Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Exclusive as hell: Buzzkill's six long questions- pertaining to the dung of comedy... oops... I mean the king of comedy - Sir Nick Kroll

1) Why has the Huffington Post, A. V club, Vulture and Splitsider(and others most likely) stopped their nearly bi-monthly coverage of Nick Kroll, Tig Notaro,  and Kroll's "coterie of comedy friends."

(Note: By coterie I mean the roster of comedians who are direct beneficiaries of Nick Kroll's deep seated desire to show his dad and the world that he is a big man rather than a averaged sized clown with a huge checking account. Ross Luippold, Katla Mglynn, David Sims, Carol Hartsell, Elliot Lazar, Zach Dionne, and the rest(OMG so many) drop me a line and tell me why you stopped following their every effort at success ...)

Note no. 2-  If he has major daddy issues and wants to play people and ratings and press to get ahead... not a big deal. But, in order to get ahead and to show off his power Nick Kroll stole SO MUCH from me and my family, and it turns out he had no talent, and his sketches aren't only not funny they are ugly and stupid.  While we suffered because of him he was busy building up a whole nasty comedy house of cards, and it's not pleasant to realize that a chinless schmuck like him had the power and has the power to do so much bad and bad is what he has chosen to do with his massive wealth and influence....

2) Is it a conflict of interest for Buzzfeed (Sandra Allen in particular)and Huffington Post to shill for Kroll Show( and Tig Notaro and other Kroll cronies,) considering that Chelsea Perretti's brother, Jonah, is the co-founder of the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed? Same with NPR. Can they be expected to cover Nick Kroll like this  considering that the Kroll's are big funders for NPR.

3) Did any of the  press, cancers scamming comedian, Tig Notaro, get from Huffington Post and Buzzfeed have any organic basis? What about Jezebel and Gawker and so many more "elite publications" who I am convinced were downright bribed cause no way they could have written their articles otherwise...

Note:  I mean was one single person not operating under orders of Nick Kroll's very profitable(for freelance journalists) payola when discussing Tig Notaro's very special cancer set? (Note: again: due to my odd and existential research I am now firmly convinced that from the night of the "set" onwards it was a total sham but it's possible that one or two articles were not commissioned by Kroll....)

4) Why is Chuck Schumer aiming to distance himself from Amy Schumer in the Daily News last month(google, ladies and germs) when she said she was her uncle and got her out of a grand larceny charge. Or was it cousin. Either way, why would he feel the need to report that he doesn't know of her . For more read this:

5) Is it Kosher that Amy Schumer did some heavyhanded sketch on violence in themilitary when that is a pet cause of Chuck Schumer and his junior senator,Kristen Gillibrand?

\Note: It might be a great cause. It sounds like one, but just curious as to why the distancing with Chuck .... Surely, his relative can push his causes without that being too controversial if it's out in the open. A HMMMer for sure!

6) This is a multi part question, folks-  (When one has a seemingly batty and obscure blog there is much liberty when wanting to present super compound questions. )

Is Neal Brennan any relation to John Brennan, the former or current(I get confused) Director of the CIA? How did Nick Kroll get hired for the Dave Chappelle Show?  Is Sue Kroll, the head of Warner Bros, related to Jules Kroll?

 Maybe, more unconfirmed suspicions than questions, but they seem worth posing and posting.

Note: I have nothing against Amy Schumer or Chelsea Perretti or anyone who I have no  solid evidence has done anything VERY wrong.  They could have little or no clue as to what Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro instigated in 2008.  I seriously have never hated anyone without good reason.Well, I might have an irrational hatred for some characters on TV, or in life,  but not enough to hate them in any real way or spend more than a passing thought of how they annoy me.

 Perretti's and Shumer's names come up in what strikes me as a relevant way to my growing sense of something very awry in the humor biz. Any discussion of anyone, but the key players in my miserable saga, has no personal basis.

 I am finding surreal degrees of nepotism and opportunism in comedy land, but that doesn't stem from anything evil, mostly. I know that Tig Notaro and Nick Kroll( and few more whose inclusion here will just confuse the reader so that will wait), are evil. Willing to bear false witness in the most vicious and criminal ways evil. Gleefully setting into motion a strangers destruction just cause you can evil.  Willing to bear false witness in courts and to engage in the worst kinds of smear campaigns, and willing to destroy people for kicks or gigs(  in the case of a few others that won't be mentioned in the interest of not overwhelming the reader) ...

 But the rest... most probably  have reasons. Reasons that if understood would not make them sociopaths just assholes or desperate or just plain wrong -- due to Notaro's lies and then the spreading lies getting out of control.  Some might have been so lied to that they thought they were doing the right thing, by slandering me or "shunning and banning' me. Nick Kroll ordered a Scott Boxenbaum and a Harris Wittels to tell anyhone in comedy to "shun and ban me" on site so that's what that's about.

. Some might have been temporarily blinded by blind ambition, and then when they learned facts they realized they'd done wrong. Impossible to know the rationale of most involved,  when so many acted so terribly. If there is a Heaven, I'll find out then...I hope.

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