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Nick Kroll's Oh Hello Tuna lameness sold out tickets to.... Nick Kroll's very own self. He tried this at Cornell.

In April of 2012, Cornell's Student Paper,"Pipe Dream, put it this out to promote Nick Kroll...

Cornell said the SA chose Kroll because he was going to be in the area and because of his high rankings on the Student Association Programming Board surveys.

Note: Cornell feels the need to explain this choice, since at this point... Nick Kroll is almost completely obscure. Someone in the background is questioning this.  or no such explanation would be needed to be offered by writer, Sophia Rosenbaum.

So yeah... uh... he uh... was listed in uh... Comedy at Cornell uh uh... surveys. yeah, that's the ticket...

Image result for that's the ticket tommy flanagan

he scores high on those ... where are those surveys, you ask? Uhh.. what's it to you. Jules Kroll will kill me if I tell you they don't exist.

Sophia Rosenbaum,

Nick Kroll will be Cornell's pick has nothing to do with Jules Kroll being an alumnus? a big time Cornell board member?  A big time funder? No mention that less than a year before Jules Kroll won Cornell's prestigious, " Entrepreneur of the year," award.

(Google Jules Kroll Cornell to see how influential he is at Cornell, and pretty much everywhere)

Is going to be in the area the new way to score gigs when you are an unknown comedian(Kroll was almost totally unknown back then.)

Dear Cornell, you've never heard or me but I am going to visit my aunt Claire in Ithaca, next month. Can you fit me in for a Comedy show at that time?

(SARCASM - for the those who are literal types)

High rankings on SA surveys? 
No need to dignify any of this bullshit, but you just can have no doubt that no such surveys exists.

Prior to the night of the show, ticket sales were at 254, but the show ended up generating 732 sold tickets.

Past comedic acts have included Aziz Ansari — a stand-up comedian known for his role on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” — and Jon Stewart, of “The Daily Show.”

Note:  show ended up generating 732 tickets????

Doublespeak/Gobbledygook is necessary when Jules Kroll's craven son is on the scene. Someone writing this senses something is fishy here, we can guess.

So Prior to the show, the Cornell students rushed the theater or crammed the phone lines trying to get tickets to this hot show?

NO. Fake it till you make ,and favor for favor Nick Kroll bought those tickets. For him it's like spending a penny. And, he's not going to face defeat if he can buy his way out of it.

And, look at that spin.. Instead of Aziz Ansari and John Stewart were able to fill big auditoriums and this bowel movement obsessed heir to the Kroll fortune had to buy his own tickets - to save face.

 However, unlike this year’s event, Stewart performed in the Events Center and Ansari performed in the West Gym.

“I like that we’re having it in the Anderson Center this year,” Cornell said. “It’s a much more intimate space and it’s how comedy is supposed to be heard — in an intimate theater, not in a cramped gym on bleachers.”

Let's  not just say Nick Kroll is not famous enough or respected enough to sell many tickets. Let us not even just not say anything.  No, let us spin it that a small theater is what Nick Kroll wants and needs and so does Cornell .

Why? cause Nick Kroll does not like to look like a failure. Fair enough. But, the fact that he can fix everything to defraud( in big ways- court cases, attempted railroadings and little ways - this Cornell thing) is not fair and I'm sick of it.

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