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Tig Notaro cancer scam - edited with less editorializing.

Hey readers,

 I figured I'd shorten the initial post and try to make some points even clearer. Got rid of most of the editorializing too.

Most who read the first post, and who know how she set up an innocent woman for years, must wonder why she has remained unprosecuted.
The biggest reason is that she finagled a Nick Kroll. He has the ugly soul, and then the assets and connections to make the most illusory bullshit appear credible. By all indications he made a decision, along the way, that Tig Notaro was an asset to his grand comedy business scheme ( Google Payola for a sense of how he has used the press to sell his turkeys as "successes.")

That a shlub with a  fug mug like this

 can wield such power is a hard sell to anyone.  It's so over the top how much pull this untalented clown has and how he has chosen to use that pull.... Not only does he have pull but it appears that he surrounds himself with the most connected comedian wannabes known to man... Senator's Neices( Amy Shumer)and sisters of the CEO of Buzzfeed( Chelsea Perretti) and so many kids of the super wealthy seem to get jobs from Kroll and visa versa . What are the odds? Well get to that later.

Back to Tig Notaro's statements about alleged treatments.

Notaro told Glamour UK:

 link. http://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/news/features/2013/07/a-double-mastectomy-was-my-only-option

 After surgery, I was put on hormone-blocking treatments, which will last for five years. Chemo was suggested, but I refused, since it might affect the possibility of having kids some day.

OK, so for whatever reason(usually because Nick Kroll has a contact in the publication,) in July of 2013 Glamour Magazine UK  saw fit discuss Notaro and her treatments etc.

In July of 2013, she now says that she refused chemo due to its capacity to stop her from having kids, and that immediately after having her double mastectomy she was put on hormone blockers that "will last five years."

You see Tig Notaro told Amy Shumer she is getting Chemo or at least did a sketch on "Inside Amy Schumer" where she said she was having Chemeo. Then, she told Carol Hartsell of the Huffington Post the same thing.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/06/tig-notaro-breast-cancer-treatment-new-york_n_1862583.html

Flash  forward to her podcast in October of 2012, ( when she was coincidentally aiming to sell her cancer set in time for cancer month.) Here she says that others have inquired about "treatments" and she will be having "natural treatment." It's in the last two minutes of this podcast  http://www.earwolf.com/episode/expectationstig-update/

So, as of October 2012, it was exclusively natural treatments forNotaro.

Flash forward 9 months later:   Notaro being interviewed by Claire Black, a writer from across the pond(England) who claims to be sitting with Notaro in her LA loft.Here Notaro is a year past diagnosis and she shares with Claire Black, this:

  I didn’t really start doing stand-up again until three months ago,” she says, explaining that after having a double mastectomy and radiotherapy she wasn’t in any physical or emotional state to be getting on stage.

Here's the link so you know I can't make this shit up:  http://www.edinburgh-festivals.com/blog/2013/08/22/tig-notaro-humour-tragedy/

Hmm, the fact that she tons of other press outlest that she didn't  "missed a beat" and that she traveled extensively to promote her turkey of a professor blastoff podcast,  is not as relevant as the fact that she is TELLING CLAIRE BLACK OF THE INDEPENDENT, that she did not have natural treatments, chemo, or hormone shots but now it's.... RADIOTHERAPY.

  Yet, a month after speaking with Claire Black, she'd speak to Peter Holmes, former talk show host and podcast host of "You made it Weird." and now it was  no treatments other than natural ones she goes into no detail about. She also shows disgust for diet coke drinkers .... https://www.nerdist.com/2013/09/you-made-it-weird-177-tig-notaro/

  At some point, she tells Peter Holmes on this September 2013 podcast( a month after telling Claire Black about the radiotherapy, and how she was out of commission,) that natural foods might not cut it so " I'm going to start up with hormone shots in a few weeks."

So she tells Carol Hartsell (Comedy editor of the Huffington Post) and then does a sketch on Amy Schumer's show sometime after -- saying she's having chemo. Schumer's show was out in April of 2013 and you'd figure by then Ms. Notaro would know that she wasn't having chemo since she told Glamour UK that she refused Chemo immediately after surgery. Yet, by April 2013, she was imparting the impression that she was about to undergo Chemo?

So, ladies and gentlemen, how can Notaro be telling the truth? Let's break it down if it's somehow not clear -

Tells Huff Post editor, Carol Hartsell,in August of 2012 that it's chemo.

  • ( FYI Kroll regular Chelsea Perreti is sister to Jonah Peretti. Jonah Perretti is the co founder of Huffington Post and the CEO of Buzzfeed. Now, look at the press Notaro and Kroll have gotten from those sources for a Gasp.)

Tells Podcast audience in October 2012 that it's only going to be "natural treatments."

Tells NPR's Terry Gross, on October 8th 2012, that doctors gave her a "7 percent chance of recurrence" after surgery, and so she's great and we can guess natural treatments will suffice to keep her cancer free. Gross doesn't inquire of any further treatments( FYI Kroll donates a lot of money to NPR and Kroll "experts" are a regular feature on NPR)

Tell some writer at Glamour UK in July of 2013, that she refused Chemo after surgery but was put on Hormone blocking treatments immediately post double mastectomy .(

Tells Claire Black in August of 2013 that she'd undergone Radiotherapy and thusly was incapable of doing stand up.( But, clearly from her schedule she was capable of world travel non-stop during this period. She also claimed to someone(I'll find it) that she "never missed a beat."

Tells Peter Holmes in September 2013 that she loves having cancer or having had cancer, and all along she has been doing only natural treatments but as of September 2013 she will be "starting up hormone blocking treatments in a few weeks."
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