Saturday, December 12, 2015

4 days before LAPD officer Jacqueline Montalvo Died, she offered to be a defense witness in case 8CA10541

Officer Montalvo ordered to be on Call for the Defense.
Look closely and you'll see it, and that Sam Consuegra also was to testify for my defense. Julius Quinn Roberts too but that's on another page. Heidi Feigin too. Tobin Shea could not be found, and that makes no sense, Alissa Malzman you cynical self obsessed rat.

And yet the prosecution were so sure she'd be there witness. Why is that? What about Badar. My careerist public defender, Alissa Malzman, told me she could find her. HUH!??? And, interestingly no Martha Defoe(though she should have been a key witness since she interviewed Martha Kelly) They didn't come for one reason and that reason is that they were disgusted by this malicious and evil bullshit.  Only John Gregozek showed his hideous face , 

Who ended up showing up? Only KKK- Klinger, Kashian and Kelly- cause the prosecution somehow convinced the judge that nothing pre void order was to be allowed in the case. That went against Supreme Court law - a Collateral attack on the validity of the restraining order is mandated, if requested and it was requested.

Here's the Corrupt son of Corrupt Judge Charles Boags, coming up with his phony little witness list , Note that James Hoffman did not show up and Alissa Malzman Sterling made her business to not subpeona him or many other very important witnesses. And, she didn't insist on the collateral attack (something that would have made my life completely better and would make Nick Kroll, Stef Willen, Nick Kroll and the three Bentzen Ball gifted comedians all theoretically facing criminal charges for perjury and fraud, lying to the police and obstruction of justice, tampering with a witness( Heidi Feigin told Malzman she was getting creepy calls telling her, "Why are you testifying for the others side.

There was no records of any kind that pointed to any guilt. This was a scam and the judge granted Malzman's oral motion to acquit 2 charges cause this was all fraudulent and there was no evidence whatsoever of a crime.

Oh, look, it's Nick Kroll on the witness list, while his father employee(Bill Bratton) is the Cheif of Police, and his family is dear friends with nearly every judge and lawyer in L.A

 AND when Nick Kroll witnessed nothing cause he was never even present at the scene of any of Notaro's invented, "incidences" The rest are comedians or a desperate grifter named Stef Willen who got a lot of resume out of falsely accusing and perjuring herself in this case.

going to just page a few minute orders, in the hopes that one day case 8CA10541 is known

Corrupt Sam Moreno now is head of Security for Fox and that's what you get when you answer to Jules Kroll's son and not the law. he was revealed as a liar and cheat on the stand, but that doesn't affect those who do that kind of thing...
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