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Does Conan O'Brian really love comedians, "Tig" Notaro, and Nick Kroll?

On August 29th  of 2012, a New York Times writer, Andrew Goldman, wrote a piece. In this piece, he profiled comedian, Tig Notaro, after her cancer comedy set supposedly - set the world on fire.

Interestingly, this same writer profiled
Nick Kroll.

In that piece, the same writer for the NYT, professes that in order to nab such a hot scoop, he must track Nick Kroll to Peru. That alone is strange. A costar on a small cable show (The League) has a New York Times writer having to track him down? His own self named show is set to premier in 2 days, and he would be ecstatic to have the New York times promote it, and he has to be tracked down by a New York Times writer?

(But, that's only interesting if you know what I know. What do I know? That Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro have engaged in a series of crimes to fix several court cases in L.A, and then they engaged in her career boosting cancer scam Nearly no one else would pay attention. But since I was a victim of the court fixing part, I pay attention.Also, Nick Kroll is the son of Jules Kroll and Jules Kroll does have the power and connections to get a New York Times writer to write such bullshit.)

But, lets get back to the article written about Tig Notaro, right after her alleged cancer diagnosis.

In this article, the narrative of her story is presented to the New York Times readers:
The narrative: obscure comedian takes the stage, announces that she's been diagnosed with advanced cancer, and the rest is... uh... history.

But for the purposes of this post, let's discuss the part about Conan O'Brian

There are so few positives to this experience, but it must be nice having so many people be kind to you, like Conan O’Brien. 

Notaro: The day I was diagnosed, my friend Nick Kroll demanded I get out of the house. So we went up to Largo to see Megan Mullally, who I adore. Conan was the surprise guest that night.

Note: Google shows that such a show did take place 

Wednesday's Scoop: Megan Mullally, Party Puppets and ...
Patch Media
Actress Megan Mullally performs at Largo joined by Conan O'Brien. Also a special puppet ... Today is Wednesday, July 25, the 207th day of 2012. Here's what's  .

BUT, Notaro's cancer story was that she was informed of the diagnosis, either a day before or hours before or one or two or three or four days before the set of August 3rd 2012. 

Ok, so she's not being consistent about the date of her diagnosis. The story is less dramatic if you're paying attention( and no one would.) now it's more than a week before the set that she is given this agonizing diagnosis. And now on the same day she's diagnosed good old Nick Kroll is there... and even after being told she has stage 2 invasive cancer, Nick encourages to get out on that same day. Or was it a week later....????

The next part is how Conan O'Brian takes her under his wing and how she has famous friends etc.

 I was standing in her dressing room with a bunch of people. Nobody knew. The only reason Conan knew was because I was supposed to be on “Conan,” but I canceled to have my biopsies. When he walked by, he was like: “Tig! How are you? Are you O.K.? I love you. Come on the show anytime. Come hang out at the show. Just come and make fun of us.” And I was like, “O.K., thanks.” I looked so cool, you know, because they didn’t know.

So no one but Nick Kroll and Conan O'Brian know, according to Notaro... Fine. The narrative is that Conan has given her carte blanche to always come on her show, cause he loves her.

Again, no one would second guess this, cause it's just beyond unimportant to anyone whose  life has not been ruined by Nick Kroll and Tig Notaro...

So, does Conan O'Brian really love Tig Notaro...?

I can't tell you, but I can tell you how Nick Kroll is connected to Conan, and why I think Conan is not booking Notaro -- anytime she has a project-- because he adores Tig" desiccated hag," Notaro.

This gets absurdly conspiracy sounding-- but keep reading, please.

How is Nick Kroll connected to Conan O'Brian? 

Conan's production company is called Conaco:

Conaco, LLC is the television production firm owned by entertainer Conan O'Brien. It has produced programs primarily forNBCUniversal, including O'Brien's Late Night and Tonight shows. David Kissinger, former NBCU executive and the son ofHenry Kissinger,[2] has been president since 2005.[1]

Okay, so Henry Kissinger's son. David, is the president of Conaco. What do Henry Kissinger and Nick Kroll have in common?

Well, the fact that Henry Kissinger and Jules Kroll are in the same ultra elite social club is a connection. The Economic club boasts that its members are the "700 most powerful people in the world."

Just Chillin on History: Global Power Structures: Masterlist of ...

Jun 29, 2014 - The Economic Club Thomas Watson | William R. Rhodes | Peter Peterson (chair) | Jules Kroll | Robert Mueller | Henry Kissinger | George W.

You can see all the members in the link above, but it's not in dispute that Henry Kissinger and Jules Kroll belong to that same club, and that they are long time associates.

And, it stands to reason that in that club Jules Kroll would hit up on his pal, Henry, to help out his nebbish son, Nick. If you google Conan Nick Kroll or Conan Tig Notaro, you will see that these two not very impressive or famous comedians are on O'Brian's show every time they want to be.

In that same Wikipedia about Conaco, you can see this:

Past productions[edit]

Never heard of Pete Holmes?

Well, that's because he has no resume in comedy, to speak of. Yet,as the story goes, Conan O'Brian was so impressed with this guy that Conan (with the blessing of David Kissinger we must presume,) gave him his own late night talk show. If you want to see how insane that is, I urge you to watch any episode of the, "Pete Holmes Show." 

 And, if were to watch the show, or google his guests you will see that Nick Kroll, Tig Notaro, and Nick Kroll's, "comedy buddies" are all there. Peter Holmes is Nick Kroll's favorite Yes man... fawns over him and his friends and try to impart upon any viewer( and in Peter Holmes's case there were very few) that Nick Kroll Tig Notaro, John Mulaney, and all Nick's comedy friends are the, "next generation of comedy." Google Nick Kroll next generation of comedy to see that this was the tag line being used. The tag line:, "Nick Kroll leads the pack of the new generation of comedy."

Does Nick Kroll lead the pack of the next generation of Comedy?

Okay, c'mon... does any one not addled by mental illness, or drugs - think that Nick Kroll leads the next generation of comedians, as written in Billboard magazine and other big time venues?. If you want to see more strangeness... look at the writers that keep pushing this idea (Eric Spitznagel, Jason Zinoman, tons of New York Magazine writers et al.) and then read this to get a good idea of what is happening here.

What is happening here is that Nick Kroll wants to be famous( no big deal... makes sense) and he is using his fathers connections and money to achieve those ends. He has stated that his father, "appreciates my entrepreneurial approach to comedy." His production company is called, "Good at Bizness."

Fine, many would.use those connections if they had them, but when Nick Kroll fixes court cases and uses his connections with the LAPD to decimate my name, and life... well I want people to know that when Kroll goes on Peter Holmes's execrable podcast and states, " I don't have any show business connections" he is lying. Kroll does due diligence for Conde Naste. They do security for ABC. They know every judge in NY and LA, and likely many more places since they have offices in 60 countries.

Tig Notaro bites the hand that feeds her when she reveals in this podcast.

(last minutes... sorry I don't know how to paste just those minutes)

 That Nick Kroll, writes big checks( for what? we can figure that out easily) and that he has a, "list" and that Tig Notaro is on top of that list.

In this Podcast, Greg Fitzimmons tells us that Nick Kroll has been sending him and other comedians spa invites. Fitzimmons expresses a degree of disgust at this, as he should.

Oh, look it's Peter Holmes again!

Also, Nick Kroll has sent many of his "comedy friends" to Africa on a private jets for his family's company, Alere. The articles mentioning his good deeds with Malaria do not mention that it's his father's company that is sponsoring it cause KROLL IS ALERE.

Alere Toxicology Services, Inc. - Bloomberg
Bloomberg L.P.
Alere Toxicology Services, Inc. company research & investing information. ... formerly known as Kroll Laboratory Specialists, Inc. and changed its name to Alere.

Another odd link between Conan and Nick Kroll -

Earlier this month Bratton was honored at an 800 guest gala hosted by Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien, 

Now I don't buy into any of the freemason stuff ,because I don't even know what that means, or how that works. I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories, in general( before I had the displeasure of being railroaded by Nick Kroll I didn't believe in any) but I do think that Conan O'Brian did MC this gala for Bratton.

How is Nick Kroll connected to Bill Bratton?

Well, Bill Bratton is the Chairman of Kroll.  Yep. And, so when all my Internal Affairs complaints were dismissed by Bill Bratton from 2008 to 2010 - cause he was the chief of the LAPD.... well.... that is one huge conflict of interest, when it came to me getting any justice.

FYI: Nick Kroll was a key witness in my case, and a very vicious liar ,who fixed the many cases that grew out of him pulling strings to save Notaro's, "brand" when she made some very bad decisions on April 7th 2008, and before.

When I sued Notaro for defamation, she got Nick to really pull some very very very scary strings.

Nick Kroll kept having to pull more and more strings, since I wouldn't accept any plea bargain, when innocent, and his orders and promises to cops, prosecutors, and judges reached the depths... We won't get into Jazz Ponce, Scott Boxenbaum, and Harris Wittels( and many others but I can't name them all cause it would be too much) and how Nick Kroll told them to defame me online and off.

Nick Kroll has claimed repeatedly that he considers Tig Notaro to be his best friend. A friend he would do anything for...

First and foremost, Tig Notaro asked me to do it, and she’s one of my oldest and best friends in comedy. 
“I love D.C. and always relish the chance to come back and perform, but if Tig had asked me to go to Greenland, I would have gone.”
( Ewww.... "relish,". but let's forget about Nick Kroll using the word, "relish" -- if you read the articles about Bentzen Ball, it fails to mention that Nick Kroll used his massive fortune to fund the Bentzen Ball and then in order to encourage Martha Kelly, Jeff Klinger, and Jackie Kashian to perjure themselves in an upcoming criminal trial(set up by Nick Kroll and Notaro) he'd give them round trip tickets and luxury lounging, and  a spot in this "ball."

For a bit more on Kroll and why I'm so interested in this shlub's career: ( work in progress. almost done)  ( Nick Kroll hooked Notaro up with dirty cop Gregozek. Kroll often scouts for bad cops and promises them lucrative positions if they show themselves to be corrupt)

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