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    nancygracelaurenNancy Grace as illustrated by Lauren Spitzberg
    Nancy Grace, will be our master of ceremonies for this post:  former corrupt prosecutor in Georgia,vengeance junkie, exculpatory evidence despiser, and guilty as charged advocate, Nancy Grace, will introduce her peers in malicious prosecution AKA over zealous and malicious self interest advocacy, in the name of the people, and with the money of the people.
    First, up is Carlo Mignini, Italian sociopath, in justice seeking garb, as he behaves much more corruptly than the Mafia. The Mafia gangsters, don't have higher educations, and they don't railroad  innocent people like Amanda Knox(and if you don't think she's innocent, you haven't bothered to learn the truth, or the truth means less than you getting to see a pretty girl in distress. Some will merely call such killers "overzealous," or "moralistic." I don't think that has a thing to do with their prosecution of the innocent, in the vast majority of cases. They know what they are doing, and are blinded only by ambition and greed.
    And, then there is Carmen Ortiz, an American Federal terrorist, who's careerist ruthlessness and general depraved indifference to humanity caused Aaron Shwatz to seek the escape of suicide. She is set to prosecute  the Chechnyan Federal Terrorist, in Boston.
     Lookalike of Los Angeles City Attorney,Elizabeth Mitchell. None of my five six prosecutors have pics online. She wan't even my prosecuto,r but she has maliciously prosecuted on behalf of the city. Lizzie is one of Carmen Trutanich's most reliable Henchmen. She, and Deputy city Attorney's, Bradley Rothenberg, Jennifer Waxler, Felise Kalpakian, Bernie Brown, Kelly Boyer, Carlos Ramirez, Phyllis Henderson, Sandra Joe Streeter, and Elizabeth Biderman Gertz are the go to guys and girls when Carmen Trutanich barks his orders. Ms. Mitchell made it so Judge Richard Fruin, a Republican who knows where his bread is buttered, robbed us blind, and worse, while in a Robe.
     Judge Richard Fruin figuratively joined the gangsters in a prolonged legal  gang rape  of Henya, Lauren and Alisa Spitzberg. Rape is not remotely a too strong word. Carmen Trutanich and Rocky Delgadillo are in charge of the rapists. A judge who ordered clerk, Suzanne Rios, to alter the minutes and fix my case.  Recognize her brother, Tony? There were more  bad judges, but I'll give them a pass for today.Wait till you hear what Judge Maria Elena Stratton has done. Hint: The Boston Bomber and Ariel Castro was allowed less bail than me, because of Judge Maria Stratton. Look at this depraved magistrate . If you see her before you can grease her greedy palm.... RUN!!! DO NOT WALK.
    Mike Nifong,  with rank false accuser, "Crystal " The rich man's Tig Notaro," Magnum.
    Relatively speaking, Nifong was disgraced, because the media glare got even fiercer than the absolutely insane immunities afforded prosecutors. Disbarment and one day in jail for very consciously settting into motion the destruction of the lives of the Duke Lacrosse boys, and their loved ones? Using the taxpayers money to bury people alive? Perpetuating evil and misery under the guise of "the people." It is widely known in legal circles that he was held out as some scapegoat, to give the false impression of prosecutorial accountability. Normally, he'd be promoted to judge. There are many more but that will have to suffice for attentions span purposes, and to avoid the appearance of too much ANIMOSITY on my  part.
    What do these people have in common?Reede Seligman, David Evans and Colin Finnerty
    Amanda " Hard as it gets school of hard," Knox.
    Alisa " Hey why doesn't anyone invite me to Ex parte's," Spitzberg (pronouced partay.)rg
    Aaron Shwarz, Carmen Ortiz's now dead "defendant."
    Kelley Lynch, set up by Leonard Cohen, then the Threat Management Unit, when she went to the IRS rather than rat out those that she contends hadn't done anything ratlike,The city attorney, Sandra Joe Streeter, sealed the deal with Judge Robert Vanderet, and the public pretender's office on Temple.
    Kelley was  jailed for eight months by Stooge judge, and multi millionaire, Robert Vanderet. Sandra Baca recommended she be locked up in Gateways(the new money maker for Carmen and his goons) but that fell through, thank god.
    Francis "Coyote Shivers, leaving jail with his bombshell wife, Maria Gomes. He and I are two of the few folks who do their stalking when accompanied by loved ones. According to the Threat Manufacturing Unit(Copyright Coyote Shivers) stalkers stalk in packs nowadays. Sarcasm, for the unknowing.
    If you believe his accuser, Paulley Perrette, than you haven't read any of the very compelling evidence that the TMU, and the City Attorney, and Judge Solarzano don't want anyone to ever know about. It started with Perrette's attorneys, then The Threat Management Unit's Jose Viaramontes, and Jeffrey Dunn, set him up, and just like with my case ,and Ms. Lynch's case-- The city attorney and some judges sealed the deal. They both were wrongfully convicted , and I was not. But, I got no semblance of a fair trial, nor anything that anyone would regard as  justice.
    Unconsciounable injustices,  either way you slice it. A men's group, A voice for men, and a retired LAPD detective,Michael Conzachi, are pursuing justice on his behalf, and he better get it before the sentencing on May 31st 2013. He is being terrorized by the L. A superior court, and it's pretty damned tragic to watch.
     These are but a very few of the faces of " WTF why am I doing time if I didn't commit any crime,"folks. The Duke Lacrosse boys were very wealthy and that alone, kept them out of jail, and allowed the truth to get out in time.
    Nancy " My barrettes keep me from going even more off the deep end" Grace is back, you guys! nancygracelaurenShe's here to introduce you to some recently more famous due to alleged Cancer(Tig Notaro) and famous famous beneficiaries of malicious prosecution in the first degree.
    Comedian Tig Notaro
    ro,  was assisted by the Lavely and Singer law firm, and her complicit ethics free attorney, Allison Hart ,when Notaro became alarmed at the fact that I was mocking her on the internet, due to her defaming me and having me banned from any Los Angeles comedy club she could think of.
    They hooked her up, and her obvious lies up, with the LAPD's Threat Management Unit. When Anthony Pellicano was sent to federal prison for working to fix cases for high priced Los Angeles Lawyers like Marty Singer would have to win using law and they couldn't have that. Singer, and similarly ruthless lawyers, like Ronald Litz, TURNED, and then turned to this unit. This unit pretends to be working for the public, but instead they work to assure positions, for themselves, in very lucrative security firms such as Gavin Debecker. In order to get there, they must assure that the clientele of such firms are pleased and that if that entails jailing and destroying the wannabe or actual celeb's adversaries? So be it. If they play their cards right i.e use their badges and supposedly intensive training, to please big lawyers and their high paying clientele, than the L.A fantasy will be their with just police training.
    The Los Angeles City attorney and members of the DA, as well as many judges appointed by Arnold Shwartzenegger( Marty Singer's client and biggest fan) have made deals with these devils.Me, Kelley Lynch, and Francis "Coyote" Shivers have had to grin and bear it. The Melissa Balin case is a bit different but also a case of very malicious prosecution. Same What all of us had in common was our alleged feistiness -- not going down easy, against such gruesome Goliaths. Who knows how many had to plea when innocent, and lose all rights to recourse.
    These people all lied under oath, repeatedly, and maliciously. Some are ugly some good looking. You can't know by inspection. All belong in prison for perjury and obstruction of justice
    469_mStef " I got three jobs and a McSweeneys gig for lying" Willen
    Hunter " I obstruct justice for my Z list clientele Seidman, and Reeta "Don't call me Pizza" Piazza.
    Perjuring pig and Bentzen Ball guest, Jackie Kashian, sits by lawyer to psychos the stars, Marty Singer. Dunn, false accusation entrepreneur, and supervisor for the soon to be notorious, LAPD's Threat Management Unit.
    And for a huge shocker lc laurenAnd, I was biased in the opposite direction for a long while.
     Again, so many more. But, this should do for now.
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    Just saw many of the comments. OS Is so weird. So many of the seemingly cool ones seem to love the abject assholes. Over time, that became such a revelation. There are a few commenting here that are wretched, and you love them. It baffles. So much hypocrisy in some of these comments by such snakes. Nauseating. But, I didn't click here to say that. I want to say that what Bill Beck does is what many many lousy people do. They feign fear and accuse people of stalking and harrassment as a means to discredit the person who dares puncture their narcissistic rage. This tactic is used by sociopaths and those that want to win at all costs. It's effective. Suddenly, you have to fight back what is false. How to do that? In your case, it is too transparent. Kim, you are lucky you have too many witnesses and they are willing to speak up. Such lies can destroy a life and then some of the darlings here will tell you to move on and stop complaining. No one was remotely scared of you, and Bill didn't believe it. Or if he did, it still didn't resemble abuse or harrassment or stalking. He likely learned that trick from the LAPD. Just throw out a destructive lie(in your case-female abuser) and barring a miracle, watch your world collapse. Gives me the sicks to see this tactic used by an ex LAPD officer. In the real world, I bet he wouldn't mind ruining lives with such lies. Femme Fort demonized Matt like crazy and strikes me as a very mean spirited person. Same with Emma. Mean. Forte talks of a woman dying in 6 months and gets in some needless venom about her great avatar war of 2012. 50 or more rates.Blech. I'm not going to do any official flounce, but sometimes OS really reeks.
    If a professional victim and batshit-crazy obsessive like you thinks femme forte and I are "mean" -- perhaps for not enabling your crazy and cyberstalking of Tig Notaro and the vicious misogyny and boundless fraud of a failed ego like your hero Matt - then I'll take that as a compliment. Can't speak for femme.
    Forgot to add: The bipolar thing? Typical. Call some one some abuser and mentally ill, if you want to win, after you are caught in your malice and lies. You are lucky you are an established artist, and in Australia. This type of person is dangerous as hell. Faking fear, and then accusations of non existent mental illness is the domain of real creeps.
    Also, ha! I thought I was the only one who figured out the thingish thing thing, about a month ago. What a gas(as frank apisa would say.) I ran to show my discovery to my sister. She is very into that story and it was strangely thrilling. Fascinating stuff.
    Emma Peel, you are a false accusing freak. Show me one bit of evidence that I ever cyber stalked anyone. Where the hell are you getting your lies from, or are you just making it up, as you are wont to do. I would love to make you look like the POS you are, publically. I would adore it. C'mon, write a post on it.Give me a chance to make you have to flee in shame. You are a hag of a bully, who fills me with pity, in my more thoughtful moments. Matt is a cool guy and not my hero. I don't have any heros here. Believe you me. Bring it on, you disastrous creature. Bring your fellow harridans too. It will be fun. Ah, so good to vent about lost assholes like you-- masquerading as the voice of truth and reason. The way you show up to every dust up is astounding. Have you no shame?
    How much do you want to bet that "Emma Peel" never had a stalker and is more likely to stalk some poor souls. Slobs like her love to invent stalkers. I hate to be coarse, but that bat must have been huge to have dropped a batshit as big as Emma.
    Oh boy.. is it a full moon? Giggling re: Fernsy's observation about you emma.. sniffing out "dust ups" -- true now that I think of it! Although I don't care, because you always have some vicious observations and I love that.
    Trig: If you like to love false accusing messes, who live to spread tiresome nastiness, love away. I meant to talk of a big bat that would drop a huge bat load, such as Emma, but a typo ruined that. Such is my typo problem. Another accurate observation: Emma watches the feed all day and if someone is on it too often, she begins to sweat and spaz out. She grabs for her tenth bag of tortilla chips (of the day) , and waits for a dust up in which she can attack anyone who is in that feed . I picture a terribly obese woman, who is too busy creating imaginary stalkers and participating in online spats, to shave the many hairs that are growing on her weak chin(s).
    I think OS is one of those weird scenes where a bunch of people are thrown into a room together and observers lay bets on who comes out alive.
    209.. Phyllis is cracking. Where is thoth? And the woman who whispers to dead squirrels' heads?
    Hit a nerve, didn't I Fernsy? You are just like your "friends" Matt and that anti-Semite Fusun A -- you do your stalking with alters but everyone knows it's you. I have pages and pages of the stuff dating back years. I can prove I was stalked too, but hell will freeze over before I do anything you ask me to. It's interesting when logic and facts and intelligence fail, how you and your kind attack people's physical appearance, especially if that person happens to be a woman. You really are pathetic, aren't you? I could easily prove otherwise, but you head might explode and I don't want that on my conscience.

    I used to think that you had some comic talent but I figured out a while ago that you'd rather be a victim. Here's a thought for you: get off the goddamn cross, we need the wood!
    if only to prove how skewed someone's mental pictures (and claims and versions of reality, but who's going there?) are, ms. emma is a slim blonde woman who wears stylish clothes and has a simple, very hip hairstyle. she is quite beautiful. and canadian. : )
    Emma Peel also but won't copy avatar.
    It should also add that in the literally hundreds of pages of accusations that have been hurled at me by these women, not one shred of proof has ever been offered in six years that I am, or have done, the thousands of things I've been accused of doing. My accusers, have done all of those things and more, and they are several. There is no way in the world that I could possibly have lived my life and done even a tenth of the things I have been accused of, most of which I couldn't have dreamed up in the wildest of hallucinations.

    But here's the thing I want to say most: I have no respect for people who use others to fight their battles, and bear in mind, I have NO knowledge beyond what I've read here of this latest event, but the actions of the woman who is making the charges don't seem all that stable from what I have observed of her behaviour. If the person in question felt that she was being "abused" and "harrassed" -- and bear in mind that some people feel abused if you don't agree with their opinion on something minor -- why didn't she report it to the editors? Or the police? I hate silent smear jobs unsupported by evidence of any kind. If there is evidence, produce it. Otherwise, the accuser(s) have no credibility and thus cannot be taken seriously by any reasonable person.

     Emma Peel's own words, from yesterday.
    FYI, I didn't even know who Tig was until you came along and I don't happen to like her brand of humour. I don't support her in any way. YOU attacked me and I responded. That is what brought what I said about. Don't try to make it seem like I somehow said this out of the blue. I've known if for a long time and so have lots of other people on OS. We all have Google ya know. Most of us choose not to say it out of some misguided belief that you will eventually let this go and re-start your life.

    As for PMing you, I tried that once, remember? I was genuinely trying to be helpful and you were hostile and threatening to me. I never did it again.


    Threaten away, fernsy. PLENTY of others have made the effort -- after all, how long does it take to Google something? NO ONE believes that an army of strangers has taken to the Internet to post nasty things about Tig Notaro and that they all happen to sound just like you with many of them using your real name.

    As for the list, forget it. You are a very sue-happy person and my husband is trained in law. He advises me not to do it because even though anyone can Google and find the links and compare them to what you write here and reach the obvious conclusion, he doesn't want me involved in a nuisance suit. I will find and post the PM, however, but it will take a while since I have to ask management. I can no longer access my original emma peel account here, which is why I write under emma peel 2. I'll write them immediately to see if they can retrieve it. You might ask Cranky Cuss about it, since we discussed if I should send it to you or not before I sent it. You see, we were concerned about you. I told him how you responded and after that, I've had no contact with you for a long, long time until you decided to attack me out of the blue yesterday.
    Hmmm, Cranky Cuss? Hostile and threatening? I sure had no memory of that, and here's why:
    June 10th 2010

    I want you to know that I am very concerned about you (it's the lawyer's wife in me) and in the interests of full disclosure, I have written about my concerns to your friend Matt Paust tonight. I know that we don't have much to do with one another but I do worry that you are so vulnerable, and that by inflaming the situation here and on the Internet in general, you are going to seriously harm your chances in your civil case.

    You can tell me to mind my own business, that's fine, but I just wanted you to know why I posted what I did on your blog. I cannot imagine that this constant stress is good for you. I won't tell you what to do, but will you at least consider not writing comments attacking people involved in the case, no matter how right you might be, until it's resolved?


     fernsy to emma peel
    I really don't think you are genuinely concerned but I also have never seen you as someone incapable of reasonable thought so.... I'll just take you at your word. I can't explain to you the complexities and why I have concluded that taking it to the internet is necessary. I don't have the luxury of waiting till the estimated 2 years for the resolution, as evidenced by your friend Stellaa's e-mail to jerusalem mike awhile back, and other less clear reasons.

    What to say, I can't pretend to buy your concern but hey we are all free to express what we want in the ways we want. Take care.
    P.S. at this time, I was writing about my case, because Stellaaa was sending emails to a jerusalem mike telling him i was a stalker. I dared defend him against her on a matter of politics and Israel, and that is how she retaliated.  I didn't want to bore OS with my travails, but this mad me feel as if I had to explain the appeal that Stella was sending around. A friendly os person, stepped in, and talked how I had skeletons in my closet. She did that with pure reasons, but I just don't have real skeletons in my closet. But, I do have fake ones. I might have a bone in my closet but no skeletons.  I also was told that stellaa was slandering me on facebook, by a friend of Emma's. Plus, Emma was arch enemies with Matt, so this was DUBIOUS, that she was reaching out to him out of such profound concern for I, who was his friend, and not hers. Hey, the truth is the truth, and it is sturdy. I know many of you like to get along,  but do weigh in on the hostile, and threatening manner of this pm exchange. Perhaps, I am terribly clueless,  and cannot see it.

    Recently, I discovered that what I'd assumed was a common sense -- was not completely common. Maybe, it is more common than not, or maybe not. I can't know. To be utterly apprised, I'd have to interview every human being. It's possible, I guess.  I'd then have to provide copies of every interview and my qualifications too.  Often, one's word needs support. It's understandable. Then, reliability of data would be scrutinized, since it would seem too thorough an investigation.

    The sense, I mistakenly, thought was common? In this case: What constitutes a "strong women."
    For the sake of this peculiar post, let us consider that Open Salon is some microcosm.


    [mahy-kruh-koz-uhm]Show IPA
    alittleworld;aworldinminiature ( opposedtomacrocosm ).


    Microcosm is an enticing word. Very conceptual. Add the idea that we are represented through avatars, we invisibly log in at anytime or place -- with screen names or real names -- and the degree of accuracy as to Universality is further compromised. Also, the visible participants don't appear to fully encompass a wide variety of socioeconomic, racial, political spectrums etc.
    So, it would be a big stretch to assert with confidence, that what is to be found here reflects, much less summarizes, the Universal condition.
    Whatever the case, any conclusions arrived at can best be described as supposition. If one wants to argue that presumption or assumption or wild guesses or nonsense -- are more accurate adjectives, they will be disappointed.
    As an intermittent blogger (with beefs stuck in my craw), I do not profess to be either a statistician or an empiricist. For heaven's sake, I don't even profess to be an essayist. Let us give up on Heaven, and say, "Hell, I don't profess to even be a blogger." For the sake of Heaven, again, and for to make my self awareness implicit, let me introduce myself, for the moment, as an irreverent rambler,who like to share. Such a designation frees me from the pretenses, and makes me less tense. Thank you for your understanding, in advance. Nevertheless, this is not about ME! No, no, no.
    Oh, yes, where was I? Strong women? Not something I've discussed before-- more something I've just seen or heard, being used as a description. Upon hearing this descriptor, particulars came to mind. Until now, I have not articulated it, since I thought it was not in any dispute. 
    Before I continue, let us consider, that there is no such label as, "strong man." This leads me to conclude that prefacing, "woman," with "strong," signifies that it does not go without saying that a woman is strong, but it does go without saying that a man is. It indicates that strong women might be the exception.  We all know weak men, so who knows what that's about . If I am forced to ponder this now, it will both derail and hijack this soup of a post, before the main course is served.
     Up until a few days ago, I was satisfied that the term "strong woman," spoken aloud, or on screen, conjured up similar imagery in the listener. Imagery is silent, so let's get celebrities to serve as examples, as well as to noise it up a little. Let's stick to the silver screen exclusively, so as not to add needless complications.
    None are coming to my mind, for the post post modern world, except Hellen Mirren. I'm sure there are more, but I'm not going to scour my mind for long, for a stupid blog post.
    Then, I see Judie Dench but she doesn't fit for me for esoteric reasons. Then, an image of Shannon Doherty. It feels slightly strange that Brenda from Beverly Hills 90210, has entered the portals of my consciousness on May 16th 2013? As the old kids say: Whackadoodle.
    I won't burden you much more with the Brenda on my brain. But, if you are have not already departed, I will tell you why it is not so strange. You see, a recent further descent into endless disappointment Dust Up, taught me that bitchy women, spreading bad vibes, can be seen as "strong women."  Ms. Doherty showed up as a representation.
    Let us briefly address the definition I have, and which I thought was shared by all:
    Strong woman: Not wimpy, daring, outspoken but thoughtful, does not back down when right, self esteem without arrogance, not jealous , supportive of her fellow man (which includes all women), much more goddess than geisha but not interested in being either, unselfish but with strong sense of self, compassionate, opinionated but not petty and gossipy in her assessments.
    What else? Comments are wide open.
    Now, bad vibe Brenda, has escaped my headspace, to be replaced by Mae West and Katherine Hepburn, and Audrey Hepburn too. Then, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis show up. The first two strike me as strong. Audrey as strong, but with a caveat: Looks delicate, but strong alas. Then, Dianna Rigg, for some reason, pops in for a millisecond.
    The last two, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, presented a strong surface:brash, strong willed, take no prisoners, and ambitious.  Yet, their reputations for meanness, and their habit of being unreasonable and deliberately cruel, make me think of them as scary lost souls-- not strong women.
    What is your definition of a strong woman? Examples?

    Tried to embed but won't work. (</a&gt;" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>)

    Had to share this. Keep watching to get the whole gist.

    Insert embedded video of Buffallo Springfield's " Something happening here...Everyone look what's going round..."

    Dear Public,
     Hey there Public. How are you? These Open Letters can't hurt. Actually, they can. Let’s forget that for the moment. To ask ya'll how you are doing is a waste of a question, with layers of implicit disappointment. Very few will answer, and when they do it will be unsatisfactory. I have just alienated quite a few of you by sounding fancy. I assure you, dear public, that the fancy words I sometimes use don’t stem from pretension, but from desire for incisive expression. Oh no, this is hopeless. I've lost you I have. I’ll start again. Ok, so here’s the deal, my dear dear public. The deal? Yes, that is a straightforward way to say I mean business. What do I mean business about? Glad you had the grace to ask rather than just dismiss me as a lunatic writing rambling letters to such a huge segment of the population. OMG, not even a huge segment but the whole population of every nation since the advent of the World Wide Web and NAFTA and …. You know what? I won’t wait for you to reply for obvious reasons. You know what?  What? I need to narrow my focus. Ignore what I wrote till now, and allow me to address this missive only to the American Public.

    Hey American Public,
    Been thinking about you. A LOT. Sometimes I think of you as society or the masses. When in a fouler mood "idiots' or "sheeple."  That was honest and the public supposedly likes what is honest and authentic, but I'm not so sure about that. Anyhoo, lately the word public is what comes to mind when I wonder about you. I always thought of you, and how I felt separate from you, but that was more cause it seems in my DNA to not enjoy joining anything. More often than not I disagreed with your tastes in movies, books, tv . Sometimes we were in sync like when Fantasia won American Idol and Justin Guarini was not embraced by you. You were right about the Beatles and Twinkies! Lots more examples but they say your attention span is near non existent so…
    Don’t want to sound elitist when writing you, since I am one of you for all intents and purposes.  I want you to like me enough so you listen, at least. Mostly, you presented yourself to me, in terms of ratings and box office and voting booths and book sales and what played on the radio.  I wondered if you’d like me and my sister’s creative offerrings. Stuff like that. Otherwise I don't remember thinking of the public so much as I have in the last month.
    In the last month, I’ve become a little obsessed with you. You make or break so much. Without you, Justin Beiber would have much fewer Beliebers . If I had my way you’d give more facebook likes to Barrett Brown and less to Khloe Kardashian.  My regular interest in you switched to fascination when  I was watching CNN  about a month ago. I  I saw the cutest kid  wearing some breathing apparatus. Then, the story of  how some laws were preventing her from getting a lung. A lung that if not received, would lead to imminent death. This all seemed insurmountable. Complex laws and rules were in place .
    I thought only god could save Sarah Murnaghan. Then, I remember thinking that God or CNN can save her. I thought then how unrealistic this all was. Nothing could save this girl. The odds were too daunting and I too agnostic.
    Then,  a few days later, without much or any discussion about what led to it barring a motion filed by the girl’s family, and a judge’s favorable ruling— some CNN anchor announced that a lung was granted. This turned a five year long contemplation into a persistent conviction. Convinced that you are the answer, my darling public. All the articles in alternative press that led to no evident momentum. All the outrage and indignation that you’d assumed would accompany certain stories—fizzling and dying  due to neglect. The public either missing it altogether or losing interest when assuming it can’t be a “big story” if only alternative papers cover it.  Some of you from the public will get offended and say you long know how corrupted have become the media but you rarely offer any details of how or why this is so.  This leaves too large a block of us in the public unable to suspend enough disbelief to invest in a “story.” No follow up on breaking stories and the story goes broke.

     I’ve seen this for five years now with too many stories to name. But, it seemed that the death of Michael Hastings was a seminal moment. Here a member of the press appears to have been assassinated in full view of the public.  Then again I was sure there was a good 100 seminal moments that turned out to be…. Regular old moments. The Justin Carter and Snowden stories surely must be the defining moment that has eluded us desperate no coverage characters for so long. How is it possible that I only learned of the Barrett Brown story a month ago? Isn’t the denial of bail and the cruel and unusual punishment of his mother being charged, and then him facing 105 years when that doesn’t make good sense…. Big news???  Doesn’t the public demand that this son of Military be granted reasonable bail, at the very least. Why is Anderson Cooper keeping this on the down low. Why is Gloria Allred busying herself with celebrity mistresses? Why has no lawyer agreed to represent Barrett Brown, pro bono???

    Yesterday, I was on Open Salon and saw a member of the public, and someone I thought was on a not so different page than me,  mock me for pondering a boycott of CNN until you demand that such stories are presented to us, the public. I’d have to be stupid to be angry at this woman for not understanding since I did not understand until recently and since I suspect that I still wouldn't had it not been for a very particular "Perfect Storm." . I am not stupid so I wasn’t remotely angered.  I don’t expect understanding from you, public. I just want to know if you did understand what would you do.  If you believed how would you react? My only realistic demand is one I make of myself: That I surmount my over developed sense of shame and  pride, enough to do my part, to raise some awareness. Awareness of what exactly? Well, that all along the lefties weren’t knee jerk nuts who chose to devalue our Country due to some flaw in their character. That the NSA leaks have little to nothing to do with you not having anything to hide. It has all to do with bad people exploiting systems weakened by greed , self interest and sociopathic agendas. That Barrett Browns discovery of gun for hire internet trolls has led him to be a political prisoner and that he is not alone. That Snowden escaped to any country that might not send him back so he didn't end up like Barret Brown or Michael Hastings.  Talking heads just now on the TV. Saying how if Snowden was a patriot he'd face the music here. Are they sincerely unaware or do they know and spin it? I can't know. If they don't know any better than the blame game must be approached differently. In other words, no castigation allowed. I’ll stop there for now and expand  if  you write back.
    Please, write back, public, and tell me if I am mistaken and that it’s not a big story that journalists are being killed or jailed in America, for telling the truth. Isn’t it some ironic sort of story that Justin Carter is getting much less coverage than Anna Nicole Smith’s death. And, that me, Moshe Joseph, Susan Lindeur, Melissa Balin and Brandon Raub all were subject to Soviet Era tactics and that any googling will not even scratch the surface of those stories. Yet, so many know claim to know the truth after reading one supplied link.
     I write this to you , and have to post it on the internet so it might reach you, but that makes me more nervous than I feel is right when in AMERICA. I know I know some of you will call me a tin hat paranoid or something equally dismissive. You feel safe here as I used to. I've gotten used to being referred to as crazy, but it took a long time.
    Gee if there is no ACLU coming to the rescue of political prisoners, and no CNN, and the FBI and DOJ is acting in such bizarre ways. Then even  the IRS. HMMM.
    Then, only Glenn Greenwald cited as non complicit in the complete subservience of all in the “mainstream media.  How it the message going to ever get strong enough for the public sentiment to make a difference. I refuse to believe that Obama knows about any of this . He is so funny at those correspondent dinners, and he seems so cool. Reminds me of my sister. I am not being one bit sarcastic.The man might strike me as egocentric but not sinister. I truly can’t believe it based on what I know and admittedly that's not all there is to know. It will take much much more to convince me that he knows. What will it take you? Thoughts appreciated, big P.   I also can't believe so many in the media would join forces to deny us the truth. It bespeaks a culture no better than the most oppressive regimes.  I only know how it appears if you pay close attention. Anyone out there have any convincing ideas or evidence of what we will face if we, the public, don't step up ASAP.

    Damn it, I exceeded the character limit by tons of words. Whatever public that is still reading is now annoyed part of public. Nice chatting with you.

    Best,and hope to hear from you,
    Alisa( a member in decent standing)

    Hello Public,
    Well, you sort of got back to me in the form of 250 views and 6 rates, but my last letter was by no means as well received as the Golden Corral Youtube  guy -- who exposed the ribs by dumpster story. Not to devalue his work. I'll tell you a little story or secret or something, big P. I  decided that buffets must not be attended. It's a long story, but basically we always start out so excited, and leave feeling full and frustrated. The last time sister and I went to an Indian Buffet, I said that vomitorium line again. Never fails. I always wish there was a vomitorium because buffets make me crazy. I suddenly think 7.99 should buy me more and more and more. When I get too full to take one more visit to the buffet I feel defeated. Did I overdue the Tikka Masala at the expense of the Saag Paneer? Did I err by filling up on Naan and losing steam even before the rice pudding? And, there is also that sudden recognition of the Seven Deadly sins. You can make all the excuses that a little gluttony is not such a bad thing, but it still feels all wrong to me to be a gross little glutton.

    I could truly go on and on for hours about buffets, public, but again I feel as if I should heed the attention span warnings. If enough members of you  insist that my insights on buffets demand follow up, I will oblige but otherwise--
    So, the Golden Corral story really struck us when it flashed by on CNN. Why? Because though we swore off buffett as folly and even sin, the Golden Corral commercial with the unlimited wings and baby back ribs had seriously caused us to reconsider. I know you can care less but the three of us agree that unlimited baby back ribs is exciting. We all love Wings too, but it was the offer of unlimited baby back ribs that cemented a plan. The plan you ask. I’m assuming you are asking, public. If you are not just ignore. Or don't, I really can't keep worrying about what you think, public. I have important things to do! The plan was to go there and take advantage of this offer.
    Wow. No need to be rude or accuse me of rambling about ribs. I have a point, ok? Whatever. I'm done.
    Anyway, so we have a Golden Corrall on this main street here, a mile away from where I live.   I swear to god, we were going to go yesterday, but at the last minute we were just not feeling hungry,and all agreed to go tomorrow. And, then …. CNN broke the story and you know the rest. Stock  holders in Golden Corral are suffering and the buffet whistleblower will never work in any place that wants its dirty secrets kept.
      Unless, of course, Golden Corral pays good money to institute a PR campaign where the shills are savvy enough to cleanse the imagery of raw baby backs ribs lounging by a stinky dumpster.  I wonder if the unlimited chicken wings were stored by the toilet?
    The boy in the youtube said there were flies on the ribs.  It will be awfully hard to reconcile the advertisement( wherein unlimited racks of pristine baby back ribs glisten only with bbq sauce) with the reality now released: Minimum wage workers  standing idly by as buffet fare is contaminated, left and right. Better paid Managers ordering the lesser paids to serve you, the public, what amounts  to Salmonella Sandwiches.
    There is no good reason why I can't write you tommorow, public. I actually could write you anytime day or night. But, I don't want you to think me pushy, you sweet and pretty public.  

    Now, you think me insincere for calling you pretty and sweet? I assure you that I felt you pretty, and even sweet, at that exact moment. If I wanted to manipulate you I'd add sexy. But, I don't feel as if you are sexy so I didn't say it.
     If you don't hear from me it's because I got food poisoning from the Chinese Buffett.Wish us luck. 

    Talk soon,
    alisa spitzberg( according to google a tig notaro's "crazy stalker" but according to the truth of the matter-- a sane talker who got screwed by a sociopath with a super nefarious law firm....and the cast of characters led to a  "perfect storm," where much rebuilding is still necessary.)

    P.S. What questions would you pose to journalists? What stories seem to demand further investigation? Why do you think such questions aren't posed and such stories so undereported?

    P.S 2: I'm kidding. I'll save it for our next communication.

    The truth died with Trayvon Martin--- if the truth that lives in George Zimmerman's conscience is never told. The public trial  is nearing its end...Trayvon's death was a tragedy and the private trials of his love one's will last until they die. Nothing that came out in this trial made Trayvon's death any less tragic. Maybe, more. because it made evident the absence of the comfort that comes with conflicting "truths," that are not resolved by the courts.

     George Zimmerman's decision to follow Trayvon proved disastrous. George Zimmerman's accounts were inconsistent. Some witnesses struck me as credible, and some did not. All the lawyers, and the judge, struck me as skilled and non- malicious. That's all I feel secure about.
    If I was on the jury, I could not convict. The prosecution has delivered its closing arguments, and I still can't see clearly what happened on that dark and rainy night in Sanford, Florida.
    It would kill me because I would know how Trayvon's loved ones need any kind of closure, and that they  deserve what is fair. I won't discuss justice because that is more theoretical. What is fair strikes me as what we all want.  It disgusts me that a diabolical wanna be cop type, itching to flex his pitiful desire for power, profiled a kid, and killed him in cold blood, and might get away with it. His status as the son of a judge and a court clerk muddies the waters too. It likely compromised the initial investigation, but I've only heard conflicting accounts.
    I don't feel confident as to what is true here. I have opinions, suspicions-- some from evidence, and some that come from common sense deductions. In the instance of video tape evidence, or full confessions, I might feel I know the deal. But, in this case, justice and truth appear to be reliant on forces outside the courtroom.
      The stars have not aligned to present a slam dunk for the State.
    Truth now can only occur if George Zimmerman
     georgezimmermanlaurenspitzberg is seized by a crisis of conscience, and confesses. This doesn't happen often. Or, he is administered a foolproof truth serum. Or, an eyewitness to it all emerges, and the same truth serum leads him or her to tell the tale.
    Some humans insist they know the truth. They pick a side as if truth is a sporting event. nancygracelauren
    Nancy Grace always roots for the State. Nothing sways her from despising any new defendant in a publicized case. When she did this to the innocent Duke Lacrosse boys, she never apologized.

    She knows more than most that once the truth is placed in the justice system, getting at the truth, is subject to forces and actors who are more concerned with self interest than justice.

    If money is no object, you can afford top flight lawyers to not waive rights, investigate, preserve the record, as well as present the zealous advocacy the defendant's  guilt or innocence deserves. zimmermanandlawyerlaurenspitzbergre
    Publicity of the scale afforded the case against George Zimmerman is money in the bank, and Zimmerman managed enough funds to retain pros like Don West. Pro or no, he really really needs to save the  knock knock jokes for the jury free lunch recess. donwestlaurenspitzbergrev

    West can justify sparing his time and expertise in case law and cross examinations of the state's witnesses such as Rachel Jaentel, and Officer Smith of the Sanford PD.racheljaentellaurensptizbergcolofficersmithzimmermanlaurenspitzbergThere were many more, but Sister can only do so much.

    Co- Counsel Mark O'Mara is impressive and smart- a defendant's dream. I wonder if Zimmerman appreciates how above par this attorney is. omaralaurenspitzberg2

    Unless you are unlucky enough to be prosecuted, or you are an insider in the legal system, you won't understand how important are the actors in this play.
    When the production is watched by millions, you'd think judges would be on their best behavior. Yet, Lance Ito and Sherry Stephens,
    judgesherrysheperdariasTurn the trials they presided over into farces. Not so Judge Debra Nelson. judgedonnanelsonlaurenspitzbergrev
    All illustrations@Lauren Spitzberg
    Would love to hear any thoughts.

    Adrian Schoolcraft

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    Adrian SchoolcraftNew York City Police Department Born 1976 (age 36–37) Place of birth Killeen, Texas Years of service 2002–2010 Rank Police Officer Awards Meritorious Police Duty Medal
    Allegiance  United States of America Service/branch United States Department of the Navy Seal.svgUnited States Navy Years of service 1993–1997 Rank Corpsman Unit USS Blue Ridge Awards National Defense Service Medal", "Good Conduct MedalAdrian Schoolcraft (born 1976) is a suspended New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer who secretly recorded police conversations from 2008 to 2009. He brought these tapes to NYPD investigators in October 2009 as evidence of corruption and wrongdoing within the department. He used the tapes as evidence that arrest quotas were leading to police abuses such as wrongful arrests, while the emphasis of fighting crime sometimes resulted in underreporting of crimes to keep the numbers down.
    After voicing his concerns, Schoolcraft was reportedly harassed and reassigned to a desk job. After he left work early one day, an emergency unit entered his apartment, and eventually admitted him to a psychiatric facility, where he was held against his will for six days. In 2010, he released the audio recordings to The Village Voice, leading to the reporting of a multi-part series titled The NYPD Tapes. In 2012 The Village Voice reported that a 2010 unpublished report of an internal NYPD investigation found the 81st precinct had evidence of quotas and underreporting. In 2010 Schoolcraft filed a lawsuit against the NYPD and Jamaica Hospital.



    Adrian Schoolcraft was born in Killeen, Texas in 1976. His father was a police officer. Schoolcraft joined the United States Navy at age 17 and served for four years (1993–1997) on the USS Blue Ridge near Japan.[1][2] He was awarded the National Defense Service Medal, the Good Conduct Medal, and other decorations while on active duty.[3] He was honorably discharged in 1997 and returned to Texas to work for Motorola.[1]
    In 2002 he moved to New York, wishing to be closer to his parents (who had moved to New York state), particularly because his mother had been diagnosed with cancer. Driven both by his mother's desire that he become an officer, and by a wish to respond to the September 11 attacks on New York City, he applied to join the NYPD. He passed the entrance exam and joined the force two weeks later.[1][2]
    Schoolcraft drove his mother to chemotherapy appointments in Albany until she died in 2003.[2]
    Soon after joining the force, Schoolcraft was deployed to Precinct 75 in Brooklyn to join Operation Impact.[2] After 14 months in the NYPD, he was transferred to Precinct 81 in Bedford–Stuyvesant.[1] Schoolcraft drank alcohol much less frequently than his peers, and became known for rescuing abandoned animals.[2] After a few years on the force, he began to raise issues about understaffing and overtime, saying that the precinct had too few officers to do a good job.[2]
    He received the Meritorious Police Duty Medal in 2006, and in 2008 was cited for his "dedication to the New York City Police Department and to the City of New York".[3][1] Brooklynites who lived in the area patrolled by Schoolcraft reported that he was the only officer they knew, because he was the only one interested in conversing with them.[2]


    Schoolcraft began recording his conversations in order to respond to public complaints. "I worked in a black community, you can think of the word I was accused of using," he said. He subsequently decided to also record police conversations.[1][2]
    Between 1 June 2008 and 15 October 2009, Schoolcraft recorded conversations at the 81st Precinct police station, responsible for the Bedford–Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City. Schoolcraft amassed a set of tapes which, in his view, demonstrated corruption and abuse.[4]
    Schoolcraft alleges that these tapes show corruption within New York City's 81st Police Precinct.[5][6][7]
    The tapes include conversations related to the issues of arrest quotas and investigations. Schoolcraft says an overemphasis on arrests leads to wrongful arrests and bad police work. A recording from 31 October 2008 includes precinct commander Steven Mauriello ordering a raid on 120 Chauncy St.: “Everybody goes. I don’t care. You’re on 120 Chauncey and they’re popping champagne? Yoke ’em. Put them through the system. They got bandannas on, arrest them. Everybody goes tonight. They’re underage? Fuck it.” He orders: "Bring 'em in. Lodge them. You're going to go back out and process it later on."[8][9]


    Schoolcraft reports being harassed, particularly in 2009, after he began to voice his concerns within the precinct. He was told he needed to increase arrest numbers, and received a bad evaluation. The next day, he found a paper in his locker reading: "If you don't like your job, maybe you should get another job."[2]
    Schoolcraft reports that the Department directed him toward psychological treatment rather than taking his concerns seriously. When he discussed issues like understaffing and stop-and-frisk with NYPD psychologist Catherine Lamstein, she directed him to surrender his weapons.[2] Schoolcraft was reassigned to a desk job.[2]
    In October 2009, Schoolcraft disclosed his allegations to NYPD investigators in a meeting that he understood was to be confidential.[10] He discussed underreporting of crimes and bureaucratic hassles for people who tried to report crimes.[11] His father contacted David Durk, a retired detective who became famous working on similar issues (of NYPD corruption) with whistleblower Frank Serpico. Durk contacted an officer in NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau. On 27 October Schoolcraft was placed under "forced monitoring".[2]
    On 31 October, Lt. Timothy Caughey confiscated Schoolcraft's memo book, which contained descriptions of Schoolcraft's conclusions. Later Schoolcraft's immediate superior, Rasheena Huffman, said that the Department had made copies of his notes.

    Raid and involuntary commitment

    By the end of his 31 October shift, Schoolcraft felt sick and intimidated. With permission from Huffman, he left the station an hour early, went home, took some Nyquil, and fell asleep.[12][2] At 6PM, his father called with a warning message. He looked out the window and saw police massing in the street. He stayed on the phone. After 9PM, he heard people moving upstairs. The officers obtained a key to the apartment after telling the landlord that Schoolcraft was suicidal.[2][13]
    Schoolcraft turned on two tape recorders before the officers entered, and the subsequent interaction was recorded. About twelve high-ranking officers were present. Schoolcraft was interrogated by Deputy Chief Michael Marino, who asked: "Adrian ... you didn't hear us knocking on that door?" Schoolcraft said no and after further questions said, "Chief, if you were woken up in your house how would you behave? What is this, Russia?" The two argued about whether Schoolcraft's early departure from the station was authorized, and whether he would return to the station with the team.[2]
    Schoolcraft agreed to check in to a nearby hospital (Forest Hills) for high blood pressure. When paramedics said they were taking him to Jamaica Hospital, he said he was refusing medical attention ("RMA"). Marino said:
    "Listen to me, they are going to treat you like an EDP [emotionally disturbed person]. Now, you have a choice. You get up like a man and put your shoes on and walk into that bus, or they're going to treat you as an EDP and that means handcuffs."[2]
    Marino eventually ordered, "Just take him. I can't f------ stand him anymore."[1] The police found and confiscated one tape recorder, but the other one kept rolling.[2]
    Schoolcraft was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward in Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. He was handcuffed tightly to a bed and prevented from using a telephone, by orders of police who were present. An officer told the hospital that police had "followed him home and he had barricaded himself, and the door had to be broken to get to him."[2]
    Schoolcraft's father eventually located and retrieved his son. The family received a medical bill of $7,185.[14][12]
    The hospital's report states:
    "He is coherent, relevant with goal directed speech and good eye contact. ... His memory and concentration is intact. He is alert and oriented" but "his insight and judgment are impaired".[12] The report also says: "He expressed questionable paranoid ideas of conspiracy and cover-ups going [on] in the precinct. Since then, he started collecting 'evidence' to 'prove his point' and became suspicious 'They are after him.'"[15]
    After discharge, Schoolcraft was suspended from the force and stopped receiving a paycheck. Police officers visited his house regularly in the following weeks.[2]

    "The NYPD Tapes"

    In 2010 Schoolcraft released his recordings to the Village Voice; its reporter Graham Rayman published them as a series of articles titled "The NYPD Tapes",[4] together with material on Schoolcraft. The suspended officer also discussed the case and his recordings with the Associated Press, which published a lengthy article, including excerpts from the recordings.[1] The New York Times reported Schoolcraft's allegations that "commanders at the 81st Precinct pushed ticket and arrest quotas on officers."[5]
    In the analysis of Graham Rayman, writing for the Voice, this pressure to arrest had major effects in the 81st precinct, including:[8]
    • A ninefold increase in "stop-and-frisk" events.
    • "... several dozen gun arrests, hundreds of arrests on other charges, and thousands of summonses for things like disorderly conduct, trespassing, and loitering."
    • Arrests on trivial charges, such as a person not displaying identification several feet away from their own house. ("Mental health worker Rhonda Scott suffered two broken wrists during a 2008 arrest for not having her ID card while standing on her own stoop.")
    • Entire groups of people arrested without charges, simply for congregating on street corners. (These group arrests were often ordered directly by precinct commander Steven Mauriello and became known as "Mauriello specials".)
    • A functional 8:30 PM curfew: "After 8:30, it's all on me and my officers, and we're undermanned," Mauriello was recorded as saying. "The good people go inside. The others stay outside."
    • "Ghost 250s", fake stop-and-frisk reports with no names, fabricated to make quota at the end of the month.
    • A preference for easy arrests, rather than "bag of shit" cases who require supervision or medical treatment. One sergeant said: "Listen, don't bring Mr. Medicine into the stationhouse, because he's going to get free medical care from us that we all pay for, OK, and plus then he gets a nice police escort the whole time that he's there."
    Rayman quotes retired NYPD detective Marquez Claxton: "The Police Department is using these numbers to portray themselves as being effective. In portraying that illusion, they have pushed these illegal quotas which force police officers to engage in illegal acts."[8] Rayman said the aggressive tactics were related to understaffing on the force. He wrote: a" typical day in the 81st Precinct had only three to nine officers patrolling the streets in an area of more than 60,000 people." Understaffing also led officers to work more overtime hours, earning more money but also becoming emotionally and physically exhausted.[8]
    In 2011 Rayman's NYPD Tapes series won a "Gold Keyboard" award, the highest honor, from the New York Press Club.[16][17]
    On September 10, 2010 the nationally syndicated radio program This American Life ran a story on Schoolcraft, using his recorded material as well as interviews with him personally.[7] The New York Times had been covering the story as well.

    Further developments

    In August 2010 Schoolcraft filed a lawsuit against the NYPD, claiming that they both intimidated and retaliated against him. The action seeks $50,000,000 in damages. He said his six-day involuntary hospitalization in Jamaica Hospital Center's psychiatric ward was ordered to "discredit his allegations."[18][19] Schoolcraft has stated that: "There's not enough money in the state to get me to settle this suit. It's going to trial and there's no way around that – the truth has to come out."[20][21]
    Schoolcraft alleges in the lawsuit that NYPD spokesperson Paul Browne was present at the 31 October 2009 raid. Browne is a "top aide" to Police Chief Raymond Kelly. According to the Village Voice: "If proven true, Browne's presence at Schoolcraft's home on Oct. 31, 2009 suggests that Commissioner Kelly was aware of the decision by Deputy Chief Michael Marino to order Schoolcraft handcuffed and dragged from his own apartment just three weeks after he reported police misconduct to the unit which audits NYPD crime statistics."[22]
    In May 2011, a judge ruled that discovery could proceed.[23]
    In March 2012, the Village Voice published an article discussing an unpublished report from June 2010 of the NYPD internal investigation of Schoolcraft's case, which vindicated him, finding evidence of quotas and underreporting of crimes.[10] The New York Times also discussed the case, saying that the report concluded there was “a concerted effort to deliberately underreport crime in the 81st Precinct.”[11]
    In 2013, a related "Stop-And-Frisk" case went to trial in federal court.[24]

    See also


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    External links

    • Archive of Schoolcraft's website inviting other officers to come forward

    OJ Simpson, a black man, was acquitted by a jury composed almost entirely of African Americans. The victims were white. Much discussion of how money buys verdicts or justice or whatever the hell happened that led a jury of supposed peers to vote not guilty.
    Along the way, he memorably made plans to fetch his memorabilia by force. News of this poor decision did not stay in Vegas, but OJ did. ojsimpsonlaurenspitzbergorangejumpsuit
    Then white Casey Anthony was accused of killing her baby, and then partying down and dancing the night away etc.
    A Jury must have bought the she was molested by her poor father, George. That's what that team of top lawyers was paid to do. Sure Casey was no millionaire,but the publicity that such a case would generate would be well worth the initial financial insecurity of the team of lawyers that signed on.
    She famously and posthaste posthumously got a Bella Vita tattoo. She was spared having to get a prison tattoo saying "life is shit."  But, is her post acquittal life beautiful?caseyanthonylaurenspitzberg2

    It was likely a combination of the best that money can buy, or the most tricky and unethical that money can buy. In OJ Simpson's case limitless money and that  particular jury's hard earned perspective: Judge, cops, and prosecutors were there for reasons that had little or nothing to do with heady concepts such as truth, law, or justice.
    They might not have known the intricacies of why that was so, since very few of us do,  but they witnessed enough to know it without a reasonable doubt. Had OJ been even upper middle class, the costs of defending against a murder charge ,would either force him to plea, or end up with a lousy private attorney, or a public defender who would suffer career setback, or worse, if the advocacy given compromised the coffers in which he drew his paycheck.
    Day in and day out men go to death row because the state's resources vs. their resources are no match. Along the way, we hear little of half day trials on death penalty cases, and lawyers who fall asleep in death penalty cases. This leaves the ignorant by design public with the very wrong impression --that the system is stacked to protect the rights of the accused, and victims of crime are left out in the cold. How very wrong is that assessment, must be the subject of a future post.
    We hear little of how DNA has exonerated many of these adjudged guilty, at trials,and we hear little about the steps and characters, along the way, that stacked the decks against innocent men and women, both white and African American.
    Many years later , the alleged perpetrator, George Zimmerman is labeled white despite a Hispanic mother,  and the alleged victim is black. Despite us all bearing witness to the suspiciously lackluster performance of the prosecution, and the impressively slick and thorough performance of the defense, the "dialogue" has been hijacked to be about gun laws or race when it should be about how the prosecution's hands were tied by the likes of an Angela Corey, and tried by the likes of Bernie De La Rionda.
    Also the story that is emerging about the fired IT director.
    It's strikes me that the greatest enemy of black men is the corrupted legal system. The same system that provides fresh meat to grind into the highly lucrative prison industrial complex. Let's not get into the mad money made by companies that supply anger management classes, and how much profit there is in probation and parole "services."
    Police quotas, and conviction rates that lead to demotion, or promotion have made African Americans an easy target. Anyone who can't afford the likes of O'mara and West are easy targets. Same for prosecutors.  They are ruled by power or profit incentives --not by truth seeking or justice assuring considerations. There are exceptions, but most likely those exceptions are fired and discredited exceptions-- as long the culture of the prosecutors office is all about conviction means job advancement.
    Judges don't benefit from the poor or middle class's support much cause he public rarely bother to vote for judges, but judge do count on the votes of police unions, The defense bar, and prosecutors of all kinds.

    It's cliché to say, but the only color that is seen in the legal system, is green. Or, if power, prestige, perks, were to have colors, those colors too.
    Illustrations @Lauren Spitzberg

    I'm not a Wiener, I'm a Hawt Dawg.anthonywienerlaurenspitzberg3Illustration of Anthony Weiner copyrighted- Lauren Spitzberg

    Lots of chatter here and there about the demise of OS. The servers are working, but new membership is closed.... so whatever was the "community" is stuck together in some cyberplace resembling Snowden's transit zone digs in the Moscow Airport. Lesser evils are the new rich.
    Constant flounces or flounce threats to go to a site with similar members but created and managed by a member who appears to be a part of some gross little group who obsess over who is on the feed, or cover. A gaggle that congregates in the blog of a delusional woman so they can participate in some form of party. Rarely witty is their cruelty. They have "won" and their brand of oldster teenageism rules the day here now. Crazypants snuck in under a better guise, and acomplished its mission.  Whatevuh!
    Which reminds me of Toritto. Toritto understood the importance of the Edward Snowden story, and the Michael Hastings story, and so many of the  stories getting short shrift by this mainstream media thing. Now, he has been discouraged, and that disturbs me. Though he is right that stories that matter don't seem to much matter to most.
    Short shrift is a weak way to describe the bizarrre state of missing investigative journalists, and talking heads such as, Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer, acting as if fake stories are real stories, day after day. No wonder some play golf with placid smiles. It is hard to know if "legitimate" journalists are not telling us. Kate O also understands the importance of such stories. She feels under siege here, and I don't blame her. The "place" seems overrun with fanstasy lifes and/or gutter snipes.
    Off somewhere in Tampa, there was a storm, and Torritto  says that this storm coupled with Google Chrome led to a missing link, and the glaring appearance of plagiarism. Off somewhere in a more chic city, Jake Sugarman, roused from the corner of some cubicle, alerted to Joan Walsh's distress. He embraced the 8 seconds allotted OS, every two weeks, to zap the account of a longer than three years member. Then, he was given clearance to commit another 12 seconds-- to write a post about his take charge actions.
    There really is just no justification for giving Torritto no notice, and no hearing.If you think there is -- I think there is something wrong with you. I do. So sue me. 
    Enter the arbiter of writing, ethics, law, whatnot and somesuch--- Ms. Candance Mann or Femme Forte AKA the  lordess of the flies. On the heels of her posts, to show her soft heart, about a woman dying, she states her case for censure against someone who wrote 800 posts here. When faced with his compelling explanation, she states that her position remains the same, and closes comments. Under the pretense of some honest license, she adjusts her prissy b.s spectacles, and comments are to be  forbidden from frau forte farbisen. Since she runs something called Fictionique, it seems some lesser souls want to stay her "friend."Or, maybe some mistake her brand of highly undeserved superiority complexes as strength. Whatever the case, it's unpleasant. 
    And off somewhere, here, I want to use my crappy litte space to urge the reinstatement of Torritto's account, to urge Kate O to stay. To try to alert both that  silence doesn't mean lack of commiseration. It often means that I (or we) miss things, or can't respond due to IRL realities.  I want to say that to honor a women of words, who is on the road to an ethereal place-- let us show grace, and humor and wisdom more, and unjust judgement less. 
    Hey, while I'm at it, come back decent poster people of all kinds!
    I am fully aware that my snotty comments about his clownish Forte lady (and the small but onerous bunch) who jump in at the sign of nastiness, are a  failure of love, grace, wisdom, but I'll try. Guilty as charged for assumptions and possibly unjust judgements. But, as the moronic alter yenta, Quattrospeaks, said, "take it to your blog."

    Yesterday, Don Lemon, again, held court on CNN. I caught the tale end of his lecture to "Black People."  He was clearly impressed with his courage-- in addressing what he thought was an honest appraisal-- of  "issues" pertaining to "Black people." I imagine since he is African American, he thought he had free reign to not offend.  He urged, in his TV ready way, these "Black People, to keep their neighborhoods clean, and not wear their pants in that baggy style, if they wanted to be taken seriously by... No littering, he counseled.
    I am a little racist in the sense that I often hear myself saying, " I love black people." Not aloud, of course.   So, I became very defensive on behalf of my black brothers and sisters.
    So began another one way argument with Don Lemon. The problem with Black people, is that there is no such thing, Lemon. No such things as African American people,either. There is no such thing as White people, as well. I get the point: You are"one of them," and want everyone to be as terrific as you. But, you simply can not address a "people." It is both meaningless and offensive.
    As a person born, Jewish, and who appears to has proudly stayed that way,( because why not be perfectly proud with something so out of one's control? )
    If you were a Jew, Dear Don, I would not appreciate you telling me that I am doing things I might not be doing. Acting in ways I might not be acting .
    Donald, we all have tons of facets, and this Jewish designation simply does not mean much more than some foods, some expressions, and that if the Nazis come again--I am in trouble.
    If say, Wolf Blitzer, who I think is a Jew, began to tell "Jewish People" to .... what.... What do we all supposedly do?  Don't be cheap, Wolf? Are you serious, Blitzer? Don't litter? WTF, Wolf? Just that once cause there was no garbage bin in sight. Doesn't make Jews litterers? Gee wiz, Wolf, stick to the prompter.
    I wish so many of the stereotypes were true. I wish some Zionist invited me into a conspiracy. Please, I need you or anyone to invite me into a powerful cabal. I have all the requirements. OMG, I'm in some ways as Jewish as it gets. C'mere. OMG, come rescue me Zionist conspirators!!!
    I wish all Jews were rich, cause then I'd be rich. I wish all the Jews were smart, so I didn't have to meet all those idiotic Jews I've met.
    You get the point, but at this point, some might be wondering about Anthony Wiener's Penis.
     Lemon is not done getting on my second to last nerve.  (My last nerve has gone the way of my last marble. please pm me if you see them.)
    After annoying me, and likely others,with his advice to the Black race, or me, or whomever was listening...  Lemon is no longer alone on the screen.
    Now, he is joined by a familiar four talking heads. These nearly nameless ( nearly all are forgettable) folks, appear to live in boxes, and they express opinions for a living. Lucky bastards. If I could do it again.... To be a paid talker! who lives in a box ! within a box!.... Please, lord, make me young again, and let me take all the right steps to get to express my opinion of dollars. I am so serious. A talking head who is a part of a Jewish conspiracy? Perfect.
     Anyway, Don Lemon,  is in avuncular mode again.  This time he is all Effete or French or something. He is pooh poohing two of the talking heads, for approving of the fall in poll numbers that seem to doom Wiener's Mayoral ambitions.  Don is disgusted with them, and us, as Americans. The polls are showing that we are too critical of Anthony Wiener for touching his pole, then texting and tweeting it too.
     It's as if  we must be ashamed for expecting shame from others. It's not as if Tony "hung like a Pony," Wieneranthonywienerlaurenspitzberg3sf is acting like John Kennedy and having illicit affairs with Marilyn Monroe.marilynmonroelaurenspitzberg4misfits2The man had a Junior Wiener (and a Huma ) to care about, and he shows monumentally tacky and nasty judgment.
    The man is texting his privates after that first Scandal? The definition of sordid insanity must find a dictionary.

    Getting the biggest second chance, and wasting on a cowish woman named, Sydney Leather?
    Wolf Blitzer needs to tell Wiener, that he is bad for the Jews.
    Illustrations of Anthony Wiener and Marilyn Monroe copyrighted@ Lauren Spitzberg. Photo of Syndey Leather google images.

    Yesterday, if I knew what it meant to blow a gasket, I could assure you I blew one. As it stands, I'm not going to even google "gasket." Knowing the exact meaning of gasket is as important as a rat's ass. That is to say unless you are a rat--not very important. With that highly silly aside on sayings, I will proceed with trying to express the state I was in.
    An American, Bradley Manning, was found not guilty of aiding the enemy. As I waited to hear particulars i.e how that went down, to see if Wolf Blitzer might inquire of the talking heads as to why the prosecution brought that charge if there was no basis for such a charge... what was up with that? Maybe, they'd offer the public a little education to as to why "embarrassment to the government," is not a crime punishable by the specter of facing life in prison, without parole. Not to mention not just the specter, but the reality. If that judge did not have eyes on him, or if that judge was guided by corruption or excessive political ambition-- a conviction could have easily resulted without any evidence of guilt required. Worse comes to worst, a small untelevised protest here and there. Bye Bye Bradley. At least, you got 400 face book likes, while some Whistle blowers get none.
    As I waited for the particulars, a story about how Carly Simon has told Taylor Swift the secret to who she sung about in "Your so vain." Footage of Carly and Taylor singing, on a stage somewhere. Then Carly Simon in what appeared to be the CNN studios. She and Ms. Swift proceeded to play coy with a reporter/investigative journalist about who was so vain after all. The non story story then left me very disturbed as to why Carly and Taylor were together at all, and yet none the wiser about who was so vain that they'd think a song was about them.  I suspect most of us will think it was about Warren Beatty, no matter what.
     In other news (that I had to deduce because no one was there to report on it,) Edward Snowden, requested of fellow travelers, in the Transit Zone of Moscow Airport, that they please let him sleep. I mean fellow travelers in the literal sense- a bunch of rowdy post college  kids on a stop over at the Moscow airport, on their way to more festive destinations.
    In the corner of the transit zone, a Czech Backpacker, was watching a downloaded Twilight Zone episode, on his I- PAD, and Edward bitterly thought how he'd name his book, "The Transit Zone." He then wished that Rod Serling was alive, I'm guessing.
    As we all waited: The backpacker to see what happened to Burgess Meredith's character; Snowden for a place where he'd never see another Russian stewardess; and I-- for Wolf's promised report on Bradley Manning,--a story of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ongoing war against super sized sodas was presented.  Erin "will someone please replace my battery," Burnett told the tale.
    Bloomberg's battle  against super sized beverage has reached a bloody standstill.
    Something about an appellate court staying bans on these larger cups of soda. Lawyers in suits and justices of the peace weighing the statutory purgatory of ordering a large beverage only to be told it was against the law. Intercine violence erupting when a thin person kills a fat one. The skinny man's defense is that if not for his obesity Bloomberg would have left his right to soda alone.
    Clerks and interns .Hours, and days that led to years-- of case law interpretation. Constitutional scholars agree to disagree about their fears that Big Gulp's are next.
      You'll wake up to find a day where those large sized candy bars are off the shelf. You'll end up paying a buck fifty for two instead of 99 cents for one.  Will the black markets, bootlegism, and gangsterism of Prohibition return, if large soda's are outlawed?
    Rebels in black leather jackets telling waitresses about jury nullification, in the instance of wide scale soda pop related prosecutions?
    To celebrate my escape from New York( and their increasing anti soda fascism,)I swore I'd order a huge Mountain Dew the next time I ate out.

    PostScript: Wolf finally did come back and tell us that Manning might or might not have given a "small smile" as he was cleared of the aiding the enemy charge. Manning still faces a long stretch in prison, but the good news is.... they do allow 22 oz bottles of soda in commissary.

    0 0
  • 08/03/13--05:08: Edward Snowden is not a hero

  • He strikes me more as a possible savior.
    The word "Hero" has been overused to point of effectivelessness. It pertains to cases where no sacrifices are made, when trying to survive on a personal level , to where epic sacrifices are made for the greater good.
    I'll go with savior for the purpose of this post.

    Edward Snowden finds himself in the highly stressful, but potentially very satisfying (and awesomely historic,) position of being the man who saw what faced America, through the PRISM of preserving one's spirit, when faced with the opportunity to pursue the "greater good."
    It appears that his betrayal of PRISM was in response to his loyalty to ideals  that he couldn't stand to lose. Altruism stems from the self, when all is said and done. I can't live with myself if....  Well, that's at least how it appears to me. If  I want to love myself, I have to meet certain conditions. I have to deserve my own self love. Is this a Universal sense, or merely a particularity? Not sure. Seems as if a lot of people have low standards, when in comes to what will allow them to sleep at night.
    He had nothing to gain, and too much to lose to be seen as a Traitor. But, that is what a sizable percentage still sees him as, according to the poll people. I only hope that they wise up before he enters his posthumous stage, or before the rest of the world is able to get a good laugh, as they wach our empire collapse like so many a house of cards.
      From my perspective, Edward Snowden, gathered up the evidence, from his perch on the precipice. He then watched warily-- what was happening to those who too, blew the whistle.  Hmmm. Bradley Manning nude in solitary, Barrett Brown facing 105 years and dissalowed bail, Julia Davis being hunted by Black Hawk, Susan Lindeuer, Moshe Jospeh, Justin Carter being jailed for 5 months for what amounts to sarcasm, Brandon Raub, Anthony Schoolcraft, Jaquelin Montalvo..... More. All cases where law has not been followed, and sickening depths were reached in efforts to disredit the truth tellers.
    With the internet, now a repository of massive amounts of  information -- Snowden didn't have to go further than his own lap -- to see the fate of those who rose to similar ocassions.  I.e  couldn't abide the sinister lawlessness they were witnessing in a country where this shit wasn't supposed to happen.
    Staying put was less desirable than ending up with Putin. "Facing the Music," did not mean a fair trial, or anything resembling the tune so many seem to hear when they think of our justice system. It  would lead him to be murdered as Michael Hastings( more than likely) was.  Then, no investigation would be made, or if made-- never publicized. Or, he'd be  "lucky" enough to spend his days in solitary-- where he'd think " What a reckless retard I am. How did I still trust this country, after ALL THAT. "
    He sacrificed his citizenship, his livelihood, all security-- to save us from the abyss. That's a lot of pressure, young man, but you have finally been let free of that transit zone. But, that's only literal. You will never be free of  the figurative chasm of the American Dream you were sold, and the reality you saw during your days in PRISM, and beyond. 
    And, now the only way for you to find "closure," is when the vast majority of Americans voice their support for your sacrifice, and pledge to make their own to save what you salvaged. And, you are allowed to return  to the country you served/saved. To a hero's welcome.

    Times have changed
    in a lousy way.
    Back then,
    the Material girl could sass Russia.

    Now , she
    (Or, anyone acting gay)
    better stay away.

    Wanna know what Madonna and child
    have to say?

    Just buy their e-mails
    from the NSA.

    Illustrations of Madonna and Lourdes-- copyrighted by Lauren Spitzberg

    thetransitzonelaurenspitzbergREV22 Illustration of Edward Snowden, and fellow travelers,  in the Transit Zone copyrighted @Lauren Spitzberg

    0 0
  • 08/23/13--06:08: Antoinette Tuff, I love you.

  • In case anyone missed it-- a "creepy lone gunman," was literally disarmed by love and compassion. A screenwriter posing such a storyline, would be laughed out of the room.
    The goddess, Ms. Tuff, ignored all the outer voices that told her to distrust -- to maintain her boundaries against those in distress, who might "invade her space." And, this sure was an extreme case.
    She asserted her soul. By doing so, she saved so many lives. She sure made my life a much more inspired one. 
    "Baby, I love you, It's all going to be OK, " she said, as she took the time to step into the shoes of a boogeyman. Soon, the force of goodness and love overpowered his rage and isolation. Grotesque catastrophe was averted. Wow, no?
    Just on CNN, that Obama called her. Well deserved call from the big guy.
    I wish Antoinette would tell him to stop allowing truth tellers to be terrorized and laws to be tailored only for the rich. "Obama baby, save us. You are allowing such criminality and human suffering. Cut it out, baby, we love you."

     There has been a shortage of folk singers. We need them. Yoohoo, Dylan, the times are a changing... again. Woohoo!
    I am here to try and fill the void. Since if you stick a fork in me, I am done, and since I can't sing and am clearly stealing from Joni Mitchell to an obvious degree --  I am to sing this as a "fork singer." 

    Fernsy, an exasperated fork singer, presents:

    Chelsea Manning

    Woke up, and Bradley Manning was Chelsea Manning, and the first thing that I thought
    Was he deserved more, with wig or without,
    and the Snowden NSA leaks wrote the words
    It came a-teeming down like Hell’s bells, and rapping to us
    we were living pipe dreams
     ignoring drumbeats of American dream’s doom

    Oh, Snowden you couldn’t stay
    They’d kill you or keep justice far away
    Don’t wear out before the dawn comes

    Woke up again, to see Chelsea Manning on CNN
     , and the first thing that I saw
    Was the sun behind Iron curtains, and red white and blue scrawl on the wall
    To hoodwink, terrorize, jail,or banish you,
    Isolation in supermax to beckon

    Oh, won't you listen
    We'll put on the proof
    There's a SWAT team with your name on it any unlucky second
    Now the curtains stay closed
    As Michael Hasting’s Mercedes explodes
    And the streets are paved with fear for those who understand
    And doves cry
    And newspapers lie
    Waiting to blow you up and away

    Woke up,again, and again saw Chelsea Manning on CNN, and the first thing that I knew
    There was milk and toast and honey and a bowls  and bowls of rotten apples, too.
    And the sun poured in like insult
    and confused all my scared senses
    Oh, America respect your amendments
    And we'll get to imagine a true blue better day
    When America's  Iron curtain opens
    and freedom can make a winning play
    I will bring you roses every night and every day.
    By candlelight
    By jewel-light
    If only you will stay
    Pretty Public, won't you
    Wake up, strive to save Bradley or Chelsea Manning,
    and us all,
     starting today

    The original:

    As Edward Snowden cools his heels in his temporary asylum, Syria explodes, and teens kill from boredom, Miley Cyrus takes up airtime for her simulated sex with Alan Thicke's son on some VMA show.
    Not the TV son, Kirk Cameron.
    He is a devout Christian.

    Mileage Cystic's  fourth to last move, to impress upon the public , that she was no longer a sexless  Disney teen 
    didn't do the trick.
    Tonguing an infant statue proved fun, but fruitless. 
    A too large segment of the population still didn't find, Ms. C,  sufficiently filthy.
    All sorts of lengths of pant and skirt, were presented by her PR people,-- to the paparrazi. 
    Who promptly presented it to the public( with help of said PR people. ) NOTE: The  tongue started to loll lasviciously at this juncture!

    Still, too many of the money holding masses were stuck in a Hannah Montana mind frame. A Hannah Ahrent or Hanna Senesh  state of mind?  not so much.
     Billy Ray Cyrus got busy and advised: Ya'll got to up the ante by wearing a panty! It's ain't working, you best start yer twerking.
     The rest is HER STORY
    Images care of Google Images.

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