Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why doesn't NPR do an update on Tig Notaro's battle with cancer. C'mon Terry Gross and Ira Glass surely Kroll can afford an update

Were here breasts really removed?

and the video of my blurry, but beautiful sister,

trumped by some the understandable response that no one in their right mind would remove their breasts for kicks.

There is the belief that Ms. Notaro, must have had this major surgery. And, since she did then all improbables, impossibilities, and inconsistencies are to be disregarded.  Who can really blame any disinterested passerby buying into the stories told by her, and then to the press. Most can care less either way, and those who might care a little figure they can never find proof, either way.  Had I not been victim and witness to how twisted is Notaro, (And Nick Kroll who made this scam possible and then profitable)I would be amongst the public, in trusting whatever I might read about this person.

 Louis CK said it's true, so it must be, has been the only other sentiment used to bolster the position that Notaro is telling the truth. Actually that's not the only sentiment. Recently, a Joel Arsenault called my sister a "cunt" and went on to say that Tig Notaro is an entertainer and has all the right to invent cancer and profit from said fake cancer.

Again, it's understandable that those who don't know what Notaro is capable of-- would take her at her word but Joel Arsenault's response strikes me as beyond the pale cynical or insane.

When faced with this " Well, explain the mastectomy, then?" repsonse, I've felt frustrated by this only remaining hole in my case against her re: The cancer story. I can't access medical records.

 Indeed, sixteen days after the alleged major surgery that was said to have removed  both her breasts, she did look as flat as a a tight t-shirt.

I'd imagine her chest would have been super sore just sixteen days, after, and she'd want to wear something looser, and I'd imagine that she'd look more stiff considering that she'd told certain publications that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes or alternately, she'd told Louis CK that "it spread all through my chest." But, that's just throwaway suspicion stuff, and not solid evidence. We figured that she might even have had surgery Ala Chastity Bono. When Ms Notaro began wearing men's suits the transexual angle seemed even more possible.

I know she has "tiny titties," because that is a big joke in one of her exhausted routines.  It's clear that pre-surgery, she had tiny buds as opposed to a bountiful bosom. In other words, if faking cancer was part of her newest venture in con artistry- she could easily have disguised said buds A la Boys Don't Cry. She, of course, would have to be very twisted to do that but I know that she is very twisted and that she lacks any moral compass  I witnessed her lie in the most obvious ways about serious things, and then for reasons that took me years to understand- she was able to get away with it. Here's a four word hint to tide the curious over, till the book is finished- NICK KROLL, IAN PUDDICK

But, back to the buds, and what became of them.

So, I'm sure that despite the series of inconsistencies, improbabilities, and outright impossibilities that surround the entirety of her cancer set story-- that part is a lost cause.

Until today that is

Today, someone put up these pictures as a means to make the allegations against her uncredible. Pre-Surgery

vs Post Double Masectomy:

 There clearly is a big weight loss between both images. Notaro said it was 30 pounds and that likely is one of the few non-lies she has told.

Still, the difference is profound . I figured she's doing a good tight halter, or sock around the( after extreme weight loss) breasts. Or, maybe she did have some breast surgery for Chaz Bono reasons.... Whatever the case, I am forever to be forgiven by any decent human being of suspecting anything that comes out of this sociopath's grimy yap. If I found out every word of her cancer story is true, it would defy all common sense, considering the link attached above, but I would not feel bad since considering what she did to me and my family, nothing i can do or say about her would be undeserved. Still, I have truth on my side, and always have. Trying to expose her(or stop her from harming me and my family,) by spreading the truth is what I've done from the start. The point is that I have no doubt she's lying, but if by some immense stretch of the imagination, I was wrong.... so what? It's like saying that Casey Anthony did tell the truth about having some surgery and it is wrong to doubt anything said by someone with that kind of history of DISHONESTY and ruthlessness.

But boy oh boy would it be nice to have a picture to paint a thousand words.

Two seconds after thinking that, but never thinking I'd find it, this after double mastectomy pic popped up. Notice the bra. This from the "Mortified Sessions." Given the 30 pound weight loss, it is entirely possible that these are how her breasts would look, if she didn't wrap them up enough etc. Will one slip, that exposed her bra, and the still existing bumps- convince the still unconvinced?
visible breasts and bra for the IFC mortified sessions in October or November of 2012- post double mastectomy.

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