Friday, June 13, 2014

Super scary douche, Nick Kroll, douches it up with old buddy, Billy Bush.

 Depraved dilettante and talent impaired douche, Nick Kroll, yucks it up with Hollywood insider and Bush family scion, Billy Bush.

FYI: Yucks is not a typo for yuk. I mean YUCKS it up cause man oh man is that image(see below) YUCKY.

Mr. Kroll told a pawn talk show host, Peter Holmes, that he had no Hollywood connections before "making it."  Well, whether he made it in Hollywood or not is a philosophical questions considering that most if not all the press that has praised him is paid for by his massive bank account. There can be now no way to know how his looks, or talent played any part considering the kind of dirty dealings this ugly kid immerses himself in to "make it." My educated guess is that absent him bankrolling his grasps for success and absent his super shifty machinations with the press, none of us would have ever heard of Nick Kroll.

Aside, of Billy Bush being an old buddy of Jeremy Kroll's brother, Nick, Nick was dishonest with Peter Holmes when he said he had no Hollywood connections. Kroll has one of their many offices in L.A and the chairman of Kroll is Bill Bratton, but that's not a clear cut Hollywood connection.

What Nick Kroll doesn't want you to know is that his family is in charge of security for ABC and most of the major movie and TV studios. They also do security for many courts and they are dear friends of all major police forces. He also doesn't want you to know that his brother in law, Roger Bennet, is a big shot at ESPN and likely the Kroll have deeper tentacles in ESPN. That is why we keeps seeing Grantland push this turd as a non-turd

Kroll also handles the lawsuits and security for many many major celebrities. They have been doing this for decades, and I won't get into how they fix cases in the L.A courts and with police -- in order to assure undeserved victories for their clients.

I spoke to someone who set that "anyone who is anyone" knows who Kroll is in L.A and that they are known to be " Pure evil."

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Old buddy Jeremy kroll's younger bro. fan .

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Old buddy Jeremy kroll's younger bro. fan .
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