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Why on earth did hero whistleblower cop, LAPD officer Jaqueline Montalvo, get ominous calls the night of February 26th 2010 (17)

Me Talking:

Please note: An "LAPD officer" comes on to comment that Officer Montalvo did not have any special case?Well, he or she is lying. Also note the comments from someone who claims to have been at the same eating establishment as Officer Montalvo - in Chino Hills. NOTE THE OMINOUS CALL dismissed as irrelevant, cause it was a male officer who took the OMINOUS call???? What is this ominous call about?!!!

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hmm· 292 weeks ago

She was set to testify in a case that might have hurt the image of the LAPD. Very interesting.

hmm· 292 weeks ago

Why would it take almost three months to figure out her BAC? Why would the investigator not smell alcohol or do a test at the scene.?

LAPD Officer· 290 weeks ago

She was not scheduled to testify in any case that had anything to do with the LAPD, just the normal patrol officer's criminal cases, that all officers testify to on a daily basis. No investigator will do a presumptive test on a deceased person. The victim/suspect is dead, they are not going anywhere and the coroner (who is very busy with pressing murder cases and others more important cases than an "accident" will do the most through test on the deceased.

gabe· 275 weeks ago

She sure was. Montalvo was an honest cop and she was set to testify in a case where the LAPD's threat management unit would come under SCRUTINY- for battering and devastating innocent people to make nice with Marty Singer.
. Ask Sgt Angela Lucie and John Gregozek. They are just two of many willing and unwilling conspirators in case 8ca10541(01)) and ZM015295

LAPD Officer· 290 weeks ago

Oh and by the way... Police Officers are not above the law, they are susceptible to the same weakness and frailties that all human beings are. She was drunk, she drove drunk and she paid the ultimate price. That is not a reflection on her profession, but in her choices that day. We all make bad choices and we all (police or not) pay for them sooner or later.

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ark· 150 weeks ago

LAPD officer is likely Jeffrey Dunn, the supervisor of a filthy and bogus unit within the LAPD. He knows who killed Montalvo or he killed her himself. I hope you and Gregozek pay for your bad choices sooner than later. Montalvo was not set to testify in a regular trial. She was set to testify that Jefrrey Dunn and John Gregozek were cons and frauds who wasted a fortune of the city's money in order to please Marty Singer. Her testimony would have been explosive and three days after she agreed to testify she was dead.

TCBY· 149 weeks ago

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I thought police usually stuck up for one another...unless?

in the know· 290 weeks ago

She was set to testify in a case that would shine a light on LAPD corruption. Please, stop lying. I wouldn't be surprised if she was murdered. Did she have a history of drug abuse?

testa· 276 weeks ago

I think she was murdered for the testimony she was going to give in case 8CA10541. May she rest in peace.

JR· 95 weeks ago

Jacqueline ate and drank (with a male off duty officer) for several hours at a bar in Chino Hills before she got into her car and crashed. I was there with friends. There is no conspiracy here.

JR· 95 weeks ago

Jacqueline ate and then drank for several hours at a popular hot spot in Chino Hills immediately before the crash. I was there with friends. The male off-duty officer she was drinking with received the ominous phone call while still at the bar. There is no conspiracy here, just an unfortunate event.

anonymoussorta· 86 weeks ago

JR, tell me more about that ominous call. Did it warn her that Nick Kroll would be ruined by her testimony and she better shut up quick? Who was the other officer and why did he get an "ominous call." Why would a non conspiracy involve ominous calls? Alisa Spitzberg and Ian puddick also received ominous calls.

What a tragedy. A brave whistleblower murdered for a sack of shit like Nick Kroll.

Me talking:

Officer Montalvo was going to give testimony that would have shed very important light on the LAPD's threat Management's unholy union with Kroll and Lavely and Signer, and the Los Angeles City Attorney's office

And, her testimony should have gotten Jules Kroll's craven sociopath son, Nick Kroll, in big trouble. Tig Notaro would be in big trouble too but she didn't have the power to do anything about that absent Nick Kroll.
Many Judges, and others, colluded with this malicious, lawless, and very costly sham prosecution so who knows how much trouble Mary Lou Villar( Mayors sister but of course) Karla Kerlin, Maria Stratton Jennifer Waxler, Samantha Jessner, Felise Kalpakian, Craig Richman, Robert Vanderet, John Gregozek, James Hoffman, Robert Martinez, Jeffrey Dunn, Martha Defoe, The whole LAPD Threat Mangement Unit, LAPD's Hollywood Division,The office of the City Attorney, The District Attorney( Richard Vagnozzi,The office of the Public Defender, and believe it or not many more.

Here's a link not written by me, and so it's better cause this person is not as angry.

Montalvo ordered to be on call for the DEFENSE ( at 2/22/10)

And yet, on January 20th 2010, Martin Boags had submitted to the court that Officer Montalvo was their witness. Badar too? She too would have only had testimony favorable to me. Of course, she was never called or even contacted by careerist Malzman or the prosecutors.

All this custodian of records and brummers and police coming was some strange means of intimidation. none were called cause they would have nothing to offer the prosecution. In fact, anything would be exculpatory. The intimidation's failed and all charges were dismissed in rare and meaningful dispositions.

Interestingly, Boags never submitted any witness statement made by her or any officers. Certainly not the three other officers that were cited in John Gregozek's police reports, as being at scenes but actually did not EXIST! Note the officers arriving on August 12th 2008. Then, the sherriff who happened to be there to assist Notaro's uh uh escape.
So, of course someone anyone should have contacted these three cops... A year later, Martin Boags did order the records...

When Martin Boags found out it was all a fraud he just took illegal measures to assure a plea. Added four charges, after the statutes had run, and based on allegations that he knew were all a lies. He even knew that no police came and that there was no arrest. He was foiled in a big way and Martin Boags has since met with surreal levels of Karma. Google Martin Boags Obituary for an idea. 
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