Monday, June 9, 2014

Kroll Show Review Urgent Update

Urgent Update:( Ha, so few seem to regard it urgently as I think they should.) 

Anyhow, In this exhausting(but not exhaustive piece,)I touch on Kroll's role in forensic testing. But, I mistakenly thought that they merely had two forensic laboratories -- that did some forensic testing for the government as well at the private sector. 

 Would you trust your pee(or hair sample) with these people?

I found the idea of Kroll having a strong presence in forensic testing to be sufficiently intolerable- considering that Jules Kroll is so firmly ENSCONCED in every area of law enforcement...

But, it's much worse than that: I'd assumed it was a more recent venture since they didn't claim to be the world leaders in this business. Alas, I was wrong,they do claim to be world leaders in forensics, and they began this business in 1978. Only a few short years after Jules Kroll left his postion as a DA for Morgenthau.

Alere sounds as if it has Universal reach, and has even branched into Oncology. Alere has recently been sued for their defective blood clot strips that led to 3 deaths- OMG- 

 But, what does that have to do with Kroll?

Well you see, after the heroic Eric Landon, sued them for an egregiously incorrect urine test that left him highly aggrieved, there was a fair degree of bad press. So, Kroll Laboratories Inc. changed its name(took an alias more exactly,) to Alere Toxicology Inc. 

Landon sounds like he is mining that righteous outrage very effectively, and with little assistance from the legal system. I love him! -

End of Urgent Update ;>(

On to the Kroll Show Review:

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