Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The top three most blatant comedy shills- All three on the Nick Kroll payroll. YUCK.

1. Lauren Bans-

GQ, and other freelancing shilling for comedians -- with amazing connections or wealth. Fawns and feigns her way to.... I don't know.  A job at Kroll?  A favor from Sentator Schumer. Access to real talents if she pretends unfunny fools are the height of hilarity? Cold hard cash from Nick Kroll's sweaty palms? Whatever the case, this chick is UNKOSHER. Ham sandwich dipped in milk degree.

She Tweets about how she's drunk and Nick Kroll is loaded and should be as big as Lena Dunham?Hmmm. Surely she knows that Nick Kroll has been Lena Dunham-ized but the public has rejected these attempts, thus far, thank god.

How come Nick Kroll hasn't been Lena Dunham-ized, huh? His parents are loaded! He comes from privilege! I'm drunk! Please RT!

 John Wenzel,


his way into tons of lists, publications, pretends to be a comedy fan, or even expert, but really is a craven shill for the profoundly wretched, Nick Kroll, and his increasingly repulsive comedy payola scheme.

Since Nick Kroll feels he needs to pay off some debts to his cancer scamming buddy, Tig Notaro, Wenzel, puts up phony articles, and doesn't even follow up when he asks Tig Notaro what bands she managed in Denver. You see she claimed to have been a music manager and promoter in Denver and she couldn't come up with one name. But super shill, Wenzel, of course, didn't follow up. 


  •   Svetlana says:
    so many more details and surprises to come
  • Nina says:
  • John Wenzel says:

    holy crip-crap, what a lineup. i’ll have to alert my d.c. troops.

  • nicole says:
    kudos byt. kudos.

  • tig notaro says:
    a few new additions…
    jen kirkman
    reggie watts
    AD miles
    kyle kinane
    and a top secret biggie that we hope to announce within days…
    more to come!

  • Ryan says:
    Nick Kroll=funny
  •   Ryan is Nick Kroll, BTW.

  • Like John Wenzel, and Ms. Bans, Eric Spitznagel,

    also slips in  feigned praise and plugs for special pay. On the surface, you'd think a fine publication like Esquire approves Nick Kroll, and his special comedy friends, but in reality.... grease this guy's palms, and he'll put you on comedy lists as the best comedian in the word. Most Recently, for Billboard. But, Mr. Spitznagel has sleazed his "articles" in too many publications to name,

    There is a whole world of comedy shills, it appears, once you learn of how Nick Kroll is playing people and press etc. But, for now, these three are the most egregious examples. Oops forgot about Laura Jayne Martin. Oh boy does she suck. Oh yeah, The New York Times,Andrew Goldman and Jason Zinomam stink too. Marianne Davies from Jezebel is nauseating, as well. Soooo many  willing to present such artifice, it's scary, really.

    When you have these fraudsters writing lists for major publications, and designating the best comedians in the world, with payoffs from highly untalented trash like Nick Kroll, in mind, it's sad.....
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