Friday, April 24, 2015

Adult Beginners Review of the Adult Beginners Reviews

Well, Nick Kroll funded "film" Adult Beginners is not slaying the critics. It is at 43% on Rotten Tomatoes. I suspect it's worse than that. I suspect that had the name Kroll not rung a big bell with journalists of all kinds - it would be at 10 percent or so.

Of course, I am not going to spend a penny to see it since this is money that will go into the grimy pockets of the most shameless products of nepotism to ever hit the theatres, and the guy who set up a very vile malicious prosecution against me(amongst other sins.)

But, I did read a few of these reviews, and it seems to me that Nick Kroll's plan to be a movie star, using the tricks and connections of Jules Kroll, is going off with a hitch or two. Normally, the failure of Kroll Show(though you won't know what a failure it was if you rely on mainstream media outlets cause Kroll is very very good to ex and existing journalists,) would have been a big enough hitch, but not in Nick Kroll world. In that world, there is always another billion to cover the losses. A few hundred favors to be collected too.

When you lack shame and integrity, but have a checkbook that links to billions of dollars, and a father who offers amazing incentives to those who lack integrity, well the sky is the limit. Low ratings, and no critical support don't pack the same punches they pack for most aspirants to fame, in other words.

So what if he sucked at comedy...  let him try this movie star business by writing more checks. Looks? No check. Talent? No check? but no checks in those slots and writing big checks will allow Nick Kroll to show those Wasps at the Rye County Day School that this Jon Lovitz lookalike can't be a glamor guy someday....
He actually admitted this on a podcast(Greg Fitzsimmons) He didn't admit he's a Jon Lovitz lookalike, but he told Mr. Fitzsimmoms that his main motivator is showing those kids at Rye County Day school that he will show em. The podcast is available online and it also details how a horrified Greg Fitzsimmons is getting spa invites from Nick Kroll and doesn't know what to make of this creepy attempt to move up in comedy via spa invite.

Kroll also talks of some growth problem that left him nearly a midget during all of high school so there is that too. A tiny homely Jew amidst the prettiest Wasps in the world. I write that as a Jew, so hold your antisemitism accusations cause they don't apply. I write that as a Jew who didn't suffer that kind of problem, but who is a big Philip Roth fan so I know of the dilemma my swarthier and less attractive brethren must face. And, this ungainly outsider status is what rules Nick Kroll's every new machination from this self professed, "Narcissistic Monster." Am I right, Nick Kroll, or am I right? Oh boy I hate having to peg this gruesome stranger, but boy did I peg him

And, that's the gist of why this below subpar "dramedy" has been foisted on the mostly oblivious masses, ladies and gents.
So, basically, I decided that reviewing a review was too much work. The gist is that these reviewers don't seem to have a clue how cynical is this production, and how it was funded and instigated by the loathsome scion of one of the worlds most cynical and ruthless men in the world, Jules Kroll. Google Economics club and Jules Kroll, and then see too that Economics club consists of the "700 most powerful people in the world." Then, if you want to go deeper into that depressing and scary hole -- take note of David Kissinger(Henry's son and a member of the Economics club) and his role in the modern comedy biz.

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