Monday, September 28, 2015

OMG what are the odds that Martin Boags would be the most odious and pernicious prosecutor on case 8CA10541

Writing. Writing. Writing... and writing about Los Angeles City Attorney Martin Boags' incredibly unwholesome past  ... Amazed at the highly uncomfortable ironies... A law abiding good person being prosecuted by a criminal like him.

Cannot get over the fact that a guy who publicly disgraced his father(Judge Charles Boags) and did things that caused his father to be criminally prosecuted(Where he would be represented by Johnnie Cochran, no less) was allowed to take over case 8CA10541, and then to proceed to behave in the most sinister and sick ways imaginable, before something occurred to have him kicked off the case.... to be replaced by meany mouse-- another dirty and desperate city attorney, Kathleen, "Katie" Ford, when the case had to go to a  12 day kangaroo trial, on the city's dime.

What a cinematic character is this Martin Boags... You cannot make him up.  He disgraces, unbenches, has his father criminally prosecuted, and then is given a job as a prosecutor??? He should not be allowed to practice law of any kind. I understand he's been moved to the civil department, so that is less scary but still. Interestingly,Judge Samantha Jessner, Judge Maria Stratton, and Judge Karla Kerlin were demoted to the safer(for society) civil courts soon after just Judge Randolph H. Moore threw out all their very very very hard and very costly work.

Felise "Backfat" Kalpakian must miss those filthy judges, dearly.

 Of course, when a sociopath like Martin Boags is given that kind of power, there will be TROUBLE. And there will be victims...

What did Martin Boags do to have his father fall so far from grace? Well, google is good, and all you have to do is google, Martin Boags or Martin Boags and Charles Boags.... It's a "holy shit!" kind of find. And if you look deeper into Charles Boags you will see that there was no grace to fall from so that is to Martin Boags's benefit.

In short: Short, ugly, and creepy Martin Boags wanted to be popular at the world famous, Beverly Hills High, and he didn't fall far from his father's rotten tree, cause Charles Boags had a reputation for corruption. So, beady eyed and unattractive Martin like didn't have to do much to have his father  agreeing to get rid of all the tickets Marty would bring him. Again, google it.

The "holy shit!" is followed by a, "no wonder." No wonder Martin Boags would act in ways that you'd expect from the worst villain in a horror movie. Illegally jailing, coming up with Stalin Era Mental Hospital schemes, filing charges just to terrorize a defendant into a baseless plea,.... there is more..

 But still I wonder... how the hell was a twisted POS like Martin Boags allowed to decimate my life, and waste a fortune of the city's money .... so he could be in the good graces of Jules and Jeremy Kroll or Martin Singer of Lavely and Singer????  Jules Kroll scouts for the ruthless and the shady... and, that is why I had to deal with SO SO MUCH ruthless shadiness.

Well, very soon after the judge and prosecutors were forced to dismiss all the charges(7 in all) Martin Boags lost his mother, sister, and wife. They all died. None of natural causes.

 Sister and wife were 38. The same age that I was when this nightmare began... He is left with one sister named, "Lisa."  From what I can tell(god bless you, google) he has been moved to a more low rent court - Van Nuys... So, it's really some case of Karma...

Or it sure feels that way. But, there is so much Karma that needs to come... Boags is still on the loose as a corrupt creep of a "prosecutor," who has no problem using public money to fund railroadings and competency schemes. Truth is, Jules Kroll, will set him in a lucrative position and he'll be just fine.
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