Monday, July 7, 2014

Kroll trolls are stinky. Neener!

Some situations require one to ignore and some don't. When Nick Kroll trolls(cause absent his evil choices no one would be attacked due to his stalking, cancer, and kickstarter scams,) come trolling, I ignore them in my soul -- I know they are not worth anything -- but I also know for a fact that the biggest goal of Tig Notaro, and then Nick Kroll, was to silence those who resisted their  insane vendetta/game/twisted scheme/smear campaign/astoundingly lawless and malicious prosecution.

 Dirty cops(and future Kroll Inc applicants) like John Gregozek were called, Lawyer sans any scruples, Allison Hart Sievers of Lavely and Singer, were set up to win at all costs.... Judge Gerald Rosenberg was given a call by a Kroll associate.   You might think that Nick Kroll is a good friend but considering that there was not one good reason for any of this- he is the worst friend - who ultimately will do this tig Notaro and Stef Willen  no favors. Did he do Gregozek or Martin Boags any favors that make up for what both have lost?

 He did it for kicks and to show how important he is... not out of friendship. A friend would have told her to apologize and stop lying and smearing a stranger. A friend wouldn't assure her that Heidi Feigin would lie when he was only going on cynical assumption. A friend would counsel her to shape up and stop her destructive lies. The history of what he did through the years, on her behalf, show the opposite of true friendship.

What her lies, and then his decisions led to.... It goes on and on and on. It devolved and devolved to depths most won't easily believe because Nick Kroll, it would turn out, is a madman. A maniacal shmuck, who took measures that would only be taken by the criminally insane and evil. 

On the surface all see a no talent shlepper, who reeks of insignificance. Same with a Tig Notaro or a Stef Willen.  But, he is powerful as hell ,and he is willing to use that power to do great harm to very decent, dignified and talented people.

We are talking jaw dropping degrees of irrational cruelty, and abuse of power, and even a witness dying three days after making it clear she wasn't scared of people like him. In light of what we now know, Heidi Feigin, was heroic too. Very. Who knows what pressure he brought to bare on her and she still stood firm.

 Ah, what a hero/angel LAPD officer Jacqueline Montalvo was, and we had no clue until years after her mysterious death. I thought she was great but how great? Now I know and it's beyond heartbreaking that a POS like Nick Kroll led her to be viewed as a drunk driving cop... Beyond scary, sinister and heartbreaking.

By all evidence, Nick Kroll is criminally insane. and so what he caused is crazy because he is INSANE and EVIL,. Dr. Khaushal Sharma needs to get this crazy piece of crap sent to Patton STAT.

Those forced to express just a tenth of what he set in motion, are not the crazy ones -- though of course it will look that way for a too long time.I preface any conversation about it with " This is so craaaazy..."

 It's a time will tell -- cause truth is resilient-- situation because so many factors have delayed the truth from breaking through the surface. That part of the story strikes me as fascinating. How long it took to put the puzzle pieces together... and then what- when facing such a bizarre Behemoth?

The end game got more and more scary and astounding, but there is no doubt that it was huge loss for Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro and Gregozek and Martin Boags and et al etc... - when those they tried so hard to , persecute,terrorize, smear, imprison,institionalize, and silence.... were free to rant and rave, or research stuff about these creeps, on the internet.

So Kroll trolls,

 Don't expect that any more smearing or aspersions on mental health will get us to shut up. Accusations of conspiracy theorist uh issues, or trying to turn me into an antisemite or a homophobe are too lame to dispute....Neener Neener etc.

Meanwhile blame it all on the Australians. Recently  found this! Ha!
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