Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tig Notaro really scored when she met Nick, "craven douche" Kroll

What you put us through, you massive fraud/loser. In the end, as was the case, with Tom Cash, you "took it to the judge"
In this case, the judge's name was Richard Fruin

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Or through Marty Singer you, "took it to the judge." And, after your colossal spiritual, reputational, financial, existential gang rape, you(and your lackeys) deprived us of what we long deserved -  justice and compensation for being put through hell on earth.

Now you drag your ugly ass to pay the Cherry Lane Theater to present your ugly mug in this FISHY tuna thing. alongside Chip Mulaney's son. It's all so dire. It's all so depressing - to see a no talent sheister like you, trying to impress while you destroy the reputations and lives of those who have more talent in a tenth of their toenail.

You will not get away with what you've done. Neither will Boags(oh wait he didn't. wife. sister. mother all dead within a three year span) Or Wittels( oh wait he's dead) or those judges or Kalpakian, or Notaro( not sure if she got karma since Stef Willen told me she hated her mother )  or Willen. Or Sharma or Velarde, or or or or ... wow who knew there were so many vile sociopaths in one city.

 Karma or truth or god will punish you.  I will just write and write cause you made sure I can never get my civil remedies,and you and Marty Singer(and then Gregozek and then Martin Boags and  the rest...) did so much to get me shut up.

You went to Solomon Shecter, but you clearly missed the class where the Bible says that false accusation is tantamount to murder. And, so you murdered me a good 1000 times over.  You then defamed my sister and my mother... So you're a serial killer, Nick Troll.

Notaro started it, but early on you lost plausible deniability. There might have been a point where you thought you were just being a good friend. But, that point passed.  As of January 2009, at the latest, you could not have no known that everything told you by Notaro was a vicious series of lies. Then you created Bentzen Ball to assure the pejury of Martha Kelly, Jeff Klinger, and Jackie Kashian. Then you tried to threaten Heidi Feigin out of testifying? That is just TOO TOO much. Oh forgot about Scott Boxenbaum and Jazz Ponce and then the vicious bunch of false accusations you made when you needed to have me railroaded at that trial. Wow, did we beat back a Goliath in the form of this disgusting guy -

You had the nerve to tell your No. 1 yes man, Peter Holmes, that your father was, "one of the good guys." Your father( and you) are as bad as it gets. You said too that you had no Hollywood Connections. You have tons of them, and you know it.... Uh Billy Bush for one -

In that tweet he mentioned that you are the brother of his childhood friend, Jeremy Kroll... so you can't pretend he only hangs with you now, cause you are such a big star.

How the hell does you father get away with this kind of blatant corruption(see below) Not just get away... but keeps getting entrusted with jobs that involve the safety and security of a few countries. Contracts with TSA, DEA, Security, IRS, FBI... everything!

Reader, please read this, and tell me it makes any good sense, that Kroll is entrusted with a good hundred tasks that affect the safety of our country. So many more links, but this really does say a lot.


The documents show that Kroll also investigated and passed to Stanford personal information about several of his former employees, his defrauded investors, other U.S. government officials and journalists who were questioning his bank’s financial stability. Stanford used the information to silence and discredit several of them.

The records also show how Kroll stepped into ethically questionable territory as it foraged for damaging or embarrassing information that might be used to intimidate or smear Stanford’s perceived adversaries.

Worried that someone might raise those questions in print, Stanford emailed Cash about Winer on June 8, 2006: “Tom, I want an in depth profile, credit history, marriage, kids, work personal quirks.”
“We are presently doing just that,” Cash emailed back.
Stanford followed up the next day: “Do whatever it takes to zero in I bet you can find a way to get Winer’s divorce decree unsealed. The guy is pure cockroach and he keeps surfacing and saying all this insane BS to whoever will listen.”

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/article24740929.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/article24740929.html#storylink=

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/article24740929.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/article24740929.html#storylink=cpy

And, what had to have happened to Judge Fruin's incredibly  sudden change of mind after saying " You have been through serious injustice. Big Big damages." Suddenly he dismissed it based on no existing law, based on no viable rationale?

Cash emailed back that he was “exploring contacting the judge” about the divorce records or filing a freedom of information lawsuit.
Before the day was over, Cash triumphantly emailed: “Our info is wife by whom he had two children divorced him and ran off with another woman. Wife also was a lesbian.”

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