Thursday, April 9, 2015

NPR's promotion of a cancer scamming psychopath, tig notaro, strikes me as super scandalous

Some girl on twitter doesn't see Nick Kroll's bank-krolling his career,(with Jules Kroll's money) as a scandal.

And, though she might not know it, I don't disagree with her.

I do not think that the fact that Jules Kroll's youngest son, Nick, has decided to spend some of the family's vast fortune on getting himself a show, or for him to use his fathers contacts to get cast in Cavemen and The League is particularly scandalous. It's odd and it's even pathetic -- that any man or woman --  would use comedy as a vehicle when they have no talent but.... scandalous?  No.

I do however find it scandalous that Nick Kroll has been able to get false press for himself, and for the grotesque nemesis, Tig Notaro, due to Kroll's use of donations to NPR and PBS(and many other entities,)
 And I definitely find Nick Kroll's cancer and court fixing uh uh actions to be beyond "scandalous." They are actually very criminal and not only did such actions steal from me and my family, but from the tax payers.

But, that is complicated and requires me to show you how say Andrew Goldman of the New York Times covers the Kroll comedy Beat. Same for Jason Zinoman, and too many to name hungry freelancers being offered unwholesome incentives by Nick Kroll.

I have to show how from day one the whole cancer set was a set up, produced and directed and even acted by Nick Kroll. And,I am doing that but it's taking too much time. Do your own googling in the meantime. Google has more than enough evidence that the same exact "journalists" all write mystifying fawning articles about Nick Kroll, Tig Notaro, John Mulaney and a few others on Nick Kroll's grand, "comedy list."

No matter that, I think using public funds to promote two talentless scammers because Jules, Lynn, Jeremy, and Nick know how to write big fat donor checks... is completely disgusting , if not illegal.

I do know that Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro have admitted to a list and to impressive check writing skills here

Basically, she calls him out for being extremely wealthy and saying he's "upper middle class." and she then ribs him about " Oh you and that checkbook for yours, Nick." 

At the very end, she seems to have realized that she might have offended him. So she says, " Did I offend you. Are you going to take me off your list."

Nick Kroll thinks for a sec and then responds, " No. No. You are still the top of my list."

All in earnest, on his part. Douche has a list and he doesn't just want to buy his own fame he wants to be a big business success by launching those on the "list." But, it's not on the up and up in any way. Nick Kroll is paying off these people to portray all kinds of successes for himself and his list- that don't exist. Google Rudi Greenberg Washington Post Kroll Notaro for a particularly egregious example.

If you come upon this blog, dear human, do look at minute 8:15 and ask yourself why Daniel Tosh is subversively slipping in Jules B. Kroll's name on the big Check

Ok, blog, I must run but there is so so so much in this loquacious lady!
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