appears to have spun off into a site called,"Blind Gossip." on April 23rd 2013. This blind gossip site then sought  to get some speculation going. This tid bit implanted in the article is what would appear to have caused this guessing game- (Well if 48 comments would entail a "guessing game."

As Notaro was telling me this, she was playing with a loose, pink-faced platinum Rolex on her wrist. When I complimented her watch, Notaro’s reserved countenance cracked open for the first time in our conversation—she became visibly excited and a little flustered. As it turned out, the watch belongs to an actress Notaro has had a crush on for years, whom she started dating just as her life was shifting from terrible to  incredible. "Tomorrow is her birthday, so I thought about getting this fixed,"

Some one assuredly advised the others that when it came to this Z listers love life they knew that someone named Missi Pyle was the lucky lady.  Well, in different language ... Here are the comments so you can judge for yourself .

After Ellen picked that up and the story was supposed to sell. It would serve two purposes: Get some much needed Buzz for this aspirant to fame or these aspirants to fame and serve as a witness to Notaro's fraud cancer story. I.e surely a lesbian lover would know if Tig Notaro had breasts or not etc.

But, something fell through, you see. Missi Pyle backed out. Maybe she was too honest or maybe Nick Kroll and Tig didn't offer her enough money. Time will tell ,or it won't... Now the owner of the broken Rolex was to be a hungry UCB grad, Stephanie Allyne. Soon her resume could look more legit with a Kroll Show appearance. Soon pawn doofus, Peter Holmes, would have Notaro on his " You made it weird" bit of Krollian madness and now the missing breasts story was to become concrete, if Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro had their say. Soon, Notaro would forget her " I had the courage from cancer to pursue a straight actress I knew for five years(Missi Pyle) to telling an Aisha Tyler that she only met her current love ( Stephanie Allyne) on the set of Lake Bell's In a World. Hmmmmm.

Some notes:

Firstly, I am well aware that Notaro's career has not taken off in any impressive way since her faked cancer. I know she has not caused any genuine interest in the public or press, pre or post real or faked cancer. Emphasis on genuine. All seeming interest was a product of Nick Kroll's connections and checkbook.

I just want to out this fraud for personal reasons and feel it is long past due that she be seen as the pathologically lying psychopath I know her to be. She deserves more than a flaccid and confusing career. She deserves prison and public scorn for her stalking, kickstarter and cancer scams. Being relegated to playing shitty fests just doesn't cut it considering her history of vicious false accusations and her willingness to take part in pejury, railroading, character assassination, obstruction of justice and then grand theft and fraud with her kickstarter and cancer scams...

Secondly, Why the Hell is a butch lesbian doing all she can to conspicuously twirl a big old pink Rolex in front of Ariel Levy? Broken? NO LESS. And, Notaro with her 100k downloads at 5 dollars a pop is going to fix a Rolex as a birthday gift. Does Stephanie Allyne really have so much money or so much desire for status that she has a broken pink Rolex hanging around? How much does it cost to fix a broken Rolex, and if it costs anything that still doesn't explain why Ms. " uh I like to lie lots" Notaro is choosing to wear a broken timepiece that no mid level comedian would be proud to wear since it's the kind of status symbol worn by the humor impaired....

My guess is that the Pink Watch belongs to either Lynn, Dana, or Vanessa Kroll. Since I keep hearing that Nick Kroll is gay it is very possible that it his watch.
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