Friday, December 18, 2015

Is gruesome celebrity aspirant, Nick Kroll, color coordinating again?

You see, Nick Kroll, is not likable. Nick Kroll is also not memorable. Nick Kroll is not good looking. Most importantly, Nick Kroll is not funny.

In other words, Nick Kroll has nothing to offer other than his ability to "wave big paychecks at top talent."

He learned this from his father:

This article in Business Week  gives a compelling overview: 

In the late 1970s, he(Jules Kroll) helped create a new market for corporate investigations. A onetime Manhattan assistant district attorney, he realized that corporations would pay big for an investigative firm that could dig out employee fraud and other malfeasance.He recruited a savvy coterie of former CIA spies, FBI agents, and prosecutors by paying them as much as twice their public-sector salaries.

But there's more to Kroll's success than waving big paychecks at top talent. He has long inspired loyalty among his staff by remembering the names of even the lowliest clerical workers. He once even lent one promising young investigator the downpayment for his house. The personable Kroll is an avid schmoozer, too.

Being devoid of talent,or looks, or charm will not get Nick Kroll down.
Lacking any moral compass, or sense of shame but having massive amounts of money and connections, will get him what he wants.

Please, stroll with me Amy Poehler and Rose Byrne, and others out there will impart fame and likability upon my loathsome self.

I'm so savvy that I assure you that color co-coordinating will really close the deal:

Does anyone naturally have their headphones match their hoodie?

Even his blue bag and her mid sneaker match up. How dear!

Give him credit - he keeps those devil dog teeth 

And here is Jules Kroll's deeply disturbed son, strolling with Amy Poehler, as a part of a "power couple."  Since Nick Kroll is gay - draw your own conclusions -

the scarf and his shorts? why is she holding it? 

Why do I write such a post about an irrelevant clown like Nick Kroll? Well, here's some of it -
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