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  1. @willsco76. still watching you. see you soon.
  2. . ok. if they need anything they can call us. if there is issues, we will see you soon.
  3. . we are neutral in all this. show us facts and proof we will act. we are concerned for everyones safety. including yours.
  4. . forget about the PP thing and move on. it's best for me. especially for you.
  5. we are neutral in all this. show us facts and we will act. cant you just let the PP thing go...
  6. . ok. you know all the numbers. remember your conditions and obey all laws. just a reminder. im here to help you too.
  7. . hope not. we can talk about this with you and your attorney. HWD Station 9am tomorrow?
  8. . when the time is necessary we will contact your attorney. for now just observing...
  9. no intimidation just observing your thousands of post. if there is an issue we will take appropriate action
  10. . violationis can result in long term housing. if you know what i mean. have a good day.
  11. good morning sir. just a reminder that we are reading your every tweet.
  12. @willsco79 where did you go? you need to keep your account active for us to be able to track you.
  13. and coyote you need to call TMU as well. we need to ask you a few questions about current tweets
  14. You are now being tracked by our unit and when we find you, you will be prosecuted.
  15. Good Afternoon willsco76 this is the LAPD
  16. good morning. please call me at the I need to speak with you regarding an investigation.