Saturday, October 10, 2015

Judge Samantha Jessner gets reverseed again!!! OMG she's the nick kroll of judges. if not for her mother... she'd be on skid row or something.

You see... Judge Samantha Jessner has a very fancy mother. I'm sure many many people, through the years, have wondered how the hell this terrifyingly stupid and rotten woman has maintained her job as a judge.

Her mother... Patricia Phillips was the head of the California Bar... The one in Red.and so Patricia's disturbed sociopath of a daughter - Samantha- is still free to cause misery and injustice to anyone who can't advance Samantha's ..... who knows... goals? ambitions? What does this maniac want out of life that would make her do such incredibly evil things?

Samantha Jessner was able to rise in the ranks without ever having to learn the law even... In my case, she made rulings, when it was clear she had no clue as to the laws involved.  The only thing on her mind was what will make Samantha happy.  She reminds me of a less ugly and less connected Nick Kroll( no one is as ugly as Nick Kroll and no one is more connected.)

But it's not a mere case of the kind of fecklessness that results from getting where you are - only due to nepotism. Judge Samantha Jessner is much much much worse than feckless. She's one of those true blue monsters. Someone who evidences no conscience, as she does things like uh... try and get innocent and intelligent defendants destroyed by a dark ages type deal-- get them declared incompetent so they are effectively destroyed and can't sue or even speak...And, it turned out that the my case wasn't some big mistake. .. She did it with another girl who also would have won at trial cause there was absolutely no case against her.

Google Jessner appeal, and see that this grotesque she-beast(whose role model appears to be Joseph Stalin)

has been REVERSED again!!! 

Jan 8, 2015 - APPEAL from a judgment of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County,. Samantha Jessner, Judge. Reversed. Law Offices of Baird A. Brown, ...
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