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Did Tig Notaro have fertility treatments while undergoing hormone therapy for breast cancer?

Well, amazingly, this is what she appears to be claiming in a documentary - that was screened at the Sundance Film Festival, a few months ago.

Actually, from what I understand,she doesn't come out and say, "I was put on Tamoxifen(or a similar hormone blocker for breast cancer) and fertility meds. Ain't that weird? I was trying to have a baby by adding hormones while said hormones were being blocked."

But, see below to see that this would be implied.

From what I understand, in this "documentary," She never mentions any follow up treatments or sheds light on much more than a romance with UCB improviser, Stephanie Allyne, and how Notaro --not Allyne-- seeks to get pregnant immediately after being told she has been stricken with stage 2 aggressive cancer at age 41.

Bilateral. Stage two in both breasts. Bilateral invasive stage two cancer that has "spread all over my chest," to be more exact. 

The claim -that while on assorted cancer treatments(depending on what day it is for Ms. Notaro) she also was being helped by doctors to get pregnant defies not just common sense but Science.

 I don't think anyone can argue that one cannot take hormone blocking medications for the treatment of breast cancer and fertility hormones at the same time, without expecting not only no pregnancy, but a serious threat that the cancer will return. The mixing of say Tamoxifen and Fertility treatments might cause other extreme side effects, I'd suspect. But I will let others weigh in on that.

I cannot not make this shit up. And, what was this documentary called? Can't guess. .I could not make that shit up either... It was called "Tig." As in you know.... "Tig."

And, who funded the documentary according to Google? Catapult. Catapult just sounds like... Catapult but if you dig a little Deeper it leads to the fact that Catapult is funding source of Nick Kroll's parents, Jules and Lynn Kroll's Fund for Jewish Documentaries.

I have not seen the Film, but these articles shed some light on what appear in this Lynn and Jules Funded "film." Mainly, that almost no light is shed on her conflicting stories,and that now she is tugging at heartstrings in some new low for cynical fame whoring(my take.) From the start she was well past the struggle we equate with a cancer diagnosis. Well past discussing any treatments now. Now it was no treatment post mastectomy.

In those articles she says that right after a mastectomy, she began to take fertility treatments, in an effort for her to get pregnant, even without any partner and when chemo and other preventative measures were advised.

There is so much wrong with those statements to begin with. i.e Who in their right mind would begin taking fertility treatments when just told they had aggressive breast cancer. Why not even try to find a partner. Why wouldn't the much younger and healthy partner do the baby making? What kind of love interest would let there beloved take fertility hormones while taking hormone blockers?

It would not only be incredibly futile, it would be deadly.

There is even something wrong with the the alleged partner(Stephanie Allyne of Kroll Show) who will show up to sell the documentary. But, more importantly, I don't think any oncologist would hook her up with an OBGYN- right after a mastectomy for aggressive stage two cancer.

It would be so reckless it would defy reason. If you are to believe that she was on hormone blockers it defies any sense of ... sense.

And the OBGYN would share their name with the public? What about the Oncologist? Are they named, and if so... why would they recommend aggressive fertility treatments to someone just diagnosed with hormone receptive cancer ,who is either on many treatments or none

For discussion or Notaro's many alleged treatments or no treatments "ISSUE" see here:

But there is another big problem with this documentary. If Notaro indeed sought no follow up treatment and followed her mastectomy immediately with fertility treatments, why did she make these statements to media outlets(That Nick Kroll hooked her up with -  but that's for another day. )

In July of 2013 she talked to Glamour UK


Notaro:  After surgery, I was put on hormone-blocking treatments, which will last for five years. Chemo was suggested, but I refused, since it might affect the possibility of having kids some day. 

(Note: She would say she is making a documentary funded by Catapult films where she would battle cancer while trying to have a baby! Well, wouldn't hormone shots for 5 years preclude that during the documentary? Catapult is funded by the Lynn and Jules Kroll fund for Jewish Documentaries WTF) 

To Victoria Brownworth of Curve she told this in September of 2014( year later)


 Stopping is not in Notaro’s future plans. After her “year in hell,” she asserts, “I’m oddly well.” She laughs a little and explains that this didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it was a hellishly long struggle. But now, she says, “I’m almost totally back to normal. It’s been a long road, but my health is great. I have a pretty strict diet that I cheat on pretty regularly. I just saw the oncologist yesterday. I’m beginning a new treatment in a few weeks that will last for the next five years and is more security that I’m taking care of myself.”

(Note: So she never had those treatments she spoke about to Glamour? More security begun two years later? So she'll be on the treatments starting in Sept 2014 to say Sept 2019? HMMM.

She told Peter Holmes that she had started up those same treatments in October of 2013 ( Google You made it weird podcast) she says that all along it's been natural treatments, but now in October of 2013 it's time to start up those hormones.

(Note: So now in October of 2013 she is set to start them up and no mention of making babies whatsoever in any of the listed interviews? No mention of fertility treatments and a documentary about said treatments? Why not? Why not promote documentary on all the occasions she spoke to these PR hooked up "interviewers."

Flash forward - when she very bizarrely sat down with Larry King, the "hormone treatments" once again had a very different time frame.

Now it was never radiotherapy ( To Claire Black in the Independant,)  not hormone treatments started after surgery ( To Glamour UK and Brownwroth), not hormone treatments set to start a few weeks ago(curve magazine) hormone treatments started a few weeks after September 2013( Peter Holmes you made it weird podcast.)

Now to Sir Larry King-  it is:  "I've been on hormone blockers all along."

When Larry is surprised she never took chemo or radiation, she comes up with that one and he says, " So, you are rolling the dice." No mention of fertility treatments. 

So to Larry King she began a 5 year cycle of Hormone Blockers immediately after her September 4th 2012 Mastectomy.  And therefore she has a  good 2 years to go of said, "Hormone Blockers". To the others it began in 2013 or 2014 or not at all.

And, yet there she is being the focus of Self Titled Documentary that is screened at Sundance --where the whole gist is that she never was on any post mastectomy treatment, but instead is on fertility treatments so she can bring a uh... Tig Jr. into the world?

Please explain to me how that can make any sense.

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