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    I wanted to see if it was cruel to mock Miley Cyrus's seeming Tongue control issues.  What if it was a Tourette's type symptom?

    These are my findings:

    Sometime in the beginning of the century, Ms. Cyrus, began losing control of it in a more seemly fashion. The devil's horns, or whatever finger movements she chose to make, were also less pronounced.

    Soon, a photo emerges where she is using her tongue to disguise her cuspids( or whatever those teeth are called) in what appears to be a tooth hugging maneuver, but is really the beginning of her( medically based,) loss of tongue control.

    A few years passed.

    No tongue control concerns can be seen in this advertisement for a thick lip balm. This blogger won't comment on how a lip balm shouldn't look like a hard boiled egg. That simply isn't my area of interest. Note the whiteness of her extended sports bra.

    Nearly six months later, after that was snapped, her tongue seemed to find a mind of its own.
    It is here that Miley's tongue began to be seen in its entirety. The use of a bat, when she clearly isn't on a baseball field, hints at a downward spiral plagued by thrusting tongues and cheap phallic imagery, but when it came to the tongue-- not in her control!
    An intervention was canceled, when she showed up looking semi Sado Masochistic, but with tongue firmly behind her lips. It is unlikely that it was planted in her cheek. Loosely or firmly.
    The Calabasas center for tongue control-- a federally funded rehab facility that caters to Californians who can't control their tongues- took credit. There was only three relapses after two straight years, and it was barely noticed.

    This week the world watched as Ms. Cyrus fell off the wagon something fierce.

    And, what did they do???  The world, that is. They judged. They called her a slut. They likely didn't know about her progressive tongue condition. Note how her tongue is almost forking!? If she doesn't seek further treatment soon, her tongue will start licking her own clavicle.

    She will be returning to the Calabasas center for tongue control right after a meeting with PR aficionado, Howard Bregman.

    Let us pray for her speedy recovery. If she relapses again her tongue might begin to show up in public, whilst ensconced in an orifice. Hanna Montana does Dallas etc.

    Oprah was there. Jamie Fox was there. Lots of big shot celebrities there to  make speeches on civil rights. Such speeches were penned in mega mansions. Such speeches were met with applause, as American men and woman were denied all civil rights on American soil. The crowds cheered Jamie Fox, as  due process and amendments were dispensed with, in American Courts throughout the land. As an American Citizen sought asylum in any country that wouldn't doom him.
    Something on the news about a Tim Scott, an African American senator from North Carolina, and how he wasn't invited. I know nothing about that. I know that I feel deeply the absence of these folks. I wish they could have the chance to really march on Washington.

    Aaron Shwartz

    Committed Suicide because the State, in the form of Carmen Ortiz,  from the Boston Federal prosecutors, caused him too much emotional anguish.  Not only did he witness man's inhumanity to man, but he had to endure the state's sanctioned cruelty, dehumanization, senselessness, waste... UNCLE.
     The Boston federal prosecutors made him face specters he should not have faced. The time and punishment did not fit the crime. But, this is acceptable, so many seem to say. And, that public disinterest, was not lost on him, or his broken family.
      As a brilliant boy, he was faced with too much to chew, too much undigestible knowledge. For crimes that technically were misdemeanors, he was charged with Felonies. The victim of his alleged crime, did not want charges pressed.  He was threatened with not just prison, but with the constant contact with sociopathy-- those who will win at all costs. Money not an object. Morality and compassion missing completely.
    He was wealthy, educated, and a felony would not have harmed his prospects. He couldn't make it. Imagine how the poorer, less educated defendant( who would be ruined by a felony)... would fare?

    Another missing man on the March on Washington:
    Barrett Brown

    A less sympathetic figure than Shwarz, at this time. Had a book deal before he was taken away. Handsome. Wrote for Vanity Fair. A dilettante type.  Comes off as self satisfied. Accused of being "grandiose." Had a Heroin addiction. Spoke of his use of suboxone.  Went on youtube, after his mother was targeted by the FBI, and just didn't get what he was up against.

    He threatened that if anyone came to his home again, as they did in force, he'd shoot them. He did not say that he would seek out anyone to shoot.
    Stupid as hell. Bad anger management. And, he allegedly sent links that were .... classified or illegal. Reckless and naïve, maybe. Possessed of too much, or just the right amount of self esteem, to try to fight a system that scared the hell out of him, and which did things that begged to be exposed.
    So maybe probation. Six months in jail, at worst.
    Instead, he has been denied any bail. He cannot get out of prison with any amount of money. Ariel Castro had bail. Oscar Pistorius too, but that's another country. This doesn't make any sense. Any sense that is acceptable.
    Brown presented a very compelling bit of evidence, from e-mails hacked, by another. He spoke of evidence that would prove that government contractors had submitted bids to act as "Team Themis" and go online as paid propaganda trolls, that would serve to influence public opinion after the Chamber of Commerce was involved in some scandal. In short, the government was lost to mendacious contractors, who were acting as creepy little Soviet Era monsters, on the government's dime. S.O.S and WTF.
    Now, the state wants to gag him, and his only chance at freedom-- public outrage. Public outrage loud enough and publicized enough = action on the part of this "system," business. Absent that-- the corruption spreads and spreads.
     How the press has been gagged, and how gag orders are being abused(twice in my case!) really shocks the hell out of me. Which brings me to the only American based journalist who refused to be gagged.
     Michael Hastings
    He once said, " I went into journalism not to do advertisement." The Los Angeles Times and L. A weekly have tried to spin it so he looks "troubled." His passion and conviction twisted to look like some mania. Why? Because they have sold their souls to somebody, and Hasting's brand of truth was seen as a threat to these hideous cowards. Hard for me to believe that so many have succumbed to fear or greed( or whatever it is that has destroyed investigative journalism.) But, it's the case.
    There are so many more men(and women) who were not free to March on Washington, and they didn't do anything to lose that freedom(or their lives.) Of course Edward Snowden, Manning, and Assange come to mind. But there are many more less visible stories.
    If I don't get killed for being a lame and incensed blogger, I hope to bring you their stories too.

    For a long time, I had to wear a ponytail. I cut my own hair, and somehow it formed into something mullet-like. Year after year, I cut it wrong, and the mullettish look had to be contained.  I literally could not let my hair down.avatare

    I know about Syria, and massive confusions of all kinds, But, please allow me to use Labor day  as a way to share some small good news with my OS pals(and foes, I suppose.)

    After years, I finally got my hair to grow out, and my webcam to work! My sister did the funniest Lara Logan imitation known to man, and we plan on her(As Lara) interviewing lots of people(us in wigs etc.) Then, I need to get Joni Mitchell down, and maybe save up for a light blonde wig too.

    Here's me reading OS this morning. alisaspitzberg2

    I hope others participate in this open call- Called- How I look reading OS.

    Here's me bemused, by some bemusing thing.


    Then, mildly appalled.
    Picture 153Then, a nice PM from an old favorite-- commenting on my labor of love-- caused a most pleased expression.alisaspitzberg10

     The labor of Love:

    Happy Labor day, all. I will paste any open call participants, ASAP.

     I finally found it. The only picture my mother has of my long dead uncle, as a man. A picture in a fallen soldier booklet. In Hebrew.yakovmemorial2

     Tributes, fit for a king, made by his adoring friends. Poems he sent my mother. Though I can speak and read Hebrew, in a workable way, I can't understand this type of complex Hebrew. Hebrew is a tough language to master.
      After enduring the Holocaust, when nine years old, and then other dramatic life events, he was killed in the Sinai war. He was 20 years old. A grenade, was mentioned.  After all these years, his death is shrouded in some mystery.Inconsistent accounts that lead my mother to suspect friendly fire sealed his fate. My mother's memory of him was daunting. Never said a nasty word even when bullied by his envious brothers. So funny that those hearing his humor, fell to the floor. This was confirmed in the eulogy book. Bodies on the floor, begging him to stop before they lost control of their bladders. Aside of his going missing when housework was up to him-- a sainted angel. His ideal woman- a violinist or a pianist. Meeting him was high up on my bucket list for the afterlife. I always felt that had he lived, our lives would have been vastly improved. Just a strong feeling is all.  

    So, now the keen observer of post titles, might be wondering what this has to do with the great hero of our time-- Edward Snowden. Ah, I wish everyone understood how significant was his stance,  his choice to take action, and then his flight from a system of justice, turned into something obscene. An  injustice system whose sole goal would be to silence his acts of conscience. High treason on the part of judges and government officials of all sorts. No one but the brave and true are facing prosecution.

    There is a massive crisis in the American courts. America is not safe for Democracy , ya'll.  The fact that most don't know this makes it a depressing massive crisis. If you dig deeper-- you have to stop. Who can stand this degree of sinister? Not me. And, you can only share your SENSES with a few. Otherwise, you will be pegged as some paranoid. Who needs that shit? Not me. as
     (shameless display of self because was told the pics on last post, were bad.)
    Well, now the true purpose of this post:

    Uncle Yaakov.


    Is there an uncalnhy resemblance or what?

    Bonus injustice alert:
    A dark first day of the jewish New Year. Sure, we can garden and smile and play. No one is asking anyone to do more than give this political prisoner some legal funding or a facebook like. Any attention or support whatsoever. That too seems to much. It's strikes me as a tragic response to seeing an American boy being destroyed by our goverment. 

    News about Barrett Brown

    I was never an Obamabot. Didn't like him for a long time. He was cool, and charismatic, but I saw in him overarching ego -- more than anything.  I didn't percieve evil. Could never picture him cackling over the dinner table with Michelle, Sasha, and Melia. Even now, after reading about a RASH of suspicious ISSUES, under his administrations, I can't see him cackling maniacally over some wicked deed, as the famous first dog, Bo, whimpers.
    Obama reminded me of my sister. Self posessed. Princely.  Proud. Self contained to a fault. Also, someone in possession of a fully functioning conscience, and a top notch dry sense of humor. But, not someone inspired by idealism. "Ah, a Leo, Lauren," I said to her one day, when hearing  his birthdate.  And though she and I don't much buy astrology, that sign made sense. She's a Leo too.
    A desire to serve the public? I didn't see it. Oprah was a fan, and a pusher. It's as if Obama was flying high on the wings of Oprah, and a Bush weary public. A few fine speeches? So what.  I missed most of them, but caught snippets. I wasn't too impressed. I guess I'm only impressed by those who do things I can't do.
    When it came to race, I would prefer a black man or woman win, if an equally good candidate, because the struggles of African Americans could maybe be lessened.  It would be a beautiful testament that our country wasn't a race obsessed cesspool. I have warmer feeling towards African Americans than I do towards most white folks. I do assume that black people have a keener sense of civil rights and justice, and more soul and more humor, on the whole, so that would be a plus. I resented the label of racism being thrown at Obama's  detractors. Some were, some weren't.
    I stayed far away from Oprah picks. I'm Oprah-phobic. Her well publicized enthusiasm, didn't make me distrust Obama, but it cast on him the appearance of Hollywood hype. I thought that surely experience had to count for something. I wanted Hillary to win.
    Was never crazy about her either. No political figure ever struck me as a soul mate type. The desire for power or prestige is lost on me. Recognition is nice,  but the rest.... so the most I could expect from them was some trust.
    Then, as I went through a massive shift in perspective, about America and its systems, I saw Obama as playing no part. I admit to not being interested in politics or how government works. I simply was sure he had no control over the strange absence of checks and balances.
    Along the way, I began to see him and Michelle as cool characters. Humorous and real.
    Obama's delivery at the Correspondent's dinners sold me.  He "got it" and you can't fake that kind of funny. I saw in him the same sensibility as possessed by sister and me.
    If not soul mate types, the Obama's struck me as a couple that would be real fun to hang out with.  I trusted that if they knew what was done to me, and my family by some rogue L.A rackets in the courts.... they'd be outraged. I had no idea for a very long time that rogue is the new rich. I desperately didn't want Romney, and didn't pay any mind to a third party candidate. Even as late as last year, I shut out all that cast Obama as some Satan.
    Flash forward to a very recent time(Maybe, just six months ago,) and all of the dots that were there all along, and seen by many -- started to become visible to me. But, not crystal clear visible, just yet. The Eureka moment is still in the wings. I suspect that will come in my lifetime. Or, I pray it does... because so many dots, and their failure to present the complete picture-- tough stuff when it leads to justice denial for much longer than the story would promise.
    Still, I find it nearly impossible to see Obama as the ruthless sociopath presented by both  the Left and Right. If he is apprised of the dark ages stuff going on, under his watch, there is to me--no apologies to me made for him. If he has the power and chance to do the right thing, and does nothing... or even a little or even less than a lot... he's a monster. The lesser of evils partisan bullshit has to be RETIRED.
    But, hard as the ' Obama as sociopath'  sales pitch still seems, the salesman only has a little more to go to close the deal with me.
    Flash forward to more dots and more connections.
     Stewing stories of scandals, and whistleblowers terrorized, jailed, and even killed.  Slowly but surely realizing that the USA presently has no cavalry. Ruthless Capitalism doesn't benefit from protecting the public. The cavalries we've come to expect(DOJ, FBI, ACLU, The press, The public et al.) have been rendered into stooges. How shocked I was to see FEMA so missing as day after day Americans rotted in a Superdome!  As long as the grace of god keeps you self sufficient-- you likely won't notice. At least not enough, to care enough.
    Flash forward to Syria.
    I see Obama trying to sell us on military action, and I am too exhausted to express much better than this:
     "Bullshit. Every time I see you lips move, I ... just don't believe a word. Yeah, sure sure we can't let innocent people suffer. I don't trust you, sir. Do you know about all the un-American actions of those who answer to you? They say you do. OMG, are you evil? That would be some story. What a smooth criminal if so. If you know just 1% of what I now know and you,and you've done as little as you've done... evil. If you have actively supported, or even instigated the vicious assault on free speech and whistleblowers... super evil.  Blah Blah blah lecturing Russia and Syria, or anyone at all. Russia has granted our greatest hope, asylum, President assface. Some chutzpah to make any pretense at moral superiority when investigative journalists are gagged or jailed or killed. Let's not even get into how Stalin's playbook is popular with prosecutors and judges nowadays. You make me have to talk of serious things and use super serious words like fascism and plutocracy's . Please, let me return to the silly woman I was meant to be. OMG. So stressful to have this level of distrust for you. Make it less so, Barack. Do it for Bo. No? My poor mother. Do it for her. Whatever. Is all this press about Syria a means to  distract from what Snowden knows? Are you a nervous wreck now that you let him get loose? Oh, it sucks to feel paranoid when you are a trusting sod type. Hmmm....Buying time till the house of cards falls down over your white house? Talk to me Barry!"

    This one sided dialogue, directed at the image of Obama on TV, is not very impressive. Not very smart. Certainly, not well reasoned or the product of scholarly research.
     But, once the trust is gone... Where does it go?
     Lauren Spitzberg's (copyrighted) illustrations for a current great cause-barrettbrownlaurenspitzbergrev777

    "Free Barrett Brown," might be too ambitious a slogan, considering the recent gag order of his case. Let's start with Support.

    Modern martyrdom is not awesome fun. Well, perhaps sacrificing oneself for the greater good, has always been a recipe for dissapointment.

    Crucifixitions, and assassinations, might make your post mortem life a blast, but post humous props don't seem too enticing.
    That is unless you you abide by any Islamic promise of 7 sexy virgins greeting you sans Burkah, in the afterlife.
    For the regular old Judeo Christian Joe, or Bradley, or Edward, or Barrett-- expect a one way trip down the rabbit hole.
    Well, Edward Snowden finally got free of Moscow's Transit Zone. thetransitzonelaurenspitzbergREV22 But, is this imagery something that will inpire selfless service in other NSA contractors, or those similary in possession of secrets that shouldn't be secrets?
    Here, and there-- debates on whether Snowden's a traitor or a hero. As if Traitors are so stupid to get stuck in Russian airports for weeks??? 
    Proper traitors get cold hard cash, and don't try to give away the goods to journalists first. DUH.
    Whatever the case, until today, whistleblowing has led to asylum seeking, being forced into mental asylums, jail, isolation ouside and inside jail...uninvestigated deaths( if you don't think Michael Hasting's and others who were blowing whistles) were accidents.
    A gaping maw of public disinterest, or haplessness, or.... whatever causes Justin Beiber to have 100 times the facebook likes of all modern martyrs combined, greets the  prisoner of conscience's decision to do the right thing...
    Again, till today, that is. Remember that expression, "Whistle while you work." ?
    Well, as many of you know corporate rule number 6 is - whistling at work is prohibited.
     Excerpt from corporate rule book:
    6) Whistling at work is prohibited . It may or may not disturb the customer's purchasing potential.

    So, Me and Miley Cyrus got to talking . Pop, Billy Ray, is a fellow traveler from way back. I broke down her skepticism with 200 of my tiresome yet rousing speeches. This morning,  she submitted to joining the cause. The cause, you ask?

    Making whisteblowing a sexy gas! Burns calories, and get the MSM to take notice too.
    Whistle-blow while you TWERK.   mileycyrusvmaslaurenspitzbergillustrationh7
     Text by I.
    Illustrations by Lauren Spitzberg.

    There is something idiotic to me about Facebook, and even more idiotic-- Faceook likes. Firstly, being liked seems something that only a business based on profit should aspire to. Not something a regular human should invest any desire in. To be loved or admired sounds great, but liked? Like is like the word, "nice." He's nice. I like him. Doesn't that sound depressingly flaccid? "He's nice. We went for vanilla cones and he was awesome. I like him then and then on facebook." Even worse.

    Though the word, " awesome" to an alien come to earth(who then looked up the word up in the dictionary or used google,) would be very confused by what I just said about "awesome." This hypothetical alien would feel alienated. They would not see the nexus beetween nice and awesome.
    But, most modern Americans, who have found fault with the misuse of that word, would understand. All I can speak for is myself(or those that allow me to speak on their behalf,) and when I hear the word awesome being used when "nice" would suffice I hear the sound of sheeple letting off a shrill bleat. The movie, "Invasion of the body snatchers," comes to mind.
    I want to outlaw the word but that would be fascism, and not only that: An attempted fascism that I suspect would be met with "awesome is awesome," by too large a segment of the soldiers, I'd try to enlist....

    That all does have a connection to my anticipated series on unsung whistleblowers,(likely never to be  series since I don't feel fancy enough to start series's .) Well, my truly torturted point is that it shouldn't disturb me to google, " Rudolph Elmer," and see that his wikepedia has only 40 facebook likes. But, it does.
    It stands to reason(and lots of indicators point it out) that so few know about Rudolph Elmer, so what do you expect?
    If that is the real reason that Justin Beiber has a million times more likes than Elmer, all I could do is try in my triangulated way to spread some word.
    You see, had I not been put through some very dubious/miserable/ mystifying wringer the chances of me knowing that name would be near nil.  But know that name I do.
    And, so should you. Why? Because I think his case is at the center of much of the head scratching stuff that is taking place, not just in my case, but as a part of a much much broader picture. I could be wrong, of course.
    If you look up "Rudolph Elmer ,"you might think that we have enough ignored American Whistlebowers, why focus on a Swiss one? You might think Snowden's revelations about NSA are more than enough to keep anyone interested in the whisteblower PROBLEM busy for years.
    If you did even bother to perform a cursory google search, you'd like feel confused and think, "poor guy." But, if you had some related interests you might keep digging. I can't remember the exact process that led me to surf from, " Wikeleaks Lavely and Singer," to " Judge Jeffrey White Wikeleaks Lavely and Singer. All I remember is this sad little "aha" moment. Sad because so many aha moments have not resulted in any semblance of resolutiion or closure or restitution.

    Then, this aha was followed by thinking " oh well markinjapan ,II, and libby might get it." Then, when I shared it with a few offline people I was told. " Great, all you need is to make more enemies. Keep it to yourself. For god's sake do you want the Feds at your door."
    And, my Americanized psyche doesn't beleive that can happen, but my gut now screams, "anything can happen and you will look have no one but yourself to blame. " And, for what? What good would you being put out of commission do for anyone.
    Ok, this is promising some Woodward and Bernsteinesque payoff.  it is bound to dissapoint, and it is intented for speculative(and not consclusive purposes,)It's me wanting others to wonder along with me. Why can't I just wonder alone? God knows, I imagine it's some new neurosis.

    ...Here goes ...

    Google, "Judge Jeffrey White" and if you stick with page one of the search results you will likely leave thinking, "this judge is swell." A friend to  the LGBT community, who overturned DOMA,and now a brave judge who is allowing the NSA lawsuit brought by varous civil liberties organizations to proceed.  Beforehand, all such suits were just thrown out. Fitting that he should be based in that liberal bastion, San Francisco, might cross the mind. Likely, you won't much care when you discover he was appointed by George W. Bush to the Bench.
    But,  if say one day in April of 2008, you come across this thing:  
    And, after she stalks you and harrasses you, she applies for a restraining order (supposedly filed by the law firm of Lavely and Singer...)And, then you are told by lawyers they won't take your money(lawyers?!! )because the application is obviously so fake, and no judge would agree to it... and then when you got to the hearing....the judge, Gerald Rosenberg, is not only not castigating her(her lawyer didn't even need to accompany her or to file a substition of attorney form to have her proceed Pro Se ,) but is coaching her... well you will eventually wonder who Lavely and Singer is.
    When LAPD defectives Detectives such as John Gregozek (the rat faced fellow in the blue not the lady with the tattoos,)gregozek tells you to "let it go," when you beg him to talk to a witness in Silverlake(and yet he's goign to orange county to try and frame you,) well... your curiosity gets enough to kill cats, or people,(literally, it would seem if you consider the very mysterious death of LAPD officer(and my witness) Jacqueline Montalvo, three days after she crossed the blue line to sign up as a witness in my defense.

    Add the fact that Gregozek will tell your mother "What could I do. You sued her didn't you?" As the sole reason he was submitting false reports to the city attorneys office... and they in turn were filing criminal charge after criminal charge, and the curiousity takes on 9 lives. 

    Then, when you become a Detective because the "Detectives" won't, and you discover that Robert Martin, the founder of the unit where John Gregozek is now making his living( The LAPD's threat management Unit)was represented by Lavely and Singer in a defamation lawsuit brought by him and Gavin Debecker against a David Waddel and Penguin Publishing... and after you mention this to Gregozek and Dunn( His Supervisor) and you car windows keep getting smashed(while in your garage! ) and soon you are facing more and more sham criminal charges and then raids and jail and attempts to cast you as insane when they know you just figured some shit out...Well....

    Where was I?  Right.
    Judge Jeffrey White(the Walter White of the judiciary?) not only ruled for the gays, and then those who now fight the NSA, but in February of 2008, Judge Jeffrey White, shut down wikileaks on behalf of Bank Julius Baer. Hmmm. Julius Baer: A swedish bank based in the Cayman Islands, that is known to hide the assets of the super rich and famous  is not only hiring an entertainment law firmbased only  in L.A( known best for getting Arnold Shwartzenneger to shut down groping targets, and elected to the Governorship, and shushing Tiger Wood's mistress's,) but is having the matter heard in a Califoria Court?
    Is this normal?Well, apparently tons of civil liberty advocates didn't think so. The amicus briefs went a flying.  Judge White now facing many eyes, overruled himself and Wikileaks went on to fight another day.
    Interestingly, wikileaks was shuttered due to a restraining order granted ex parte(no opportunity for the other side to be heard or even noticed- as was the case in the initial restraining order granted in favor of tig notaro. And as was the case in the criminal domestic violence order placed in the file by Judge Dennis Landin though no domestic relationship or violence was alleged and though no notice or hearing preceded such an order. The trial judge would expunge it when a desperate prosecution suddenly brought it up. looong story....)
    And, comments online expressing dismay, back then, as to what kind of pull has Julius Baer's "people." to get California Judges to just shut down something as big as Wikieaks. Mysteriously absent from most(not all) articles relating to this strange show of blatant cronyism and corruption is mention of Martin Dori Singer, or his firm.

    Discuss! Please!?

    As the title indicates, the project is far superior to sex. No depraved orgy can compete. No nationally televised Trojan vibrator can compete. (FYI this refers to the shocking commercial that keeps showing up at all hours of the day. Network censors!!! Woohooo!!)
    That said,

    I wanted to do a political journal, as per  Venezuelan fave Inverted Interrobang's, suggestion , awhile back. But, sister wisely thinks very few care about whistelblowers et al. But, if this
     takes off in any non disastrous way, then this, with illustrations

     will be the next project(as per a suggestion from the dearly departed (but not dead, thank god!)dirndl skirt.

    Sister already has it almost done. Pigs  with torn pantyhose, and business owners frogs, and a rat in a business suit, and even a mutton! A mutton as stew or pre slaughter-- it's up to you. A new verse about a ham hock will also be included. What a joyous moment in casa Spitzberg when my ham hock verse was created in order to include a naked pig!
     Then, the sky is the limit, and anyone who contributes will be rewarded with more than is listed in the rewards section. 

    We already have a third project that is called the negative neighborhood and it is filled with text and illustration of all sorts of toxic inhabitants. But, if no one shows sufficient interest .... well.... you know... hmmm. One character "the tweeker twerker" is not someone you'd invite to your barbecues. In short, he wears a thong and he shouldn't.
     If funds are too limite , or you just are not inclined to want to back this project(that promises a Gwyneth Paltrow and a Honey Boo-- that will prove therapeutic,) then any feedback much appreciated.  As you will see, OS plays a big role in this ... so it makes sense to post this here.

    P.S. apologies for the ham handed sex stuff. They say it sells, and we need all the help we can get. Ham handed???? YES. Expect a pig paw picture too.

    So despite an aversion
    I’d log in for second.
    Nothing like the immersion
    Years back, now,
    when OS beckoned.

    Do second and beckoned
    work as a rhyme?
    I really don’t think so?
    What do you think?

    Anyway, my right eye caught the top of the feed
    I did the clickeroo
    And started to read:

    now you’ll see
     that I followed daisy jane’s

    Aha! A rhyming poem about OS.
    Each line took me further
    Wanting more, not less.
    Inside I said to her, and her readers:
    Hey, Hello , Hi, Bye,
    and how are you
    Red hot, green, or deep blue?

    Nowhere, and in between?
    I know what you mean.
    But, that’s not what I meant.
    My real thoughts were less eloquent.

     Add my sad caveat,
    “Like you care… what I mean.”
    and send  it  to the ether
    When friendship rarely survives unfair weather.

    is the same
    And there really is only one
    you can blame.

    And, at him I get all pissed.
    Because despite it all-
    I ain’t no atheist.

    Whatever. These ryhmes are godawful.

    All my love.
    Ok, not all.

    What  a waste of time,
    This daisy jane inspired rhyme?!!?????

    0 0
  • 12/16/13--13:12: b

  • On a Podcast, released on July 31st 2012,  a comedian named “Tig” Notaro had discussed a series of bad breaks.
    What she would describe as a “four month period,” had culminated in a doctor telling Notaro that she thought it “probable,” that Notaro had breast cancer in both breasts.  
    Notaro repeatedly referred to the day of the probable bilateral breast cancer as “yesterday,” on this podcast. So, we can be sure it was made a day before this was taped.
    On this same podcast, she recalled “finding a lump in my teat a year before.” She then told her co- hosts(and whomever might be listening,) of doing the expected thing, a year before, and making an appointment with her “regular doctor,” to have it checked out.
     This doctor had examined this lump, and upon completion of the examination, stated to Notaro, “This does not concern me.”
    Evidently, such an expression of indifference, had led the normally “very health conscious,” Notaro to entrust an inordinate degree of faith in that particular physician.
    So, in July of 2011, after being told that the lump was of no concern, by this trained medical professional, the lump’s presence appears to have evaporated from Notaro’s conscious.
    Flash forward to March 1st of 2012- some nine months later. Notaro would tell on this same July 31st 2012 broadcast, that on the first day of March(some four months before), she started to feel a “tickle in her throat.” That morphed into a case of full blown pneumonia. Then, the antibiotics given her to treat the pneumonia, had turned on her. Not only didn’t they heal her pneumonia, but they went to war against all her good bacteria. This left her with the bad bacteria, in the form of the C-Difficile Bacteria. This bacateria had eaten at her intestines, and had left her having to follow a restrictive diet.
     She would discuss doing online research, when faced with this mysterious bug, as well as speaking to doctors. From both sources, she’d learn that C-Diff is a virulent Bacteria that affects those who are hospitalized, and have compromised immune systems. Her podcast cohost, David Huntsberger, would recall that she had told him that “C-Diff is an old lady disease,” when she had complained of it.
     Notaro went on to marvel how few knew of this virus, and how few could relate to her, or be capable of “reaching out and showing concern,”and how she didn’t even inform her seeming vast network of friends of her “isolated” struggle.
    Notaro marveled aloud that the “isolation” improved considerably when the illness was cancer. Cancer had transformed all that loneliness into a wellspring of astounding support, she indicated. Not just astounding, but reminiscent of a fairie tale. We’ll get to the show and the afer,  later.
    Notaro also bemoaned the incessant testing that took place throughout her two hospital stays, on various installments of the same podcast.  And, yet she admits that she never once recalled the lump, or made the connection that perhaps it had contributed to her compromised immune system, until many months later, when she’d gone back to that “regular doctor.”
    Notaro speaks of being let out of the hospital sometime in early March, and told she’s ok. Once out, she soon felt strongly that she was not OK , by any stretch of the imagination -- A brutal a relapse of C-Diff- that forced her back to the  confines of the hospital, and kept her there for “7-8” days.
    In the  same July 31st 2012 Podcast, Notaro recounted that in each day hospitalized, she lost a half a pound. She spoke of the nurses constantly coming into swab her mouth with water, so acute was her condition.  Then, Notaro continued to tell of how when free to go home, the day of her release was her birthday.  She’d found a happy birthday voice message from her free spirited mom. She’d ruefully recount how “free spiritied” this message was. “Full of life,’ as well.
    Notaro had failed to respond, and a day or so later, she was met with a text by her “cold and robotic,” step father, who tersely texted, “Your mother fell. Is not going to make it.”
    Clutching her tortured innards, she flew to Texas, where her mother now lay at death’s door. Notaro chose to sit alone, late in the night, at her mother’s bedside. As she sat vigil, she noted disturbing sounds coming from her dying mother. Notaro alerted the nurses to these, “death rattles,” before her mother’s life support was pulled. These nurses swabbed her mom’s mouth in an effort to silence these terrible sounds. Notaro must have been reminded of how the nurses had swabbed her own mouth, just a week before.
    She then briefly described how she had to prepare for the funeral arrangements, while still- very ill. She had to pick out her mom’s dress for the coffin. Notaro, saw a silver lining in the blackness. She was “grateful,” that this all led her to have to stay put in Texas for a month, rather than return to her “blossoming,” career in Los Angeles.
     It was” healing ,”to be in her mothers home for a month after, she stressed.  She got to “process.” During that time, she was heartened to see that her mom had kept so many keepsakes related to her i.e her baby teeth. She also recounts a touching moment spend with her “cold and robotic,” stepdad, Rick.
    After the funeral,  Rick remembered how he had told her how he had been wrong to suggest she had wasted her life on comedy. She could not remember this discussion, she said.  Rick then expressed his admiration for her, her choices, her career. He told her she was smart enough to be a doctor or a lawyer, but she had chosen the right path.
    Then, when her own self preservation should have been paramount- she gave all her mother’s belonging’s to charity.  She did in no way specify the charities, but she did refer to them as, “worthy.” It can be imagined that when her star would rise just a few short months later, the worthy charities made a killing on Notaro’s baby teeth!
    Let’s flashback now to July of 2012, and the first evidence of cancer’s presence in Notaro’s life. How did it come to pass, that she, had the lump checked a year later? Well, we get this information on the August 7th 2012, podcast.

    In the process of getting “check ups,” she sees that same “regular doctor,” sometime in July  of 2012. This same woman that had shown a disconcern, bordering on malpractice, had again displayed such insufferable indifference.
    12 months after conferring her trust, Notaro had returned to her and said, “ Just as a sidenote. I still have that lump.” This woman had once again inspected the mass and once again had responded, “ This does not concern me.” This time, however, a delicious irony existed when this doctor said almost as a “sidenote,” “ But it’s time you had a mammogram anyway.” Delicious because this time our heroine would not be lulled into a false sense of security. No longer would she let this lump fester in silence. She scheduled the exam for an unspecified time. Fateful as it gets, considering what we’d learn next.

    This latter portion of the indifferent doctor’s assessment(“It’s time to get a mammogram anyway,”) then must have been what then propelled Notaro to schedule a mammogram.  She got one. Then, she tells of getting a call that it was “abnormal,” and to come in for a follow up. Abnormal results, and follow ups were normal, she would be told by “someone,” but no one in particular.
    Though she spoke of a nameless gaggle of friends expressing worry, she re-iterated that at no time did she feel worried. When Hunstberger seemed disturbed by these mounting oversights, she explained that this wasn’t due to carelessness on her part. Instead, she explained to him- she felt so besieged by bad news that she found it impossible to conceive that more could exist.
    And, she re-iterated that the doctor had said it was fine, and no one in the hospital, including herself, had had reason to think about the long neglected lump. When the cohosts became irate that she had been in the hospital for days on end and tested and tested, and they hadn’t found the cancer-- Notaro stepped in to soothe their outrage- “ They weren’t looking for it,” she appeased.
    When told that she probably did have cancer in both breasts, she was so gobsmacked that she declined the staff’s offer to schedule the biopsies. She had a busy schedule, she continued, “- Conan taping on Monday. Off to Montreal on Tuesday…” In a later podcast, she’d speak of more commitments.  
    In particular, she was to host a “Tig has Friends” at Largo on July 29th 2012, and big stars were scheduled. It would be a big room show- 280 bodies. Twenty five dollars a ticket. Ed Helms, Bill Burr, Mary Lynn Raskub. There was talk that Louis CK would perform as a special guest.
    If one is forced to take pause, and then investigate the mention of this Sunday show, that Notaro would say Mark Flanagan, cancelled for her, much suspicion is aroused.
    On the August 7th 2012, podcast, Notaro audibly  states that upon learning of her cancer diagnosis on July 25th 2012, she was too bummed to think of hosting this show that was a mere four days away. She would tell Andrew Goldman of the New York Times, that though bummed not bummed enough to not have friend, Nick Kroll, get her to accompany him to Largo to see the Megan Mullaly(whom Notaro said, “she adored.” Once there Conan O' Brian sought out her eyes, and  told her he loved her and she could come on his show anytime . She didn’t have to even perform. She could just “make fun of them on the couch.” He told her " I love you. My staff loves you." She enjoyed their special secret, she continued- she’d assumed a big shot like him would not know but she imagined that her call to cancel due to “needing biopsies,” got to him somehow.
    That day too she called Largo’s owner, Mark Flanagan, and told him of her cancer diagnosis. Though, it was summer, the story that unfolds has a Christmastime feel. Mark Flanagan fits snugly in a Santa Suit, as he immediately responds to this sad news with, “I’ll cancel it. No problem. I’ll rebook it for next Friday.”
    No concern is expressed for the losses associated with 280 times the 25 dollar ticket cost for that show. Not to mention, the pricey drink fees x 280 souls. Mr. Flanagan does not even try to seek another host, and leave it at a promise Notaro that she will be missed. No, he cancels the show, and then Notaro claims he said, “ If you can’t do it on Friday. We’ll cancel that one too. No problem.”  The mind reels with the beneficence. What if those performers can’t make it for the Friday show? Were tickets purchased already?Two big room shows scrapped at a loss of fifty thousand buck, at best.
     Interestingly, Notaro would advertise on her Facebook Page that she planned a return to Largo on July 16th 2012- thirteen days before.
    • Don't miss Tig's return to Largo with very exciting and special guests. Tickets are going fast, click below to reserve yours now.

    No evidence regarding this show, other than this posting exists, but it’s safe to say that the show did occur. In this writers mind, it is also safe to say that Notaro didn’t find this return sufficiently triumphant. In fact, it made no waves at all. No fanfare aside of two lukewarm comments on facebook that didn't refernce any returns.
     Largo’s Facebook didn’t seem very enthusiastic about it either, since they didn’t even mention it as occurring. Strangely, if one clicks on the link to get tickets to the July 16th 2012 show, they will be brought to the “famed,” August 3rd 2012, set.

    What also strikes me as strange is that when she would talk of why she taped the Largo show on August 3rd 2012 to Terry Gross and Ira Glass, and the lot of press(that turn out to be far more suspicious than one can easily imagine) that suddenlys seemed to discover her: “ I saw Ira in person in New York and he told me to work out material onstage about my last four months. This was why too she’d explain the taping of the special set.

    In assorted interviews she’d change her story from article to article but here’s a doozy-

    You see, Notaro figured how the story had to be. It had to be that this Largo show was special. Whe she heard Louis CK was coming she put her plan into motion.
    Had she discussed how long after talking to Ira, she had a show at Largo, that was utterly uneventful—well…we can guess the story wouldn’t have the selling power.And, since the story was not true, it proved very difficult to remember.
    So, she was booked for the July 29th 2012, show but it was cancelled, with grace, by this fine man. Sounds normal enough. Flanagan might be a real prince. But, not if you are in a position to see Notaro’s word as the opposite of sacrosanct. Not if you know her to be a sociopathic liar, and not if you know that Mark Flanagan is a greedy liar, as well.
     Anyways, where were we? It is safe to say, at this point, that I am not an unbiased narrator. It is safe to say that I am a narrator with beefs that are now deeply rooted in beef ridden craw. That said, all of this is not a product of the subjective.
    If I were to tell you that Notaro invented this  July 29th show and that Largo played along, perhaps, my craw will have more company.

    And, that is what I am telling you. She made it up for some nefarious reason. Likely, to explain away a lie told elsewhere. Something went wrong with the dates she was claiming, I more than strongly suspect.
    Mark Flanagan, knew her tendencies, and for whatever reason would add this phony text to the ticket website: “Moved from July 29th 2012.” Perhaps, he believed she had cancer and threw her a bone, but how to explain that he would agree to pretend there was a July 29th 2012 show?
     And, though the truth was that she had no show scheduled, she used this non existent show as  means to sell the idea that she was cherished, and irreplacable . So valuable to Papa Flanagan that he’d lose thousands of bucks and had allowed his theatre to go dark, on her behalf. A mix of crazy and shrewd. A self-aggrandizing anecdote mixed with some damage control.
    The story she told WBEC Radio, Entertainment Weekly, and then Terry Gross was that this was brand new material. Unplanned. Just work shopping stuff for her good pal and mentor, Ira Glass. Ira was hot on her tail, if you believe her. He couldn’t get enough. So much so that she was “pissed,” when he badgered her for her wisdom tooth story.
    First time she ever decided to touch upon it, was the party line. First time she decided to tape it too. Her stories on why it was taped and how it was taped would change considerably too. .
    It is clear in all podcasts I had to listen to,  that one of her hapless cohosts, David Hunstberger,is not in on the “Joke.” He keeps pressing and mentioning things Notaro would prefer he not - On the August 14th 2012 Podcast he says, “ You told me you tried it out already and it went well.” Kyle Dunnigan pipes up immediately with , “Well it was still very fresh.” Notaro can’t dispute it, so she counts on Kyle’s explanation to make this flub disappear.
    But, the fact that she already performed this material on July 16th 2012 is small potatoes, as you will see. TThe fact that she kept the presence of that show a secret is a smaller potato too. The fact that she invented a show as a means to cover up, and self aggrandize both, is also nothing compared to the other diabolical machinations, and huge lies she would tell, to profit from non- existing cancer. Not to mention the other lies she would tell in my case, and throughout her miserable life.
    And,what a difference a declaration of possible cancer makes:
    2 lacklusters comments left on her largo comeback facebook post of July 16th 2012-
    With pre-cancer buzz and manufactured cancer cancer buzz:
    53 comments urging others to see this show, or expressing great love and devotion.

    And, I know the same unanswerable questions will result(whether verbalized or not) Why do that? Why did she  say you stalked her if you didn’t. Why say she has cancer when she doesn’t. Why did she say police came when she should have known those things produce records. Why did she say her agent, Heidi Feigin, saw you do all sorts of things when Heidi would say that none of that was true?
    Why did she think Heidi would just lie for her? Why did she tell people you were addicted to drugs when that never was the case. Why say your sister beat her up and that you beat up her family? Why say you pushed her and the people “in line.” Why lie and lie and lie? Why be so brazen as to create real talent agents as witnesses, and speak of talking to police that never existed?
      Maybe, the question, in this case,  too, is how do you know she doesn’t have cancer.  Just because none of her stories add up doesn’t mean she didn’t get diagnosed. Maybe, she’s so stressed she can’t keep one memory straight?

    Same answers: No good answers that a non-sociopath can understand. And, I don't have the pull to get her medical records(Not lucky enough to be bff's with Nick Kroll,) But, I’ll present  you what I think is a slam dunk circumstantial case -- not only did she lie about having a stalker, but from second one, the whole cancer set was a set up. From conception to execution to the press, and all that would follow. A complete sham.


    1 0
  • 01/03/14--06:01: Had to share. No title yet.

  • Kroll seems to have no problem advertising themselves as the leading company for a myriad of mega responsibilities - global risk management, litigation support, corporate investigations,due diligence , asset recovery-- global and national.,_Inc

    Plenty of wikipeadia info too.

    If one has reason to dig deeper,  they’ll soon see that Kroll claims to be leaders in credit ratings, bond ratings, litigation support, internet security products, employment readiness,  forensic accounting, advisory solutions, threat management, government security clearance, global cyber security and corporate intelligence,  background checks. They also supply ammo and other toys to law enforcement under thier Kroll O'Gara guise.  And, those claims-- of being trusted, rarely- if ever- have been held up to scrutiny. When scrutiny shows up, it soon disseapears and a few name changes take care of any lingering bad P.R.
    Jack of all Trades or masters of way too much?
    If that doesn’t sound like too many responsibilities, they have even expanded into forensics. They have forensic accounting services, and forensic lab services for drug and urine testing. Such results that might emerge from their Virginia and Louisiana drug testing labs have been relied upon by law enforcement, for years now.

    Men and woman have been vindicated or imprisoned based on their lab results. They have a fat contract with California.
    They have expanded such services all over America, and I wouldn't be one bit surprised if this Kroll lab business has spread throughout the world.

     Recently, a man named Eric Landon sued them for negligence .
    He was a few short weeks from his five year long probation(for forgery) being up, and right before it was up they came, and took a random sample, and he tested positive. He has been so wary that he’d already gotten a result from another lab, and it was negative, but the court would not give that lab any credence for a long time to come. He was arraigned the day before his probation was set to expire.
    From what I’ve gathered it is no longer in dispute that he should have tested negative. He is now representing himself in a suit in a NY court. He is suing the Louisiana Kroll lab. You can read more here:

    Forensic negligence issues that destroy live aside, Kroll has been called up on to investigate big business and big government  for over four decades now. It takes only a cursory google search to reveal that American Governments, International goverments,  or big big business uses them often to investigate controversies. Their reports are legendary for those in the know.
    Their branching out into forensic testing strikes me as unbearably ominous, but that could be bias talking since I recently digested that Jules Kroll’s son, Nick Kroll ,was the instigator of a five year odyssey of injustice, in my case.
    And, yet so many have never heard of the Krolls.
    I didn’t until two months ago, or at least I had no idea that the name “Kroll” in so many reports and mystifying statements, in my case, meant the world.

    Here is a nice concise way for you to see what happened to me and my family. But, here there really was some sort of love triangle In my case they had to invent one-- to make it give any sense to the senselessnes. Otherwise, the story is step for step what happened to us.
    (Nick Kroll was the name Tig Notaro chose as a key witness to events that never occurred, and one that she made her business for judges to see. All that happened hinged in his desire to impress her and get a show at Largo, and an easy entree into the "comedy world."  His name was the one who got her a fancy police unit to protect her interests -which were also Nick's interests. He recently told a Washington Post writer that Tig Notaro was his "oldest and best comedy friend" and he would do anything for her.  Then, when I chose to never plea when innocent, Nick Kroll, submitted the most vicious and false witness statement to the prosecution. Though we never saw him, and It is highly doubful that he was even there. For years we just assumed he was some wannabe comedian looking for easy gigs. Now, I've learned that the reason why a Scott Boxenbaum and a Harris Wittels were all over comedy message boards, urging anyone who would listen that I was a stalker who stalked "tons of female comedians all over the country," and had to be "shunned and banned" on sight was due to direct orders from Nick Kroll. Now I know why the public defender, Anan Desai, said to me on the first day, " What is going on in the comedy world. This case is a joke.")

    Perhaps, the lack of name recognition in the 99% is due to the humbleness that this Huffington Post writer saw in heir to the throne, and well-reviewed actor,and comedian- Nick Kroll.
    You can read more here and all over gawker, jezebel, the New York times.
    Kroll employs big time journalists too. Google Kroll Journalists to get a sample.  So many investigative journalists now call Kroll- home. There are Pulitzer prize winning journalists who openly declare their new jobs with Kroll.
     Here’s one that wouldn’t bite. I urge you to give it a read. It doesn't cover the half of it , but it does express what has become of so much of our press:

    This  1998 article in Business week gives the novice Kroll researcher a nice sense of how vast is their influence
    In the late 1970s, he helped create a new market for corporate investigations. A onetime Manhattan assistant district attorney, he realized that corporations would pay big for an investigative firm that could dig out employee fraud and other malfeasance.He recruited a savvy coterie of former CIA spies, FBI agents, and prosecutors by paying them as much as twice their public-sector salaries

    Kroll has been the last word on matters as various and sundry as the JFK assassination .
    (In short, when NBC and Dick Clark were gung ho about a second assassin story, Kroll’s report made that seem uncredible and that was scrapped.)
    Whatever the case the man, Gerald Posner, who is credited with writing the definitive book on the assassination, “Case Closed.” Appears to like Nick Kroll’s comic stylings
                    This is the "Too Much Tuna" prank sketch... - Jeffrey Gurian's ...‎

    This is the "Too Much Tuna" prank sketch from Kroll Show last night on COMEDY CENTRAL, with me, Nick Kroll, ... John John Hall and Gerald Posner like this.

    Here is but a short list of historical events that have involved Jules Kroll and his slew of savvy ex CIA, FBI, NSA, LAPD, NYPD, et al ad infinitum.
    1-      1-In 1968, Kroll worked on Robert F Kennedy’s presidential campaign( Source: Business week
    2-       2-Vet the NBC Story that disputes the Oswald lone shooter theory- source: (Note: Kroll’s supposed findings made James Files seem uncredible and the two hour documentary was scrapped by NBC)
    3-      3-Find hidden assets of Marcos, Hussein, Papa Doc: source:
    4-     4- Find the Diana Tapes on behalf of the Palace-sources:, and

    5-     5- Write a report commissioned by the City of San Diego that aimed to root out the corruption that many appeared to believe existed.‎,

    sur6-Write the Kenya Kroll Report:, (Note: Many say the report is dubious. These reports are really cover ups.)
    7-     7- Work on behalf of now convicted Ponzi Schemer, Allen Stanford -to find out who was writing negative articles about him and to discredit them once found. Sources:,, ( note: In an e-mail sent from Kroll to Standford spoke of how this operative, and Andrew Cash “ Would talk to the judge.”)

    8-Be blamed again for aiding Ponzi Schemer Scott Rothstien ·  How Hedge Funds Got Hooked in Scott Rothstein's Ponzi Scheme ...
    Feb 25, 2012 - Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein lured supposedly smart money out of ...Kroll and an onsite inspector at Rothstein's Fort Lauderdale law firm, ...
    ·  [PDF]
    Sep 30, 2011 - Platinum now seeks to hold Kroll liable for its losses on the basis that Kroll... and paid out over time -- from a Florida attorney, Scott Rothstein.
    8-    9-  Work for another massive Ponzi scheme as an enabler

    9-      10- Interview whistleblower Richard Chang. Source:
     (Note: Allegations made by Chang’s family that Chang was not depressed and was a family man and it made to them no sense that during or right after the Kroll operatives left, he’d jump to his death. Chang was not involved with the corruption but rather had reported it.)

    1111-In 2008, Be the investigators when a breach occurred, and it was learned that Passport information for Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama, had occurred(and on a lesser scale- Passport info for Mcain and Hillary Clinton . source:,  
    11-   12-Supervised entirely the “Consent Decree” placed upon the LAPD, after the Rodney King and Rampart Scandals had required the oversight of an impartial sort of uh… party. Bill Bratton is a Chairman of Kroll, and the LAPD’s Threat Management Unit is often approached by Kroll for their threat management expertise. Former Threat Management Head, Gregory Boles, has a senior position with Kroll now. Bill Bratton the man who signed off the internal affairs "investigations" i requested is Kroll's chairman
    1213-Hire ex FBI agent, John Oneill to oversee security at the Building 7 of the World Trade center. He was hired by Kroll the day before or just took the job the day before. A movie “ Who shot John O’Neill,” seems to find Kroll complicit in severe shenanigans.
    13-14-Be responsible for security of The World Trade Center before, and during the 9/11 attacks.,Inc.shtml,
    1415-Hired for their “data recovery” expertise to find out whatever wasn’t destroyed and was left on any hard drives to be found after 9/11,
    1515-Do due diligence for investors with Ponzi Schemer Scott Rothstien. They have since been sued for negligence though the judge threw that out because they get away with EVERYTHING. Source:
    1616-  When the City Of New York College needed to do an investigation into some serious allegations made by activist, Kroll vindicated those accused-
    1717-  Hired by Chevron for their “litigation support” services. Which in turn led to this article about an attempt to bribe a journalist by a Kroll operative named Cash:, and
    118-When a drug maker wanted to be sure nothing was preventing his fortunes from being reaped, he hired Kroll to investigate an FDA official and her family.
    119-Hired to decimate Ian Puddick when he began blogging negative things about one of their own.
    2021-Be commissioned for 100k by the Connecticut school district to be in charge of security post Sandy Hook. ( these links struck me as particularly interesting-  
    222- Here Kroll found fraud but why the hell would they be seen as credible!?
    23-23-And something to do with Enron that I can’t quite grasp.
    2424-  And they make money selling ammo too!
    Oh yeah, I forgot, some wonder who vetted Edward Snowden and the Navy Yard Shooter. It was Kroll under the Altegrity cover
    Comments not expected. Viewership is all that can matter. Have a Happy New Year.

    And, a different version of a piece I posted a few weeks ago.  More exhaustive or exhausting,  or whatevuh!
     Please note that Kroll is now investigating the biking scandal. Talk of re-instating Mr. Armstrong in the press. I have come up with a massive list of journo hos(I think I made that up first,) who are promoting, and not reporting. It strikes me as both horrifying and fascinating to behold.

    Some pertinent press related links-


     Comments closed because I'm not feeling particularly masochistic. I just want people to see this. And, the first link provides some decent writing, and some fun, I think.

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