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LAPD detective John Gregozek in conspiracy with Nick Kroll, Tig Notaro, Stef Willen, Lavely and Singer,and then the rest --Case 8CA10541

Amazing that I didn't put this together, till yesterday.

My sister and I have put a lot together,but it didn't occur to me how I'd prove that John Gregozek was in on it, from the very beginning.

John Gregozek said to my mother, "what can I do. You sued her (Notaro) didn't you?" as the only answer to her question. Her question was, "You were in my house. You know that this girl is lying. How could you have tried to press criminal charges." He said that in October of 08. Soon after he'd learn more and more and more lies told by Notaro and the false witnesses(who were promised goodies from Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro)

So we understood, that as of October of 2008, the criminal charges were retaliation for the civil suit I'd filed against Notaro. By then we knew too that John Gregozek was acting as errand boy for Allison Hart of Lavely and Singer. But only later would it be understood how much of an errand boy/co conspirator. Look he's picking up forums and emails from Allison Hart Sievers on May 6th 2008. FYI - not one of those documents was ever used or handed over in either the restraining order kangaroo hearing, or during the 2 years of the malicious prosecution. Why? Because nothing remotely criminal existed in those documents. On the contrary, they were exculpatory.

The whole document
Let's look at that again

(Please take note of John Gregozek's bizarre retelling of how he first set eyes on his "Victim" Notaro - remember that till then he'd only talked to her, "via phone" (see April 30th 2008)

 Now there are three Detectives - Martha Defoe, John Gregozek, James Hoffman - from an Elite Unit driving from Downtown L.A to Santa Monica - to do what? You'd never guess. They were responding to a residence. I was under the assumption that residences were non verbal. Alas, this residence might be responded to but as a good residence does - it stays silent. We know that cause we don't have any statements made by said residence. Who else very barely responds, in any way?

Notaro. But, not in any documented verbal sense - according to this report, without saying a word - she identifies me by "one photo."

All that gas and man power for Ms. "Tig" Notaro to not say a word . For the cops not to say a word. We must picture that desiccated hag simply shaking her head, and saying " Uh, yea." before going back to her business.

When Gregozek tried to get the city attorneys to add criminal charges-

Let's look at May 6th more closely

Back then though,we were completely ignorant of Nick Kroll, other than the fact that Tig Notaro had listed him as a key witness to events that never transpired. (And, he was never even there, we'd find out.)

We had no idea who he was, or what kind of family he came from. No clue as to  his role in this conspiracy(and it sure was a conspiracy, folks. The c word has gotten a bad rap, but it just means more than one was involved, and in this case- there were many who conspired to assist Kroll, and Marty Singer's law firm win whatever it is, they wanted to win.

Back then, we didn't know about Marty Singer and Lavely and Singer either.

Early on,we knew there was something very very very wrong with Detective John Gregozek.

what a lovely innocent face. who would guess... SARCASM!

 Knew he wasn't working for the public. Knew he was willing to lie repeatedly. Willing to press for bogus criminal charges. Willing to lie under penalty of perjury, many times. And, willing to lie under oath in court... I also knew he was willing to hide exculpatory evidence and falsify police arrivals at scenes and then to actually to falsify an incident report number, when he submitted his reports or search warrant affidavits. Willing to waste a broke city's money so he could secure a job, if he pleased Lavely and Singer and Jules Kroll(through his son, Nick)

But, till yesterday, I did not get that this was his intention from day one - April 30th 2008. Didn't grasp that he wanted me to be charged with crimes, on day one, and that he planned to arrest me on the word of Notaro, Willen, and Kroll on May 7th 2008.

   I didn't get that the fix was completely in from the first time he was told by Nick Kroll and then Marty Singer- to take care of Nick Kroll's, "best and oldest comedy friend, "Tig" Notaro.

We knew some of the fix was in - as of October of 2008, when Gregozek told my mother, " What could I do, you sued her, didn't you." as his only explanation as to why he kept lying on reports, and pushing the city attorney to file bogus criminal charges.

But, we thought maybe he was lied to on April 30th 2008, when Notaro(through her lawyer) called him.

How can I prove that Gregozek had no plausible deniability, and that he intended to railroad me from the start? ( with the blessing of his supervisor, Jeffrey Dunn)

Please look at this, note how despite this allegation about April 12th 2008, no police were called or arrived. And, so Gregozek is going by Tig Notaro's word alone. " The police were called but Spitzer (sic) left before they arrived.

Note that this was redacted. I have the non redacted one and will post when I find but note one witness is included and it was Stef Willen.  But, then on 8/14/08 this info was Rejected. Note that if the report was valid it would include all the wintesses or even a few. and all the related badge numbers and police report and incident number.

Then, please look at this ugly little document -

Please look carefully at the paragraphs that start with  "On April 12th 2008," and "April 29th 2008"
Had John Gregozek really investigated all these allegations -- Every ONE-- would be shown to be a lie. Note the presence of Nick Kroll. He was not even there. No cops on April 12. No Nick Kroll ever present to be any kind of witness. No sherrif on the street to sneak her into a side door. No side door at the Improv comedy club even.

No evidence then and never was there any evidence. Not even the pretense of any evidence which begs a lot of questions.
 Let's forget for the moment that this document followed absolutely no investigation on the part of Gregozek, or anyone. Let's forget that all this is the words of Tig Notaro and Stef Willen given "via phone" and  written as gospel truth by Gregozek. 
Long after Gregozek(and other members of the police and prosecutors) knew that every word was a lie they just were arrogant enough or emboldened enough to keep repeating these lies. If any of the things written about me or my sister were true, not only would we two super creeps, but I would not have all seven charges dismissed after a twelve day trial and two years of prosecution.  Five witnesses who were as unbiased as possible(total strangers) were ready to testify that everything in that report was a lie.

Also, please note that after the real police found Notaro uncredible, Nick Kroll hooked her up with  John Gregozek. John Gregozek wanted the kind of opportunities the former head of the TMU had... Gregory Boles was that guy and now he has a very glamorous position working for Kroll Inc.

For now, let's focus on the last two lines of April 12th and April 29th 2008 

On April 12 2008...The police were called but Spitzer(sic) had left before they arrived.

On April 29 2008.... Police called and arrived at the scene. Officers arrived at the scene and determined there was no crime. (incident 080430005196)

Re: April 12h 2008 - The police were called and arrived?

Not only is it strange that there is no names of the officers listed but there is no time frame and there is no badge numbers.
There is no mention of a 911 call, and there is no incident or police report number listed.

Then, if the allegations in this report made by John Gregozek, are true-- the police would surely visit us. We lived less than 2 miles away, and Notaro knew that through Stef Willen. She knew exactly where we lived. It also doesn't note who called the police. (Later,Allison Hart would write to the appeals judges that not only were police called but me and my sister were present when they arrived. Then zero detail about the next step in that type of situation i.e what steps these cops took)

Over the two years that this prosecution lasted, not once did anyone but us try to check on this information. We tried but were told we weren't legally entitled to that information????!!!!! We didn't know better so we believed this to be the case. Until September of 2009 no prosecutor tried to get their hands on this info.

Re: April 29 2008- Police called and arrived at the scene. Officers arrived at the scene and determined there was no crime. Then, an incident number.

So, why not the officers names and badge numbers? Again, as hard as I tried, no one would give me this information. Very late in... Gregozek ponied up the names, and after that he'd begin to include their names and badge number in his perjured search warrants.

(Their names were Jaqueline Montalvo and Jannelle Badar. Montalvo would come in on February 23rd 2010 to tell Alissa Malzman and Martin Boags(the prosecutor at that time. he was taken off soon after) that though the prosecutors had her on their witness list she'd be a witness for the defense AKA me. Three days later she was dead in an unusual car accident.)

Where is the incidence report?

Well, as Jaqueline Montalvo knew... there wasn't any. She'd so dismissed Notaro's allegations, that night, that she did not write any police or incident report. Same for Janell Badar.

In August of 2009( a year after the charge was filed) Martin Boags, was appointed to the case after three other prosecutors had left(why? we don't know but we have our suspicions) We'd learn later that someone forgot to tell him a lot of info and then we'd learn he ordered this to add more charges, as a means to terrorize me into a plea bargain. Anyway, Boags did order the records of both dates:

Add caption
Please note that Bill Bratton aside of his "public service" position was(and still is, as far as I know)  an employee of Kroll Inc. This is why their was non stop and very obvious crimes committed in this case, and no one would do anything.

It becomes beyond curious if you regard the minutes. This is a newer one but I'll find the money that has no mention of the illegal arrest a year and a half later. That one says that I was arrested on April 29th 2008. We know that didn't happen. Gregozek's report doesn't say that happened. The official records ordered by Martin Boags say it didn't happen. Why is that there and why wouldn't anyone correct this? Not Franica Tawn, Not Anan Desai, Not Alissa Malzman. Not the two private lawyers.No prosecutors?

In short, JOHN GREGOZEK PUT A FAKE POLICE INCIDENT NUMBER ON THE REPORT HE"D SUBMIT THROUGHOUT!!! AND, he knew there were no police on April 12th 2008. He'd checked. Of course he did. Otherwise he'd put a real number. But he knew that the only way to make this get a city attorney on board, is to lie like this. 
Landin let me out on my own recognizance. Which is more that fair. But this becomes very significant when Judge Maria Strattons states on the record that I am facing very serious charges and therefore she would deny me any bail for 31 months. Then, she make it 10k ... which makes no sense.

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