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Nick Kroll, Nepotism and Tig Notaro's awesome cancer scam too.

Interesting finds on Nick Kroll and Nepotism. First time I googled those two together.

Lauren Bans features him, and a few other connected( but talent impaired) folks in GQ, and then she wonders aloud, via twitter,why Lena Dunham, but not Nick Kroll, is criticized for nepotism. What is that about? She has to add a DUH for whatever reason(see below).

Then, a Liz Belsky, marvels as to why no one is criticizing Nick Kroll for being the son of a billionaire. She says she genuinely adores him to which is not understandable to me but whatever.

Well, if he was funny and his father was merely a New York Billionaire, he shouldn't be too criticized is my take on that. Actually, I wouldn't care a bit if he was the funny son of a very rich man. The funny would make his easy ride a good thing for us all. I was never the type to begrudge any decent person, anything. Rich or poor. But, now I sure do begrudge this Nick Kroll monstrosity. Oh yes indeed I do.
nancy grace as drawn by genius artist and nick kroll victim, lauren spitzberg.

But, Nick Kroll isnot funny. He's not talented. He's not interesting - in any good way. And, he is a vicious liar who commits serious crimes and gets away with them.  He has used his connections and power in mindblowingly evil ways. I'm talking bearing false witness, setting up fixed case with judges that are a friend of the family, corrupting already corrupt Kroll cops like John Gregozek and Jeffrey Dunn.

 I'm talking suborning perjury, witness intimidation, witness tampering, very possibly his choices led to the early and mysterious death of LAPD officer Jacqueline Montalvo. I'm talking ordering goon geeks like Scott Boxenbaum, Val Myers,and Harris Wittels to make sure the damage is done far and wide in smear campaigns, and even having Val Myers assault me so I'd react and they'd tape it. Well, I didn't bite and again this Nick Kroll was foiled but a lot of damage was done.

By behaving like an evil POS, he made an enemy that figured his long standing schemes and scams out.... He's way too rich, shameless, and connected to have that matter much, but it's better than nothing ;(

Basically, aside of him fixing criminal cases, and civil cases for his co-cancer scamming sweetie, Tig Notaro, and besides his vicious smear campaigns and attempts to destroy a holocaust survivor and jail her children for no reason other than his depravity.... Well, besides that, and his witness tampering and subornation of perjury and his choices leading to the early and mysterious death of LAPD officer Jacqueline Montalvo... a witness who would have effectively outed him as the mastermind behind Tig Notaro's vicious and lawless stalking scam...

Well, besides that....I have discovered that from start to finish, his so called comedy career has been a mix of shams and frauds with a dollop of chicanery. It started with the press surrounding "Bar Mitzvah disco" or was it that summer camp book with Roger Bennet....Whatever the project, it's been downhill for society and uphill for Nick Kroll ever since.

What most don't know is that Kroll's father is by no means just a New York Billionaire. He is the guy who supplies all the armored vehicles to Iraq and Afganistan, and any other recent war. Beginning in the early nineties he was making multi million dollar contracts with the govermnent for armored humvees. Make of that what you will.

He is the guy who claims to be the number 1 name in supplying weapons to law enforcement around the globe . Read an abridged megilla about it here.

But, that's not show biz connections. Kroll wants to claim that his fathers vast wealth did not help him in Hollywood. He told what appears to be Kroll pawn talk show host, Peter Holmes, that though he is "privileged," he had no show biz connections.

 Recently, his cancer scammy comedian friend, Tig Notaro, said to Nick Kroll on her podcast, " Oh you and that checkbook of yours Nick." So the billions alone seem to be working for him in terms of writing big checks to fund things, and to keep hungry artists or fame-whores in his debt. Any google of Kroll and NPR will show you that something very unkosher is up with not just Kroll ,but anyone Kroll designates as worthy of his largesse. My take is that this has nothing to do with friendship. He has said repeatedly that his father is proud of the way he is "running his comedy career like a business." He also said his father approves his "Entrepreneurial approach to comedy."

 Very few have been apprised that Kroll Inc/LTD/ Corp has many incarnations. One is litigation support and security for major celebrities( or anyone rich enough to hire these damage control experts).  They have very active offices in Los Angeles.

 They also do security for ABC (google it) They do security for many motion picture studios. For courts too but again that's not showbiz. They likely do security for other TV studios, but I haven't yet confirmed this. It is possible to that Sue Kroll(the head of Warner Bros) is a relative. Jules does have a sister named Sue.

 They do "reputational management," for many celebrities and other "high asset" individuals. Courteney Love was a satisfied client. They have a very active office in L.A and the chairman of Kroll is Bill Brattton. Many LAPD, prosecutors and judges are scouted by Kroll for higher paid jobs in the private sector.

Bratton is  same guy who was the head of the LAPD and is now the Head of the NYPD.  In their Kroll O'Gara incarnation they do security for Obama and other major political VIP's.

Kroll's father and brother, and many other family members, are very very connected to Hollywood. It doesn't hurt that his mother is the head of the UJA, and that the Jules and Lynn Kroll Fund for Documentary film is a very moneyed resource for documentary film. 

And, in Nick Kroll's case,  he has not tried to make it on talent. He has CYNICALLY used these connections to not only get his foot in the door, but once he got his foot in the door, he called upon his endless stream of Kroll connected journo hos to use the press as a non stop PR machine for him and his comedy business. His "production company" is called "Good at bizness." . He has lorded his wealth over the "comedy scene" for years, and he has ruthlessly sought to ruin anyone who displeased him along the way, as he shamelessly did all to promote himself and those he views as assets to his success.

 For years, non stop sponsored content has been disguised as some genuine bit of journalism. It couldn't get more obvious than the Grantland episode

If it's not bad enough that this happened due to his status as son of Jules and brother of Jeremy, well guess who is a big shot at ESPN-  Roger Bennett- Nick Kroll's brother in law. Grantland and ESPN are clearly connected.  This is why if you notice(and few would care enough to) you'll see him very actively promoted on ESPN and other sports venues.

I know deep in my gut, and based on a few long months of observation and research, that Nick Kroll is doing this

Google Kroll and journalists for a gasp. In short, if you play your cards right and write what they direct you to-- you will be offered a very lucrative contract with Kroll.  Or, you'll have Nick Kroll write you a  big check, then and there.

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