Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why is the Check(At minute 8:15) signed by Jules B. Kroll? Tig Notaro cancer scam bonus feature.

And, while I'm at it( overcoming my Krollian MALAISE to write on this blog,)

Why on earth is "Tig" Notaro getting away with the off the charts cynicism of putting out a documentary(funded by Lynn and Jules Kroll NO LESS) called.....

Can't guess .,...."Tig"?????

Yes, this drab buffoon and her very powerful talent-free friend (Nick Kroll) have created a documentary....

 Where.... , she claims that she is on fertility treatments, while being on, "hormone blockers."

This is scientifically -- not just ill advised.--It is impossible. Therefore,  Notaro has engaged in a scam of some kind. In my estimation, the biggest and most diabolical, and the most profitable cancer scam in history.

Do your own googling for links, I'm tired ;)

I know she and Nick Kroll did all kinds of insane scheming  -- to set up some "I am ripping off my blouse," in front of some fancy NY journalists.  First of all why would anyone do that? And, why do that, after long trudging on an unsuccessful tour. And, why did no one tape this newest Tig does dramatic cancer things on stage show?

How to explain that requires showing how from the start of her "famous cancer set," I found a very FISHY pattern of scarily phony bullshit. For instance, Andrew Goldman of the New York Times cited that Nick Kroll was her diagnosis witness and lo and behold ... Andrew Goldman also profiled Nick Kroll. He is either the profiler of obscure non beloved comedian. or my theory about Nick Kroll's "list" is sound. There is so much more, believe me. In my case, guess who also was the most "important" witness... Can't guess... Nick Kroll. And what did Nick Kroll witness?

Absolutely nothing. Not just that-- he wasn't even present at any of the non existent scenes that Tig Notaro created.

 But that didn't stop him from submitting a two page statement to the prosecution whereby he was the one to close the deal. The fact that he was never present was not important to the defense or prosecution. So many things that should have been very significant were completely ignored.

Why? In a nutty nutshell: Because he is Jules Kroll's evil son, and what he says goes. And who was listed as the most key witness in order for this "Tig" Notaro to get her illegal and fraudulent "restraining order."...

Yes, Nick Kroll. Of course, he was making phone calls from his perch. He never had to come to court. It was all done behind the scenes with family friend, Judge Gerald Rosenberg and Kroll Cop, John Gregozek.

That statement -- that he was present and a witness - was before he really sicced Kroll Cop, John Gregozek, and Lavely and Singer(Marty Singer) on us for me daring to sue someone on the top of his "list" for defamation. Why did I sue Tig Notaro for defamation? Because for no sound reason, she was defaming like mad, in the most onerous way imaginable. Telling anyone who would listen that I pushed her and was stalking her. This never happened. Not remotely. Then, she was using Nick Kroll's connections to get illegal restraining order granted against me. Well, the last thing I would ever get is a restraining order so when I wrote something online... and then sued her for defamation when she wouldn't stop her insane campaign, well the power or the Kroll was unleashed upon me and my family.

And, it took me years to figure that out.

Ok, blog, the inertia that follows any kind of attempt to expose two unfunny and craven idiots is strong. I will just leave you with two simple questions--

How on earth is Tig Notaro getting away with saying to Larry King( WTF?!) that she has been on "hormone blockers" and would stay on them for five years, and that she began the course right after her alleged mastectomy?

(We won't mention her many other completely contradictory accounts of how her alleged cancer is being treated. Google Tig Notaro cancer scam if you are interested. I'm too plagued by Ennui, Inertia, and Malaise to go get the link, folks.)

Fine she's on Tamoxifen, and not the radiotherapy or natural treatments she spoke of to "the press."

But, then a documentary (funded by Lynn and Jules Kroll no less,) and her grotesque self  - where she now is taking fertility treatments right after said mastectomy? What happened to the hormone treatments she spoke of to Peter Holmes, Larry frigging King, and some clown from Curve Magazine????

If the Documentary, "Tig" addresses this satisfactorily... then mea culpa. She still is a pathological and vicious liar,and a perjurer, and a monster, but maybe this freak has cancer.

 But, I have read that this "documentary" does not address any of this. How the hell is she getting away with that? Google documentary Variety "Tig" if you want to see what I mean.

Is this the depths of famewhoring?

Desperate grasps for fame, using a fake romance with some Stephanie Allyne( a Kroll Show and UCB regular) and a fake story of making a baby cause you know ... the public loves that shit?

I think so.

Why is Daniel Tosh giving away a check signed by Nick Kroll's father Jules B. Kroll?

If you have any answers, feel free to tweet me(I've moved to the modern age) @TrivagoD

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