Saturday, October 3, 2015

Judge Karla Kerlin, Judge Samantha Jessner, Judge Maria Stratton, and Judge Robert Vanderet are still on the bench???

Does this mean there is no justice, or no god, or...

I don't know... I just know that it's an awful awful thing to know... These are but a few of a RICO type criminal ring of judges who are willing to fix cases for the rich or powerful or for their friends. All appointed by Marty Singer in the guise of Arnold Shwartzenegger. I heard this from an interesting source... whom I won't name cause who wants anyone else in trouble.... I heard that as a favor to Marty Singer(who saved his ass from the assorted scandals that plagued Arnold Shwartzenegger) Arnold agreed to Marty Singer choices for judges.

In turn, Marty Singer rightfully assumed that he would then win every case in front of these judges. What are the odds of every bad judge on my case(and there were a good ten all together) being recent Shwartzenegger appointees)cases... And who represented persistently obscure comedian and pathological liar, Mathilde, "Tig" Notaro? Lavely and Singer....

Who got her the most powerful and expensive firm in Los Angeles? Her self professed, " Gazillionaire best friend," Nick Kroll.
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