Sunday, June 1, 2014

Nick Kroll and his cavalcade of sell out journalists. Part 1

Do we need a Comedy Coup?  Funny by Fiat.

No doubt about it - Freelancer and Esquire writer, Eric Spitznagel,  and Jason Zinoman and Andrew Goldman of the New York Times, and Rudi Greenberg of the Washington Post, are using their positions as journalists to impart quality and success upon certain fame hungry folks .

These writers, who are published in "reputable" publications" don't impart such impressions due to  admiration but due to compensation  -- compensation from Nick Kroll's ever widening comedy payola scheme. Most amazingly, those named( and the many others not yet named-) have agreed to play along with not just promoting bad comedians, but they also were asked and would then  agree to promote Nick and Tig Notaro's epic cancer scam.

Back to Nick's comedy payola: A scheme that affords Kroll( and those he sees as assets,) a steady stream of fawning(but utterly fake) press and awards gained by Kroll's connections and checkbook- and not due to any merit.

The plug is another trick-

Apropos of nothing, Have a hack like Rudie Greenberg insert certain names on Nick's list.

Bribing journalists is a Kroll mainstay:


Nick Kroll is really learning his father's lessons:

There are so many more at "Vulture" "Splitsider" Huffington Post, Jezebel, Gawker-- all on the Kroll payroll.

These unethical "scribes" appear to be awestruck fans and promoters of Amy Schumer, Peter Holmes, Tig Notaro, and Nick Kroll. Amongst many others.

Non stop these Kroll Journo hos are commissioned  to impart fame and credibility onto these lower than mediocre aspirants to fame.fame and cancer if that what the fiat was.

Maybe, fear motivates these journo hos. Look what can happen to a Booker who distressed Amy Shcumer and Nick Kroll et al.
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