Sunday, June 15, 2014

WTF is up with NPR?

Ira Glass and Terry Gross put up Tig Notaro's cancer story. They then proceeded to promote it like mad. Many wondered why cause she came out of nowhere and the story wasn't' that compelling to begin with.

According to Notaro, the story of her impromptu cancer set was so hot that Ira Glass was begging for it. Pleading for it. On her ass for Pete's sake. The same night of the performance she e-mailed him to say " I think we got something here."  Then, Louis CK began hounding her for a chance to share such magic with the hungry Universe! Ira Glass played along, by all indications.And, just in time for cancer awareness month it was released.

Now, I’m sure most, if not all is, a complete sham. This was all a Nick Kroll production and Ira Glass should speak out, or at least get her on again to cross examine her about her new tales of cancer treatment and the endless inconsistencies in her story.... Same for Terry Gross, and all the “elite” media that feigned fascination with this cancer story and by doing so lined the pockets of a pathological liar and cancer scammer.

What motive for NPR? You see, Nick Kroll and family write NPR(and PBS and LACMA and Paley Center and assorted journalists and others)huge checks and other favors can be returned if they please the pernicious sheister named " Nick Kroll".

Were they duped?  Possibly, but they both strike me as too smart to fall for it and Gross heard Louis CK contradict much of what Notaro would say to her so... Glass I'd guess knows very well ,but of course I can't be sure until he comes clean, or makes those he enriched by a cancer scam, come clean.

 Note how they have not done a follow up on what they pretended was some big "STORY." Oh how they brayed about this legendary set though it will only be legendary as the worlds biggest, most profitable, and most publicized cancer scam

Before Tig Notaro's cancer scam was hatched, Ira Glass, put up an imbecilic grifter named Stef Willen for a " This American Life " segment on orders from Nick Kroll.  It made no sense then but it makes bad sense now.

NPR has also put up many Kroll "experts" and that is a very bad thing I assure you. They also seem to be fixated on the comedy of the children of the ultra wealthy or connected. What is that about? This is not about sour grapes but about seeing  NPR doing  super shifty things, as of late.

Was a cancer scam  below these two esteemed broadcasters? Was it an ends justifies the mean sitch? I.e Kroll gives us the money we promote his creepy friend, and lie for her too ( In Glass’s case) and we get to do real shows with the money Nick gets for us?

Sure, pull and money have always spoken, but a cancer scam because Nick Kroll wanted them to? Putting up a criminal grifter who stole a million from the taxpayers(Willen) so Nick is Happy? Strikes me as disgusting, but you be the judge when you want to donate to "public" radio.

Here's a still unfinished megilla on the Kroll family and comedy's odd oligarch, Nick Kroll....
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