Friday, June 20, 2014

Tribute to the LAPD Threat Managament's(manufacturing actually- copyright coyote shivers) elegant, John Gregozek

The elegant,John Gregozek, and his lady

John Gregozek is a part of the LAPD's Elite Threat Management Unit. In other words, John Gregozek is using federal funds and money from bribes( from Kroll or other ultra wealthy monstrosities,) to get his lady a sleeve tattoo. In other words, John Gregozek sits alone many a night in his ill gotten Huntington Beach man cave and swills Tequila. Why oh why he must wonder as he swills, "why oh why are the people I set up and for false convictions, free to write about me,' he wails as he swills.

John Gregozek started off his illustrious career shooting some poor sod -- who likely was doing nothing wrong. John Gregozek proceeded to then try to collect money from the City for his alleged trauma associating with him wrongfully shooting some sod.  All these years later, the man is suing him cause John Gregozek doesn't pick his victims well.  No big worries for John Though he gets to hang with celebs and get big bribes and job offers with Kroll . When John got a badge he knew how to use it ASAP to get very rich off this badge. In short, John Gregozek is a piece of shit. My sincere apologies to pieces of shit.

Dear pieces of shit,
i mean no offense to you when I compare John " Red Rat face" Gregozek to a piece of shit. Yet, I understand if you are offended.


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