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Tig Notaro ( and Nick Kroll's) cancer scam is the most profitable and relentless cancer scam in history

 On September 16th 2014, Tig "Teflon" Notaro has now told Curve magazine's Victoria Brownworth, yet a different story, regarding her supposed treatments for her symptom free (and highly profitable cancer.)

“I’m almost totally back to normal. It’s been a long road, but my health is great. I have a pretty strict diet that I cheat on pretty regularly. I just saw the oncologist yesterday. I’m beginning a new treatment in a few weeks that will last for the next five years and is more security that I’m taking care of myself.”

I  have a decreased attention span, so I understand that others also might.Many have read this post, but some find it too long. So here goes, and of course you can google it all. 

Let's focus on just one astounding "inconsistency." Astounding because no one else would have gotten away with her stalking travesty, and then cancer scam without Nick Kroll's backing. But that aspect -- How Nick Kroll set her up with a whole lot of mind blowing treats, and how he set up false witnesses with treats( and used his connections to set up show trials and vicious railroadings and character assassinations)-- will make this too long.That part is very painful to relive but it is getting written. Lets just focus on the treatment.

What did Notaro tell various press outlets about her treatment for stage 2 invasive bilateral cancer?:

1. Huffington Post via Carol Hartsell (in September of 2012)- Chemo in NY-

CH: Have the doctors laid out a treatment plan for you, do you know everything that’s going to happen at this point?
TN: For the most part, but they have to wait until they get inside to see if and where the cancer has spread. The tumor on my left side is invasive and so they can’t tell until they go in there to see where exactly it is. You know, if it’s gone elsewhere. So as it stands right now after my surgery I will begin chemo. And my surgery is gonna be in Los Angeles and then I’m gonna start chemo in New York.
CH: Ok, I was gonna ask about that so you’re basically moving to New York in between surgery and chemo?
TN: Yeah

(Note: Fine, maybe then she wasn't sure. But her coming statements can't be explained away, in any way I can see. )

2. To Al Gini of WBEZ radio in October of 2012- 

Nataro was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, and underwent a double mastectomy, chemo-therapy and radiation treatment

On her podcast " Professor Blastoff" in October of 2012- Natural treatments only.   Last three or so minutes

Flash forward to a year later:

Glamour UK( told to someone(no name listed) y in September of 2012.

 After surgery, I was put on hormone-blocking treatments, which will last for five years. Chemo was suggested, but I refused, since it might affect the possibility of having kids some day.

Spoke to Claire Black of UK's the Independent in August of 2013-

I didn’t really start doing stand-up again until three months ago,” she says, explaining that after having a double mastectomy and radiotherapy she wasn’t in any physical or emotional state to be getting on stage.

On Peter Holmes's podcast, " You made it weird" in October of 2013 -.

Here she'd say that from September of 2012 to October 2013 she'd been relying only on natural treatments but now she would begin hormone treatments in a few weeks. You can listen and find it. I can't bare to listen to those two clowns once more especially since I do like my diet coke and Ms. Notaro sees diet coke drinkers as deficient sorts!

Note: If anyone is calling her out on this, Ms. Notaro, Nick Kroll and a few bad apple others will try to sweep it away by saying I am a "crazy stalker". They  will point to an appeal decision arrived at by malice and extreme fraud. They will  pretend that any fair play took place in the Nick Kroll/Mathilde Notaro related cases.

Bascially, Nick Kroll made some real nasty phone calls, and no justice was possible for years, and still now it is elusive solely due to Nick Kroll's machinations. No justice is an understatement. We are talking false arrests, 7 bogus charges, a restraining order arrived at by obvious fraud and malice, competency schemes out of nightmares, the threat of forcible mediation and yet the denial of my zoloft when I was jailed illegally for a month, 31 days of illegal and senseless jailing, a character assassination campaign that still blows my mind, civil rights suits that were sabotaged by Kroll(worth millions since the damage was so clear and the causes of actions so valid),

Lets forget the assault by a Val Myers, when I tried to do comedy, and the nonstop perjury and obstruction. Let's ignore for the moment,how my best witness died three days after she made her good intentions clear . Her testimony would have buried Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro since he had submitted a statement that she was willing to show was malicious and false. The idea that she was murdered for that is impossible to believe but then again much of what Kroll can do and has done to many is impossible to fathom.

Let's not broach the Heidi Fagin witness intimidation issue or the Bentzen Ball  --where the three future perjurers were appeased with gigs. Hmmm, lets not venture into the bribery and corruption that allowed all the defense laweyrs involved act like the worst enemies. There is so much more, unfortunately.

To express that completely I must work too hard, but it will be done soon.

They will direct you too to the insane defamation of a bribed lawyer who when exposed in any way, lashed out like a madman because he knew he was in big trouble.

All these evil shenanigans are upsetting to me, of course, but they are irrelevant to the cancer scam allegations when I am posting the links that have no bearing on nick and kroll's mindblowing stalking travesty.  Sure I loathe them deeply, and would benefit greatly if they were finally exposed for what they are but that doesn't relate to the statements Ms. Notaro has made in these Nick Kroll arranged interviews.

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