Saturday, October 3, 2015

Correction Re: Felise Cohen nee Kalpakian

I mentioned that I had described this grotesque pubic servant(no typo there)... as notoriously flabby and ruthless... and my sister corrected me... She thinks you are in fact... "Criminally Flabby." I agree and therefore made this amendment to this here blog post.

While we are chatting here, Felise the Beast... did you hear what happened to Martin Boags? I'm sure you did cause it's off the charts kind of stuff. It truly looks like an old fashioned smiting - mother, sister, and then wife all dying like that in less than five years after what was started in Gerald Rosenberg's fixed court...

You started your travesty against me when I was 38 and there ... his wife and sister both dead at 38. And he's left now with one sister named.... Lisa...

That sounds literary or like karma... I hope similar twists of none too outrageous fortune hits to you very soon, Felise Cohen!
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